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Omega-3 may treat schizophrenia

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Vitamin D AND Omega-3 are both important for Schizophrenia

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Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D
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Overview Schizophrenia and Vitamin D contains the following summary
14 reasons to think that schizophrenia is associated with low vitamin D
1) 97% of patients with schizophrenia are vitamin D deficient
2) Schizophrenia varies with latitude (UVB) by 10X (controversy)
3) Schizophrenia is more common in those with dark skin (when away from the equator)
4) Schizophrenia is associated with low natal vitamin D
5) Schizophrenia has been increasing around the world when vitamin D has been decreasing (controversy)
6) Schizophrenia is associated with low birth rate, which is associated with low vitamin D
7) Schizophrenia is associated with Autism which is associated with low vitamin D
8) Schizophrenia Bulletin Editorial (Jan 2014) speculated that Vitamin D could be a major player
9) Schizophrenia 2X more likely if low vitamin D - meta-analysis
10) Schizophrenia increased 40 % for Spring births after Danes stopped vitamin D fortification
11) Schizophrenia is associated with season of birth
12) Schizophrenia is associated with poor Vitamin D Receptor genes
13) Schizophrenia risk is decreased if give Vitamin D after birth
14) Schizophrenia symptoms reduced when Vitamin D levels are restored

Omega-3 reduces many psychiatric disorders – 2 reviews 2016

in VitaminDWiki Omega-3 reduces many psychiatric disorders – 2 reviews 2016

Attached 2016 PDF is from German University - Undergraduate?

Ever since the emergence of the hypothesis that linked the aetiology of schizophrenia with abnormal
membrane phospholipids composition, an increasing number of evidences have suggested reduced
membrane polyunsaturated fatty acids in patients with schizophrenia. This has led to a conduct of several
studies to evaluate the efficacy of omega-3 fatty acid supplement in the modification of membrane
phospholipids and treatment of schizophrenia. The two main omega-3 fatty acid classes, EPA and DHA,
play a vital role in membranes. This project work reviews omega-3 fatty acid studies and summarizes their
outcomes. Eight original articles (nine studies) were reviewed. Six out of nine studies measured RBC
membrane fatty acids levels and all six studies reported a significant increase in EPA after EPA
supplement. Two studies reported increased DHA post omega-3 fatty acid and DHA supplement,
respectively. One study observed a dose-dependent increment in DHA after EPA supplement. Improved
symptoms were observed in seven studies, while one study found a worsening of symptoms in patients
with low baseline PUFA. Moreover, out of the six studies that evaluated the correlation between symptom
change and membrane fatty acids change, three studies observed a correlation between increased EPA and
symptom improvement. One study reported an increased AA associated with improved symptoms, in
contrast to another study, which found a correlation between increased AA and worsened symptoms. The
conclusion from this project work is that EPA supplement can increase the EPA levels in membranes;
however, its therapeutic effect in schizophrenia requires further investigation using larger studies.

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Novel Neurotherapeutic Targets for Cognitive Dysfunction in Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia?- 2015

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Design of an Omega-3 first-episode schizophrenia trial- May 2015

Omega-3 fatty acids in first-episode schizophrenia - a randomized controlled study of efficacy and relapse prevention (OFFER): rationale, design, and methods.
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Omega-3 helps.d early schizophrenia - meta-analysis - Nov.t 2015

A meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trials of omega-3 fatty acid augmentation in schizophrenia: Possible stage-specific effects
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People with schizophrenia and depression have a low omega-3 index - June 2016

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