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Magnesium is great for health, topical much faster than oral, MgCl2 is the best – 2019

Magnesium Chloride Bath Salts vs Magnesium Sulphate Old Mg12.com


  • Topical Mg may be as fast as 1 month
  • Oral Mg may take 6 months
  • Some toxicity from Magnesium Sulfate (Epson Salts)
  • Magnesium Chloride has no toxicity
    • MgCl available both as topical and bath salts

The 4 ways the founder of VitaminDWiki gets his Magnesium

  • I have found very quick benefit from MgCl applied to the skin
  • I buy bulk MgCl2 crystals and disolve them in hot water for oral consumption
    • The excess MgCl2 precipitates out as the water cools.
  • I buy MgCl2 bath salts - It appears to be 4X lower cost than the oral grade
    • I take a MgCl2 bath about twice a month
  • I buy Magnesium Citrate Crystals and add them and 10 other supplements to the granola which I prepare each week

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Magnesium and Vitamin D contains the following summary

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Mg and Vitamin D

Dr. Dean

Number of studies in both of the categories of Magnesium and:

Bone 15,  Cardiovascular 17,   Diabetes 27. Depression 14,  Obesity 11,   Omega-3 34,  Zinc 23,  Pregnancy 10,  Headache 11,   Virus 25,   Calcium 26   Virus 25   Mortality 9   Hypertension 11   Inflammation 3   Pain 7 etc.

Overview Magnesium and vitamin D Has a venn diagram of relationship of Mg and Vit D

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