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Danes opposed to Vitamin D fortification, will get more COPD, diabetes, depression, lupus, leg pain, etc – Oct 2015

Danes Don't Like Vitamin D Fortified Food - Because It's Less Natural

1,263 Danes online survey

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3 to 55 X more likely to have these health problems if low Vitamin D has the following


  1. These are typically the ratios between groups having > 30 ng/ml and those having < 10 ng/ml
  2. Have not listed the many diseases with 2X - 3X decrease - list got to be too long
  3. More than half of all senior men take baby aspirin to get a 10% reduction of getting a second heart attack
    1.1 X more likely to get heart attack if NOT take BABY Aspirin
    Wish that there was $100 million to market Vitamin D the way Bayer marketed baby aspirin