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  1. 20 IU of vitamin D did not reduce diabetes – Feb 2012
  2. A Vitamin D lable that FDA would not approve
  3. After learning they were vitamin D deficient, only 8 percent normalized – April 2012
  4. Big pharma is making money on drugs to treat vitamin D deficiency – March 2012
  5. Clinical trial stopped when vitamin D was doing much better than the commercial drug – Nov 2011
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  7. FAO and WHO are requesting information on vitamin D etc by Aug 15 2011
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  9. History of vitamin D – Nov 2012
  10. Higher vitamin D levels associated with lower death rates only for non-smokers – Feb 2010
  11. How vitamin D is made from sheep wool - Feb 2011
  12. Hypothesis: Reyes Syndrome not due to aspirin directly but vitamin C and vitamin D - Sept 2011
  13. Hypothesis of relationship between lactose and sunshine and vitamin D May 2010
  14. People who are extraverts or are open have higher vitamin D – Jan 2011
  15. Sales of vitamin D up 22% from 2009 to 2010
  16. RDA, EAR, UL, RDI, AI, UL, and SONA described
  17. Tissue repair growth factor and platelet count associated with vitamin D – Jan 2012
  18. Sunlight might even make your taller – Nov 2010
  19. Stability of vitamin D
  20. Unknowns
  21. History of rickets and sunshine in a bottle then vitamin D – Jan 2012
  22. Hypothesis: bags under eyes are due to lack of vitamin D and vitamin K- Dec 2011
  23. Hypothesis – Receptor activation more important than vitamin D levels – June 2011
  24. Sarcoidosis (rare) problems when taking vitamin D
  25. Programmers Must Take Vitamin D – Sept 2012
  26. Proposed National Vitamin D Day in Canada – Feb 2012
  27. Are microbs – probiotics – vitamin D – allergy – asthma – obesity related – Mar 2011
  28. Poorer teen cognition due to lower vitamin D or race – Dec 2010
  29. Possible ways that vitamin D does its magic
  30. Psychotics in Norway found to be vitamin D deficient - April 2010
  31. Possible reduction in nocturia, nighttime urination, or BPH after taking vitamin D

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