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Magnesium types taken by Grassroots Health participants – March 2019

What Type of Magnesium are you Taking?

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Magnesium and Vitamin D contains the following summary

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Mg and Vitamin D

Dr. Dean

Number of studies in both of the categories of Magnesium and:

Bone 15,  Cardiovascular 17,   Diabetes 25. Depression 14,  Obesity 11,   Omega-3 30,  Zinc 21,  Pregnancy 9,  Headache 10,   Virus 22,   Calcium 23   Virus 22   Mortality 7   Hypertension 10   Inflammation 3

Overview Magnesium and vitamin D Has a venn diagram of relationship of Mg and Vit D

Magnesium not Magnesium
Vitamin D Magnesium or Vitamin D
Aging, Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease;
Asthma, Attention Deficit Disorder; Autism, Cancer, Cerebrovascular,
Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Hearing Loss, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Atherosclerosis,
Cardiovascular Disease, HIV, AIDS; Hypertension; Kidney Stones,
Migraine Headache, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Osteoporosis; Peripheral vascular disease;
Pregnancy-related problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis; Sports-related problems,
Vitamin D only
Acne, Allergy, Autoimmune, Bone, Breathing,
Celiac, Cognition, Colds and Flu, Cystic Fibrosis,
Dental, Fertility, Hyperparathyroid, Immunity, Kidney,
Liver, Lupus, Osteoarthritis, Pain - chronic, Parkinson,
Psoriasis, Rickets, Strokes, Sarcoidosis, Thyroid, Parathyroid,
Tuberculosis, Vision, Hair, Skin, Sports
Not Vitamin D Magnesium only
Aggressive Behavior, Alcoholism, Arrhythmia, Cerebral Palsy,
Chemical Sensitivity, Cluster Headaches; Cocaine-related Stroke; Constipation,
Cramps, Fluoride Toxicity; Head Injuries, Central Nervous System Injuries,
Magnesium Deficiency; Menopause, Mitral Valve Prolapse,
Nystagmus, Psychiatric Disorders; Repetitive Strain Injury, Sickle Cell Disease, SIDS,
Stress, Stuttering, Tetanus; Tinnitus, Sound Sensitivity; TMJ; Toxic Shock; Violence

Ways to improve health has the following
Importance to Health VDW10426

In order of popularity

Magnesium Citrate

derived from citric acid
excellent bioavailability
supports digestion-specifically, to alleviate constipation and acid indigestion
may lead to dehydration (and the imbalance of minerals associated with this), as it pulls water into the intestines

Magnesium Threonate

good bioavailability
potential to improve cognitive functions, memory deficits
shown to increase levels of magnesium in the brain
   Note by VitaminDWiki: Very expensive, proven to get past blood-brain barrier in mice, but not humans as of 2018

Magnesium Oxide

lower levels of bioavailability
relieves constipation
encourages improved digestion

Magnesium Glycinate

promotes muscle relaxation - the amino acid glycine is also known for calming mind and body
easily absorbed
optimum bioavailability
minimal laxative properties

Magnesium Malate

bound to malic acid, an organic compound found in fruits and vegetables, especially apples
binds to toxic metals, like aluminum
promotes healthy skin, muscle performance, saliva production, energy levels
highly bioavailable

Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate

This one is a bit different than the others as it is a general term for magnesium attached to an amino acid that encompases several different forms, including magnesium glycinate, magnesium lysinate, magnesium orotate, and magnesium taurate.
easily absorbed

Magnesium Chloride

may be extracted from brine or ocean water
can be absorbed through the skin
encourages sleep, digestion, bone health and a sense of calm (both mental and physical)
helps to relieve muscle spasms, cramps, dermatitis, eczema, and acne
may cause diarrhea
   Note: VitaminDWiki uses MgCl in place of Epsom Salts bath and topically with DMSO cream

Magnesium Carbonate

used in antacids
low solubility and absorption

Magnesium Taurate

proposed use for prevention of migraines

Magnesium Hydroxide

suspended in water
used in antacids and laxatives

Magnesium Orotate

encourages heart health
orotic acid may naturally support the repair of tissues, as well as enhanced stamina and performance
more expensive option

Magnesium Sulfate

otherwise known as Epsom salts
helps to alleviate sore muscles
most potent laxative effect
intravenous for the management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

Magnesium Gluconate

less of a laxative effect

Magnesium Lactate

good bioavailability
commonly used to manage digestive issues
should be avoided by those with kidney disease or kidney-related problems

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