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  1. 2X more complications after heart surgery associated with high level of vitamin D – Jan 2013
  2. 45 ng vitamin D may be enough (what about vitamin A)- Aug 2013
  3. 7 X more likely to get hip fracture if have highest level of vitamin A – Jan 2003
  4. 860000 IU vitamin D along with 123000 vitamin A is toxic - but not deadly– Dec 2010
  5. 8X higher Osteoporosis risk if high level of vitamin A, vitamin D important too – Feb 2013
  6. Acne - Accutane - vitamin A - vitamin D and suicide - Nov 2010
  7. Autism may be worse if low in both Vitamin D and Vitamin A – Jan 2018
  8. Common deficiencies D3, Omega-3, K2, Mg, B12, E, A, Iodine, etc – Mercola Oct 2015
  9. Deficiencies in nutrients needed for a health immune system (Vitamin D, etc.) – June 2020
  10. Excess vitamin A caused calcification of heart valves in mice – Dec 2012
  11. Experiment with feedlot cattle vitamin A and D – May 2012
  12. If low level of Vitamin A then 60 percent less likely to get MS (maybe Vitamin D not blocked)– Jan 2013
  13. Immune response was poor in mice and humans with low vitamin D and low vitamin A – May 2015
  14. Inflammatory Bowel Disease treated by both Vitamin D and Vitamin A – Dec 2016
  15. Interactions of Vitamins D, A, and K, should measure calcitriol, calcification – Masterjohn Aug 2013
  16. Less Lung Cancer if take more than 800 IU of vitamin D and never smoke or low vitamin A – Oct 2013
  17. Low cost cofactors for vitamin D
  18. Low vitamin D with high vitamin A associated with increased risk of osteoporosis – June 2010
  19. Lung cancer 24 percent less likely if high vitamin D (never-smoking senior women) – Sept 2017
  20. Lung Cancer reduced by combination of Vitamins D and A – March 2014
  21. Major interactions between Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Influenza – Sept 2013
  22. Masterjohn on relationships between Vitamin A D and K – Dec 2010
  23. Metabolic Syndrome treatment by vitamin D probably helped by Vitamin A, Zinc, and Magnesium – July 2016
  24. Off topic: Large dose of Vitamin A increased allergic reaction in girls by 1.8X – RCT May 2015
  25. One test to estimate Vitamin D, A, Cu, Se, etc : measure proteins in blood – Oct 2013
  26. Pollutants increase Respiratory problems, Vitamin D, Omega-3, etc. decrease them – May 2018
  27. Price and Masterjohn on Vitamin A Vitamin D and Vitamin K – 2010
  28. Response by Masterjohn on vitamin A thwarting vitamin D – Mar 2010
  29. Response to high dose vitamin D is limited by vitamin A - July 2013
  30. Review of Micronutrients such as vitamin D for women and childhood – Aug 2013
  31. Role of vitamins in gastrointestinal diseases – review May 2015
  32. Small increase in Vitamin A metabolites cut new multiple sclerosis lesions in half – Feb 2013
  33. Synergism between vitamin A and vitamin D – Masterjohn June 2010
  34. Synergism between Vitamin D, Vitamin K-2, and Vitamin A: Masterjohn – Sept 2013
  35. Vitamin A (Cod Liver Oil) blocks vitamin D – 2008
  36. Vitamin A and dioxin-like compounds in fish liver, etc may block vitamin D – July 2012
  37. Vitamin A and risk of prostate cancer – March 2011
  38. Vitamin A increases risk of fracture if too much or too little – meta-analysis April 2014
  39. Vitamin A interferes with vitamin D and may be the cause of U shaped relationships – April 2014
  40. Vitamin A is needed in some 3rd world pregnancies (but not too much) – March 2019
  41. Vitamin A may hinder vitamin D benefits associated with Lung Cancer – July 2013
  42. Vitamin A may thwart the ability of vitamin D to reduce risk of osteoporosis – June 2010
  43. Vitamin A Misc
  44. Vitamin A serum levels of more than 2.2 micromols may interfere with vitamin D – April 2013
  45. Vitamin D and Vitamin A
  46. Vitamin D blocks Vitamin K – 2015

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