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Sunlight might even make your taller – Nov 2010

Wealth, inequality, and insolation effects across the 19th century white US stature distribution.

Homo. 2010 Nov 3.
Carson SA.
School of Business, University of Texas, Permian Basin 4901, East University, Odessa, TX 79762, United States; University of Münich and CESifo, Shackstrasse 4, 80539 Münich, Germany.

Sources associated with 19th century stature variation have been widely considered.

Using US state prison records and robust statistics, this paper illustrates that 19th century US white statures were positively associated with a broad combination of wealth, equality, and environmental characteristics. Individuals from geographic areas characterized by low wealth and high inequality had shorter statures.

After controlling for various factors, direct sunlight - the primary source of vitamin D - was also positively associated with stature. After controlling for wealth, inequality, and insolation, farmers were taller than workers in other occupations. These wealth, insolation, and socioeconomic relationships are significant across the stature distribution. Copyright © 2010. Published by Elsevier GmbH. PMID: 21055748

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