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From Henry Lahore - administrator of the VitaminDWiki

After reading over 5,000 papers on vitamin D I feel that some topics fall into one of the following categories

Updated Aug 2012


  • Dark Skin and vitamin D
    • How much vitamin D is needed by people with dark skins?
    • How many generations does it take for a family with dark skin to adapt to high latitudes?
  • Vitamin A - consensus that too much is bad, but lack consensus about needing some with vitamin D


  • Why do 10% of the people who have >60 ng/ml need so little vitamin D to maintain that level?
  • Why does it only take < 1 minute of UV to greatly increase the vitamin D in mushrooms and carrots?
  • Toxic reaction to vitamin D is very rare - but how often is the "toxic" reaction due to a lack of co-factors?
  • Should the vitamin D level remain constant throughout the year?
    • Evolution appears to indicate that the vitamin D level should vary with the season
  • UV and vitamin D
    • For some conditions it appears that UV better than vitamin D (e.g. MS)
    • For other conditions it appears that Vitamin D needs UV as well
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