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  1. Active Vitamin D reduces Ovarian Cancer stem cells growth by 4X (via Vitamin D receptor in lab rat) – March 2018
  2. Calcium and vitamin D appear to be among the few ways to prevent ovarian cancer – 2010
  3. Cancer - Ovarian
  4. Epigenetics identified Cervical Cancer 100 percent of time – 2019
  5. Increased risk of some female cancers if low vitamin D (due to genes) – meta-analysis June 2015
  6. Oral Contraceptives (which increase Vitamin D) reduce the risk of some cancers – Jan 2018
  7. Ovarian Cancer – 7 percent more likely to survive longer for every 4 ng higher vitamin D – July 2015
  8. Ovarian Cancer – increased risk near pulp mills (air or water pollution) – July 2018
  9. Ovarian Cancer 5.8 X more likely if both low vitamin D and Fok1 gene change – May 2013
  10. Ovarian Cancer in Asia is 1.5 X more likely if poor Vitamin D receptor – meta-analysis Dec 2017
  11. Ovarian Cancer is somewhat associated with a reduction in 20 ng of vitamin D – Feb 2011
  12. Ovarian Cancer re-occurrence 50 percent more likely if still low vitamin D – Sept 2015
  13. Ovarian cancer risk increases 27 percent for each 8 ng lower level of Vitamin D – Sept 2016
  14. Ovarian Cancer: Interplay of Vitamin D Signaling and miRNA Action. – 2014
  15. Ovarian cancer: more likely to survive if more vitamin D – Aug 2012
  16. Vitamin D helps women in many ways – but not sure about ovarian and endometrial cancer – Dec 2016
  17. Vitamin D helps women in many ways – review April 2015
  18. How cancer is fought by Vitamin D (Ovarian this time) – Feb 2020
  19. Ovarian Cancer risk reduced if higher vitamin D, more UVB, or better vitamin D receptor – Nov 2018
  20. Cancers and Vitamin D Council

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