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Antibiotics found in many rivers – June 2019

Big Pharma is big on pollution Mercola

  • “Researchers tested for 14 antibiotics in rivers spread across 72 countries worldwide, finding antibiotics in 65% of the sites tested”
  • “The researchers then examined fish native to the [Puget] Sound (juvenile Chinook salmon and Pacific staghorn sculpin) and detected 42 of the chemical compounds in their tissue, some at levels high enough to affect growth, reproduction and/or behavior.”
  • “23 pharmaceuticals, including antidepressants, sedatives, antibiotics, painkillers and anti-cancer drugs, in perch fish in Sweden”
  • “The pharmaceutical industry releases 48.55 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per million dollars, which works out to about 55% greater emissions than the automotive industry”

Many diseases are becoming antibiotic resistant and are increasing- examples: TB, Leprosy
Childhod Antibitoics cause many health problems
Antibiotics in urine and thown awy end up in waterways
Septic system are known to fail if there is excess antibiotics in the urine
Antibiotics given to farm animals end up in meat and water consumed by humans

Huge increases in health problems – risk factors include Vitamin D, Antibiotics, and Roundup

Increased Roundup and Antibiotics

Health Problem
(typically associated
with low Vitamin D)
% increase
in a decade
Autism 250 %Antibiotic Roundup
Diabetes 66 %Antibiotic Roundup
Overweight kids 150 %Antibiotic Roundup
obesity deaths
Parkinson's 110 % might help Roundup
Alzheimer's. 1000% Probiotic
might help
Dementia ?%Probiotic
might help
Thyroid Cancer80 % -
Breast Cancer 110 %Antibiotic
then BRAC1
Tuberculosis 100 % -
Multiple Sclerosis 70 % Probiotic
might help
Ulcerative Colitis 210 %Antibiotic
Concussions 80 % -
Traumatic Brain Injury170 % -
Pulmonary Hypertension88 % -
Alzheimer's ?? % Roun-2017
Dimentia 60 % -
Hospitalizations - Food Allergy 260 %Antibiotic
C-Section 40 %Antibiotic
Peanut Allergy40 %Antibiotic
ALS deaths 60 Roun-2017
Knee injury (teen) 400 % -
Chronic Disease in Children70 % -
Metabolic Syndrome 250 % Antibiotic
Bipolar Disorder - youth 4,400 % -
Celliac 100 %Antibiotic Roundup
ADHD (LA schools)230 % Roun-2017
Rickets-Minn.    (UK 600 %)500 % -
IBD 200 % Antibiotic Roundup
Lyme Disease300 %Antibiotic
Clostridium difficile (age > 85)400 %Antibiotic
fecal transfer cure
Sleep Apnea200 % -
MRSA 600%Antibiotic
GERD (No reported
association with vitamin D?)
Esophageal Cancer 80% Antibiotic
Kidney 120% -Roundup
    Total of 35 increased diseases
34 associated
with low vitamin D
16 associated
with Antibiotic
13 associated
with Roundup

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Antibiotics found in many rivers – June 2019        
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