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    • Transcripts for this one are further down this page
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Takes Two to Tango Jan 28, 2019 part 1

00:43 Ginney: Welcome, welcome everyone, live with Dr. Carolyn Dean here on achieveradio.com, Monday, January 28, 2019 is the date of this live program, which may turn out to be an archive in your world. Whatever time you're listening, we're just glad you're along to learn as much as you can learn and be inspired as much as you will allow to the reality of the perfection of your body, the most simple, basic, common building blocks that it requires to function perfectly, and what you can expect as you're expecting your health to be fully recovered and restored. My name's Ginney Sanders, also known as Ginney Almighty, and I'll be with you for the next two hours, along with Dr. Carolyn Dean, who is here as our sole expert.
01:29 Ginney: Now, one might say, why did somebody actually get the privilege of being the only and most exclusive expert on the entire and full council of medicine? Why would that happen to a person? Well, it could happen because this person that I'm referencing, Dr. Carolyn Dean, has a 50 year history of being right about pretty much everything. And what's she right about? She's right about the body and she's right about its basic perfection, she's right about the integrity of the body in nature, she's right about pharmaca, about the plant life, about the herb, about the world, and about how that goes into the body to sustain and to bring life forward.
02:18 Ginney: She's right about food and nutrition, even back in the early 90s, warning against the danger of too much sugar, too much processed sugar in the diet. She is right about minerals, she's right about magnesium, having written the book herself, and she's right about the body mind connection, how it works and she's right about what happens when conflicts come in and create biological reactions within the body, and how to deal with those psychologically, emotionally, and also practically, through alternatives like energy and all that stuff.
02:51 Ginney: That's a lot to be right about, but she's been right about it for a long time, and because of that, millions of people all over the world tune in to her, her formulas and what she offers, and she's here again tonight to be that beacon of hope, that beacon of wisdom, and that absolutely, imperatively right person, right doctor in the whole wide world, and we're so happy to have her with us. Welcome, welcome, Dr. Carolyn Dean.
03:19 Dr. Carolyn Dean: Hey Ginney, Bob and I were just giggling away at your, once more, your awesome introduction. That was fabulous, thank you very much. I'm blushing.
03:33 Dr. Dean: I'm just blushing.
03:35 Ginney: You're welcome.
03:36 Dr. Dean: And [03:36] ...
03:36 Ginney: [03:37] 'cause it's true, it's true.
03:40 Dr. Dean: Okay, fine. [laughter] But our sole expert? S-O-L-E or S-O-U-L? Think about that.
03:48 Ginney: Ah, you figured that one out. It could be either one.
03:52 Dr. Dean: Okay, and then the 50-year history, and people think, "Oh my gosh, she's so old," but she's not, she's living forever. And too much processed sugar in the diet, I guess maybe you might say that it was my defense of the human body against the overuse of sugar that got me where I am today, because it was the sugar lobby groups in Canada that came after me. They created the whole kerfuffle, that... And set the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons against me because I said bad things about sugar on national TV in Canada, and it's quite interesting, because... Not that I have any time [chuckle] to do this, but I finally dredged up the book that I was writing about sugar back there, in the late '80s, '89, '90, and did the TV show, Bob will remember the actual date.
05:01 Dr. Dean: So, I've dredged up my Death by Sugar book, and I'm going through it, and it is pretty shocking. I had one of the very brilliant millennials that comes on Bob's Tuesday "What Youth" show, read the book, and he was just shocked.
05:24 Dr. Dean: He just couldn't believe, how "bad" sugar is and how it's been covered up, and how most of his friends are just in the grips of sugar addiction and all the other things that we talk about. And I thought it was great being able to get that type of feedback. So it just energizes me more to get this sugar book out. And, of course, it'll be free, under the drcarolyndeanlive.com. I put all my books up there for free and I don't want you to think, because they're free that... What should I say? That they're not important. I'm putting them up there free, 'cause I think you're more important than me getting a few cents selling these books. So, that's what I'm up to Ginny, and I see what you're up to is creating a blog about magnesium and vitamin d. We did talk about the "need" for some real evaluation, some true evaluation of what vitamin d is doing to folks. We get many emails, many phone calls from people who express the following. Julie, our wonderful customer service person who deals with people who are on the Total Body Reset bundles.
06:05 Dr. Dean: She said, "Louise has been struggling with her improvements on four teaspoons a day of ReMag. After finding out she was on 5,000 units of vitamin d, we discussed lowering that to 2,000 units. Well, a week later, she is so excited and calls every day to report that her tremors have decreased and she's speaking better also. I could hear it in her voice. Her integrative doctor, Dr. Maurice Beer, who recommended your products was blown away with her improvements. I'm going to send him some of your blogs. He wants to read about the research done on vitamin d and magnesium." So, what's happened in the world of vitamin d, is it did seem to me that as soon as calcium started getting a bad rap, as the studies finally came out showing that groups of women who were taking calcium just as calcium supplements, they were suffering higher incidents of heart disease, they were getting more calcified, they were having heart symptoms. And, the medical community thought, "Well, I guess it's due to calcium." And, they had no idea it was due to too much calcium in the face of not enough magnesium. And I guess, what seemed to happen is after those studies started coming out, all of a sudden, vitamin d became the new kid on the block, the latest sexy supplement.
06:05 Dr. Dean: And I talk about that in my "magnesium Miracle" book, and I'll get to some of the texts, but first, let's look at Ginny's blog. I think it's probably up at drcarolyndeanlive.com. If not, you've got it in your email. And it says "magnesium and vitamin d better together absolutely." You cannot take one of these nutrients aside and analyze it without looking at everything else. I know, I focus on magnesium, but you also know that I tell you to do your sea salted water for those 72 trace minerals. I tell you to do ReMyte, to support your adrenals, your thyroid, and to get the iodine that you're going to be missing, because you're not taking table salt that has iodine added to it. And, Ginny that's kind of an important little side bar there for people, and for our customer service. I did have one person who emailed me and said, "Well, you can't be recommending sea salt because people won't get their iodine." And of course, I wrote back and said, "Well, all our people are on ReMyte, but they may not realize that the iodine in the ReMyte is what is giving them their RDA of iodine that they may be missing because they're avoiding table salt."
10:25 Dr. Dean: So, Ginny, in her blog, says, "Did you know that magnesium and vitamin d should be taken together to maximize health, vitality, and well-being? Nutrients don't work alone. And the vitamin d Council recommends that vitamin d be taken with its essential cofactors including magnesium. That's our ReMag, boron which is in ReMyte, zinc which is in ReMyte, as well as vitamin K and vitamin A, which are in Blue Ice Royal. So, we have it totally covered. The vitamin d Council goes even further in expressing their concern for a adequate magnesium supplementation. They believe that the daily amounts of magnesium recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board aren't enough to keep your body healthy, and both men and women may need more than is recommended. Some research studies show that your body needs between 500-700 milligrams."
11:27 Dr. Dean: And the 700 is twice the RDA that the government, I don't know what is... The US Department of Food and Agriculture, [laughter] who makes these recommendations, the FDA? I really don't know, I'll have to check that out. And their recommendation is based on really nothing. They just recommend an amount of magnesium that won't cause diarrhea in any one. So they end up... They think diarrhea is a terrible side effect of magnesium. So anyway, that was a big side bar. Continuing with Ginny's blogs. "It's not just the vitamin d council that is educating the public of the magnesium and vitamin d. Recently the American Osteopathic Association released their findings reporting about this."
12:30 Dr. Dean: They say, vitamin d can't be metabolized without sufficient magnesium, meaning vitamin d remains stored and inactive for as many as 50% of Americans if they don't have the magnesium to translate the inactive vitamin d to the active vitamin d. Also they say, vitamin d supplements can increase calcium and phosphate even while they remain vitamin d deficient. People may suffer from vascular calcification if their magnesium levels aren't high enough to prevent this complication. The co-author of this study says that, people are taking vitamin d supplements, but don't realize how it gets metabolized. True, true. Internationally respected magnesium expert, Oh me, Dr. Carolyn Dean. So anyway, yeah, I've been educating people about this for decades about the inactive form. Even sunlight on the skin is the inactive form, and it has to be translated by magnesium. As more and more doctors, etcetera incorporate vitamin d, they will also have to include magnesium, and then it takes two to tango." Ginny ends by saying that.
13:15 Dr. Dean: So what I have next is just some text from my... From the book, magnesium Miracle. And really, if you have the book, look up this section. High dose vitamin d depletes magnesium. Now, Ginny's pretty much said it all. And what... I think what all the studies are there about this, this is getting to be common knowledge, but let me just say that what happens in medicine is when they get a hold of something that they really have no knowledge of, like this vitamin d business, they just go crazy. They're recommending anything from 5,000 to 50,000 units. And you gotta know the 50,000 units is synthetic. It'll force the vitamin d levels sky-high, and then they will drop pretty quickly 'cause it's a... Kind of a very synthetic push on the body.
14:15 Dr. Dean: And what I have found and these are some of the words from my magnesium Miracle, I began investigating this aspect of vitamin d when people told me they were experiencing adverse reactions on high doses. These reactions included seizures, kidney stones, month-long migraines, palpitations, angina and anxiety. Yeah, one month long migraines. I think the worst was about six, eight weeks of a migraine after a customer went on, I think it was 20,000 international units. And she had no clue until... I think she then came across something I wrote about vitamin d and magnesium. She stopped it immediately and her migraines went away. People who were happy on their magnesium supplements, would say all their magnesium deficiency symptoms came back and didn't go away until they stopped taking vitamin d and added more magnesium. I included some cases.
16:18 Dr. Dean: I quote them in the book. A person says, "I experienced high blood pressure and rapid heart beat when taking even just 500 units of vitamin d. I can't imagine what would happen if I took 50,000." Another person, "I started taking omega-3s and 5,000 units of D, and I did great. I could walk without a limp. My knees stopped hurting. My feet stopped hurting, but I had a scary episode of angina. And that's when I started taking more magnesium. I believe now, I was taking too much vitamin d, and it may have caused the angina."
16:54 Dr. Dean: So yes, you can have an initial kind of honeymoon reaction to vitamin d, and get all hyped up. And it could be kind of a placebo reaction as well. But then when your vitamin d overloads your magnesium stores, and you get depleted, then you start getting symptoms back, and you really can't tell what they're from. People will then go looking, "O, what else is wrong with me?" And they may not understand about the vitamin d, magnesium connection. Another person says, "I've been using vitamin d supplements for around six months, and experienced heart palpitations during this period. I never connected the two until I heard Dr. Dean on, ' Coast to Coast,' and did some research." "I'm taking magnesium supplements now, and the palpitation problem is much improved. Apparently, the vitamin d was interfering with my magnesium levels."
17:52 Dr. Dean: Another person, "When I even take 1,000 units of vitamin d, my elbows start to hurt. My knee starts to hurt. Low back hurts, feels stiff, and I have angry thoughts. When I take magnesium, I feel relaxed and peaceful." Another person, "I get a very bad reaction any time I take vitamin d, but I can take 600 milligrams of magnesium and only 1,000. I also spray on magnesium."
18:25 Dr. Dean: And then another person, "I know I developed angina because of vitamin d." And as I continue, and I mentioned many times, I only recommend 1,000 to 2,000 units of vitamin d. And there are people who say, of course, they take high, high amounts of D, and have great benefit, and they get sort of annoyed with me because I put vitamin d down. But people just have to figure out what's good for them. And as I said, after the initial honeymoon, rave reviews about benefits of high-dose vitamin d, the more recent studies are sobering. And I think that's the basic gist of it.
19:14 Dr. Dean: We do want you to read this information yourself or you can read it in, "magnesium Miracle." You can Google my name and vitamin d, and find what I have to say about that, and how it does build up calcium in the body, and over utilizes your magnesiums, so there's not enough magnesium to keep your calcium soluble in your bloodstream. So there, Ginny, what have I left out?
19:47 Dr. Dean: Ginny is talking, but she's on mute, and she'll be with us any second now.
20:00 Ginney: Here I am. That's exactly what was happening. I was chatting away. I said that time... I think that was an excellent presentation and very comprehensive. Julia typed into the chat line what the difference is. Daily value is a term that's used by the FDA, and it replaced their previous RDA, recommended daily amount. And it came as a result of the labeling regulations for the supplement and Health Education Act.
20:32 Ginney: So the DBs are the FDA's version of the Institute of Medicine's recommended intakes for vitamins and minerals. And then Julia also typed in how to detox long-term high dose of vitamin d. So I guess if you've been taking it for a long time, how lucid are you in a toxic level of it? Do you have to detox? What do you have to do?
21:00 Dr. Dean: I think you just... What we've seen is, you just stop it, and vitamin d, well, what I didn't say actually is vitamin d is a hormone, and it has its own feedback mechanisms, and it doesn't wanna be high like a vitamin. And that's where we're misrepresenting it, and saying, it's a vitamin, and say, no well, the more the better. But as a hormone, it operates on a feedback mechanism where if your body has enough calcium, then your vitamin d levels are gonna be lower because you don't need vitamin d to pull in calcium. So that's very, very important. So it's a misinterpretation of the low vitamin d, and then we give a lot of it that's gotten us into trouble, so that has to be acknowledged and recognized. And yes, what I should be saying here is the... The blood testing for vitamin d, it's in nanograms per deciliter. This is tiny, tiny amounts, nanograms. Look it up and find out how many nanograms are in a gram, it's just incredible.
22:27 Dr. Dean: So what we're doing, you can translate the international units into milligrams of vitamin d and it's huge. So we're just knocking our body with these huge amounts of vitamin d to get a nanogram going. So it's... Again it's the way we overdo things, over-treat and I know with our Blue Ice Royal people say, "Well it can't be enough, we can't even find the amount that's in there." But what we're doing with the Blue Ice Royal, is giving people a fermented cod liver oil which is a food that is processed by fermentation, and also a butter oil and the two together are a food that your body will take the tiny amounts it needs to support your [23:21] .
23:25 Dr. Dean: So, the range for blood testing of vitamin d, which I actually use, it's even the inactive form that they test which... How can you test the inactive form, which isn't going to work anyway, if you don't have enough magnesium, and call that the guideline. And I don't know where and when they're gonna test the active form or if they can. But at this point, they're saying the range of the inactive form, which is the 25-hydroxy vitamin d, which reads 25 bracket OH bracket D, the range is 30 to 74.
24:14 Dr. Dean: So, practitioner they're saying, "Well let's be 60 or 70, let's just go there." And I say, "Look 30 to 40 is just fine." Because people will approach us and say," Well I'm 25 and the doctor says, I have to be double that, and wants me to take 10,000 units of vitamin d, what am I gonna do?" And we have reports from our customers who say, I was 25-30 and I took my Blue Ice Royal, my magnesium and my levels went up to 40, and I'm very happy there.
24:49 Dr. Dean: So that's the testing, that's the huge controversy about vitamin d, that it's being mistreated as a vitamin and that it's really important for you to just keep on studying and researching and reading. And we've provided all that research for you, so you can start with our information and hopefully that'll be enough for you. So you don't go flitting off to Doctor Google and find people who will say the opposite, or say a number of half-truths, that just are confusing. So maybe that kind of completes the vitamin d section except for our mail bag, Ginny what do you think?
25:39 Ginney: Yes, I believe you are accurate and correct about that. Now, let me just ask you about this speaking we talk a lot about Blue Ice Royal. What about people who get themselves in a massive lather about fake vitamin d and the one what's it called, synthetic vitamin d, and the one that's kind of the rat poison-ish kind of thing. I know you don't recommend anything but the Blue Ice Royal for a source of vitamin d. But what do you think about all that business about the fake steps?
26:14 Dr. Dean: Well, there's the sheep lanolin which they say is a vitamin d3 and I'm not interested in taking sheep lanolin. That's why I really prefer the Blue Ice Royal. There are other food-based vitamin ds and I think they've been really, I don't know, acting strangely 'cause they attacked Blue Ice Royal. And I think it's just the crazy competition in the supplement industry. We stand by Blue Ice Royal.
26:50 Dr. Dean: They have a number of publications that support the fermentation process, that they use. I don't know what else to recommend. I'll just recommend the best. And if you do the sheep lanolin, just stick with 1,000 units and see how you feel. But certainly, the vitamin d2, I would never recommend, not under any circumstances. Of course, that's a pretty, pretty fatalistic final comment, you know how they say, "never say never" but that's what I personally do and recommend.
27:31 Ginney: Very good, excellent, okay, wonderful. Let's see. vitamin d questions from the mailbag. Do you wanna do that?
27:43 Dr. Dean: Well, I'm just looking at the note I had here about how to detox long-term vitamin d build up. I don't think you should worry about that. You just stop your D, take sufficient magnesium to help the D, and you'll be converted properly. Because if you think about a build up of vitamin d, it's the inactive form, as far as I've ever heard, that inactive form is not doing anything toxic. I may be wrong. Haven't really studied it deeply. But it's like that inactive form is waiting for enough magnesium to help it become active, and I think with enough magnesium, it's doing so many things, like helping to solubilize the calcification, helping to convert vitamin d into active, as the body requires it. This whole business about the bio-feedback in the body, we have to appreciate the genius aspects of our body that will give us what we want, when it's required, not force it on us. [chuckle] Anyway, I think the body will take care of itself, period.
29:05 Ginney: Very good, excellent, excellent, excellent. Okay, let's see. Let me ask this question. A person who says that they started liquid vitamin d with K2 on the recommendation from their doctor, but then after using it for a month or so, they started having the magnesium deficiency symptoms. So, then they stopped taking D3 and they feel better, but they still have some magnesium deficiency symptoms. So they're taking two teaspoons of ReMag, one-and-a-half of ReMyte, and a teaspoon of ReCalcia, but stopped because of the re-calcification concern with vitamin d. So should this person... Where should they do with their ReMag dose and go back on the ReCalcia?
29:57 Dr. Dean: Right, yeah.
29:57 Ginney: As far as double.
29:58 Dr. Dean: Yeah, right. I'd say, personally, I would say three teaspoons is probably a better choice to balance, so if you're still having magnesium deficiency symptoms, and two is not enough one-and-a-half of ReMyte. Personally, I didn't take any calcium or eat any calcium rich foods for years, as I sorted out my magnesium deficiency. Or, and or you can look at your diet. When I talk about calcium, I say 600 milligrams is enough. Most people can get it from their diet. But with this sort of added concern about a month of too much vitamin d maybe it will be a couple of months before you can see, even think about going back on ReCalcia? But this is where I want people to really pay attention to how you feel. I've said many times that I get sort of knee achiness when I'm walking. It may be walking downhill, for example. And I started to get that recently, and I said, "Oh my goodness, I haven't not been taking my ReCalcia." I was eating a lot of dairy. I'm not eating as much dairy rate at this point in time, just the ebb and flow of my diet, and I said, "Oh, I need to take a teaspoon of ReCalcia", and of course within three days, my knees are better. So it's really tuning yourself into your body. Nobody else can do that for you, and that's what's really helpful for a person and makes you feel in charge of your body, when you can do these "experiments". Over to you, Ginny.
31:50 Ginney: Good, excellent, excellent. Okay, live with Dr. Carolyn Dean here on achieveradio.com. Hello, Belinda and Linda, and Clair, and everybody who's tuned in to us this evening. And of course, our good friend Nancy, and everybody else who's listening, super Dougy, and everyone. I have my x-ray ears on and I can hear you listening. I know you're out there. But anyway, thanks for listening tonight. And also, who wants to talk to Dr. Dean. 602-666-6027 is the phone number to talk with her this evening, and ask her a wide variety of questions of which she will know the right answer. 602-666-6027 is the phone number again. And if you're on the phone to speak to her now, you've got to hit star five on your keypad. Star five will raise your hand in the studio, and let me know you have a question or comment, otherwise your phone remains on mute, and we don't ever get to hear from you or interact. So star five will let us know you're here, and wanna talk to Dr. Dean. Okay, I think we're caught up here. Did you have a mailbag that you wanted to do?
33:00 Dr. Dean: Well, we started to do something different with the mailbag. I just have this list of possible questions, and what I see from it is we've answered most of them. Someone's asking about vitamin d, calcium, and parathyroid. This person can email support at rnareset.com and ask for the parathyroid section from magnesium Miracle, because what we say there we quote the Norman, gosh is it the Norman Parathyroid Institute in Florida, and they say a calcium blood test over 9.9 should be looked upon as possibly problematic with benign parathyroid growth.
33:53 Dr. Dean: I hate the word tumors, but it's a benign tumor of the parathyroid that will create too much calcium in the bloodstream 'cause the parathyroids control calcium. I don't know what the total question is whether a person should be taking vitamin d if they have parathyroid problems. I don't know that. I would just stick with the Blue Ice Royal because it's a food and the body will sort that out. Someone talked about tweaking supplements after problems with vitamin d, it's mainly taking another teaspoon of magnesium as we talked about a minute ago. This brand of vitamin d as the Blue Ice Royal, this person says she gets 30 minutes of sun, so, how much vitamin d? I get a bit of sun, I don't go out in the sun here in Maui, but I do get a bit of sun and I still take my two caps of the Blue Ice Royal a day, that's all I know. And then there are several questions that may be more personal, that we'll answer by email and that's from mailbag. I do think we've covered it all.
35:17 Ginney: Okay, I have hundreds of questions here, but maybe...
35:24 Dr. Dean: Oh, I didn't get them.
[overlapping conversation]
35:25 Ginney: What happened?
35:29 Ginney: Alright, well here we go.
35:31 Ginney: In your article on magnesium, you do not mention what type of magnesium. My son has the ADHD and sensory processing disorder. And we've given him magnesium, but I'm not sure what type, I know there's a citrate acetate so on and so forth. And then it's...
35:49 Dr. Dean: That's our ReMag.
35:51 Ginney: Right? And then does magnesium have to be taken with B6?
35:58 Dr. Dean: Not our ReMag, it's just absorbed because it's a stabilized ion and just goes right into the cells. Otherwise, B6 does seem to help with absorption and B6 does many other things. It's not required with ReMag, but we certainly have all the B's in food-based or methylated form in our ReAline and it's an awesome formula.
36:26 Ginney: Wonderful, excellent, excellent. Okay, let's see what else I have here. I have something, "How can ReMag help me with lowering my blood calcium? I had surgery in January of 2005 for adenoma and here I am again with the same problem. I don't want surgery again. It has to be the last resort. If they take them out, won't I, I won't have a calcium problem. I'm so confused." So...
36:57 Dr. Dean: So she's talking about an adenoma for parathyroids. So that has to be something where you read the actual words I put in magnesium Miracle. And it is kind of a rare condition, it's guided by the calcium in the bloodstream. If it's above 9.9, you really have to get it taken care of and I cannot say and I don't believe that just taking ReMag will lower your calcium because there's something going on with that parathyroid that's creating the parathyroid hormone that is activating the calcium absorption.
37:38 Dr. Dean: So this is not a matter of ReMag being a drug that solves the problem and the adenoma is not malignant. And I appreciate the fact you don't wanna have surgery, but if that's causing the problem, then that's, that is... The surgery is [38:01] .
38:05 Ginney: Oh, very good, okay, excellent, excellent. Mary types in, "I have low vitamin d and thyroid, what do I do? I am stressed and I have gained weight. I'm in menopause and I love sugar. Help." [laughter]
38:21 Dr. Dean: Oh poor girl. Well, I don't know if you're on any of the products, but certainly, Blue Ice Royal will help your vitamin d, and remember it doesn't have to be sky high, it only has to be 30 to 40. The ReMyte is gonna help support your thyroid. The yeast detox, it's gonna help your sugar cravings. You can either follow a yeast detoxide or read the Keto diet in my, what is it, ReSet Your Ideal Weight. We totally have it covered. We do have it covered. People will email us and say, "When I get on the whole program, that's when my world lights up." So, that's what we'll say to... Who's... Is that Mary, did you say?
39:19 Ginney: Yeah, Mary, uh-huh.
39:21 Dr. Dean: Yeah. And just call in or email customer support and they'll repeat what I said and say, "The worst is over, Mary. You have arrived at the right place at the right time. Just start swallowing your liquid minerals and a couple of capsules and you'll be fine."
39:45 Ginney: Right. Absolutely. And I think that one thing that a lot of people report, and I'm a sugar junky too, I would eat sugar morning, noon, and night every day, all day, I dream about it, I fantasize about being able to eat it that way, but I can't. But anyway, the point is is when you start using ReMag, it does take your sugar cravings away. Not a lot, but... I mean, not gone completely, but it takes them down. So the minerals, I think the body does constantly try to demand sugar for energy if it doesn't have the magnesium at a cellular level in the mitochondria to make ATP. That electron sharing that's going on with sugar is really important, but I think it just mimics the magnesium function. So you start getting some ReMag into your system and your craving for sugar will start to diminish. So that should be priority one.
40:44 Dr. Dean: Right, right. Yeah. And when you look at the Keto diet because you're allowed to eat more fat, you get your taste buds and your cravings taken care of there. I mean I don't like to promote, whatever, desserts and all that just to make a person like a diet, but if you're talking...
41:14 Dr. Dean: And I control them by eating berries and heavy whipping cream. So what I do is I'll have like an, gosh, it's like an eighth of a cup of blueberries, an eighth of a cup of raspberries, an eighth of a cup of strawberries. I cut my strawberries up. The other two are... They just mash really nicely. So what have I got there? Three eighths of a cup, not even a quarter cup. And how many carbs is that? Seriously? It's only like four or five carbohydrates. And on a keto diet, you're allowed 20 a day that will keep your body in a fat burning mode. The more carbs you eat, the more glucose burning you are accomplishing, and the more insulin comes out to deal with those carbs. Insulin equals weight gain.
42:19 Dr. Dean: So if you're in fat burning, you don't stimulate insulin production, you don't stimulate weight gain, and you burn fat. I mean what could be more awesome. So I've got my 5 g of berry carbs, they're frozen, I cut my strawberries up, and then I introduce heavy whipping cream. And Ginny knows when I come over to North Carolina, she has [laughter] like 3 qts of heavy whipping cream. So heavy whipping cream fat content. We're looking that up right now. Whipping cream, come on, give me a number. Fat content of heavy cream. They're not really giving me the grams of fat. I could get up and look at my several quarts in the fridge, but seriously, it's fat and it tastes like fat and it's awesome. And I'm... So I'm gonna go onto the next question that Ginny is going to place in front of me while I keep on Googling.
43:37 Dr. Dean: Oh, here we go. Saturated fat, 3.5 g. That's not even a lot of fat for Pete's sake.
43:48 Ginney: No, that can't be right. For what, a teaspoon or something? What's in that? [laughter] You use half a cup. I'll see if I can find it.
43:57 Dr. Dean: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. One cup of heavy cream, now they're not saying whipping, is 88 g of fat. Oh, my gosh, that's more like it. [laughter] So...
44:11 Ginney: Yeah, that's beautiful. That is so lovely.
44:13 Dr. Dean: Yeah. [laughter] And seriously folks, fat does not create fat. Fat helps you sort of turn on the fat burning function of your body. If it doesn't have carbs to burn, your body will go to fat-burning. And actually next week Ginny, we're gonna focus on the adrenal glands and I'm going to critique a book called Reset your Adrenals or Adrenal Reset. They even took our name, Reset, but they're saying all the old-school talk about how carbs are necessary, well they're not. And how when you stop eating carbs, you start breaking down your body protein, you do not. The studies have really caught up with the reality of fat-burning and us really needing, I hate the word need, but we really need to make people aware that if you've been addicted to sugar for decades, you've created this insulin resistance in yourself and you have to stop promoting insulin production. You have to rest your pancreas and you have to burn up all that fat.
45:39 Ginney: Very good, very good. Okay, excellent. Okay. So then Mary says, "What is different between ReMag and the magnesium I am taking now?"
45:54 Dr. Dean: Did she say... Did Mary say she's on Citrate? magnesium Citrate?
46:00 Ginney: Let's see, she just said, no, she didn't say any particular kind that she's on, but we already know the difference.
46:08 Dr. Dean: Yeah, it'd be nice to... I mean, this is the thing, there's...
46:10 Ginney: Oh yeah.
46:11 Dr. Dean: Dozens of magnesiums out there, but none of them compare with the absorption of ReMag, because ReMag is a stabilized ion of magnesium. So that tininess, that pico-meter size of the magnesium ion means it will be absorbed directly into cells instead of all the other magnesiums, which are a compound, magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium taurate, magnesium threonate. They are compound the magnesium is bound, and it's only in an instant, periodically, that these compounds will disassociate into the ion of magnesium and an ion of the other part of a compound, but just as instantaneously magnesium will grab onto something else because it is so hyperactive. magnesium is used in explosives and fireworks. It wants to just grab on to things.
47:17 Dr. Dean: So that's the incredible beauty of ReMag, is our chemist has stabilized the ion and we know that because under laser electron microscopes, I'd have to look up the name of it, it's in the magnesium Miracle book, how we determined that there's no substance in magnesium liquid. You cannot see a magnesium citrate, which is visible under, actually, a microscope. ReMag is not visible under a high-powered electron microscope. It doesn't pick up rays from a laser because it's in an ionic form. It's Pico-meter size. It's beyond Avogadro's numbers. So that it being that tiny, it's highly absorbable into the cells, it does not cause a laxative effect 'cause it jumps into the cells. It doesn't flush through the intestines. You only have to go on our RnA ReSet Facebook page or on Amazon under our ReMag product and look at all the people who say, "Yeah, I was doing magnesium citrate and when I wanted to take more, I got the laxative effect. So I quit". So everybody's taking all these lesser absorb magnesium, getting the laxative effect, getting turned off by the laxative effect and quitting it and then looking for other things to try to fix their magnesium deficiency symptoms.
49:03 Ginney: Very good. Excellent, excellent, excellent work. Exciting. Now if all that could just transfer into... That's the product we need to come up with next, is the one that just takes all of your brain power and shoves it in a person's brain, and then connects it to their nervous system and makes them make the choices that you would make. It's great having all the information, but then you've gotta actually choose to incorporate it into your own lifestyle. That's the challenging part. Somebody asked me if they could talk to Dr. Dean about their health problem and I said, "You can talk to her, but you better be willing to do what she says to do. 'Cause when you don't do what she says to do, she does have a tendency to get a little irritated." This is one of the staff at the warehouse. "No, no. I'll do it, I'll do it." I'm like, "Okay, I'm... I'm gonna tell you what she's gonna tell you too."
[overlapping conversation]
50:03 Dr. Dean: Exactly, yeah.
50:04 Ginney: All that sugar. Okay. Mary also says what about exogenous ketone pills? What do you think about those Carolyn?
50:13 Dr. Dean: I think it's crap where you're swallowing ketones instead of making your own ketones. It's a marketing ploy for, I don't know, I'd say lazy people, but if you're taking them, Mary, I apologize, but it's just a marketing gimmick. It's like we do the diet, it creates ketones and the body is burning up these ketones as an energy source. And instead of doing a proper diet, people say, "We'll just swallow these pills." It just, it doesn't make sense. It's just fanning the flames of people wanting to take a pill instead of doing "The Work." And the work with a keto diet really is not that difficult. And it's made less difficult by taking the completement formulas, because what happens, and we've said it many times, we eat food to get nutrients from the food and calories from the food so that the glucose can give us energy or the fat can give us energy.
51:36 Dr. Dean: And if we supply the body with really great nutrients like our products, ReMag, ReMyte, ReCalcia, ReAline, Blue Ice Royal, ReStructure, then you really aren't as hungry anymore. If you're doing intermittent fasting with the ketogenic diet, it just does not bother you to fast. Some people will start the Keto diet as I did with four or five days of fasting and it's just such a high to be in control of your body and your diet and your appetite to know that you can just fly through a fast, you're not, in a sense, addicted to food, you're not desperate to eat. I grew up in a household where even if nobody was hungry, you had to sit down for your meals, and it's crazy. It was such a liberation to run away from home and eat when I wanted to. So anyway, I say no to ketone pills, Mary.
52:50 Ginney: Very good, yeah, very good, agree, agree. Yeah. Total rock it. She says, "Thank you, Dr. Dean and thank you for caring. You rock." Yes, she...
[overlapping conversation]
53:02 Ginney: Yay, she rocks and she rolls, yeah.
53:05 Dr. Dean: I'm glad I didn't abuse you with what I said about, "Stop the ketone pills if you're eating them."
53:15 Ginney: No, they just, they just... It's kinda silly. Well, they love it in the ketone community, because it's, "Oh then if you cheat, then you've got ketones, and then you blah, blah, blah," but, I mean, really, can we grow up and beyond our thought forms of "cheating on diets?" I mean, really, can we just be like, "This is my lifestyle, this is how I live, and sometimes I want an apple fritter and I'm gonna eat it." Big deal. That doesn't mean that you cheated and all these kind of punishing terms, it's just kind of super silly.
53:52 Dr. Dean: Yeah...
53:54 Ginney: Okay...
53:55 Dr. Dean: Let me just finish this up. The thing of being in the fat-burning zone, what I realized is if I do "cheat," have a Lappert's ice cream or a dessert or whatever, then I don't... My body doesn't all of a sudden gain 5 lbs, I don't go into sugar craving mode, I just the next day wake up and don't... Do my intermittent fasting and don't eat till noon or 2 o'clock and I'm over it. My time from when I wake up to noon or 2 o'clock, I'm not starving, I don't feel any different. So my body is taking those hours that I sleep overnight and in the morning to burn, maybe, the fat that I built up with the ice cream, but I don't even think about it anymore. But fat burning functions, your body has to kind of develop it. So that's, again, why in the first days or months or weeks of the Keto diet, you really wanna be on the completement formulas to ease your transition.
55:12 Ginney: Amen, Amen. Okay, we wrapped up this first hour, we're gonna zoom into our second hour right after this brief station break and sip of ReMag water. We'll be right back everybody. [laughter]
55:40 Speaker 3: We will be back with Hour Two of live with Dr. Carolyn Dean along with host Ginny Gunther after this brief station break.
55:55 S3: You can also get updates and resources online by visiting drcarolyndean.com.
56:14 S3: Psychic radio, holistic radio, spiritual radio. This is achieveradio.com. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/achieveradio.

Part 2 - Vitamin D is mentioned once

00:43 Jenny: Alright everybody, welcome back up to live with Dr. Carolyn Dean here on achieveradio.com, just being joined by Janice, our new listener who typed in, "I have the magnesium miracle and my second bottle of ReMag, please thank Dr. Dean for all this helpful information. I am just getting started, but very encouraged to continue." Yes, Janice, you have the keys to the kingdom right there in your hand, for sure, for sure, between the book knowledge and the product Excel, you are way on your way to help recovery and sustaining an amazing, amazing healthy vital life, so good for you. Welcome. Welcome back Dr. Dean, what say you? What would you like to do now?
01:27 Dr. Carolyn Dean: Well, I did have a follow-up from Sue who we did her case study last week, and I'm just looking at it here. I don't know if people will remember but her follow-up case study is very interesting. Let me just say... Tell you what she said, "Thanks for your email, Melville Deave Rose sent the announcement to Sue that I covered her case, so she said, "Thank you, I did manage to catch Dr. Dean Show, Monday. I almost fell over when she went through my case history in such detail, everything became crystal clear. I called the cardiologist office to make an appointment for an exit strategy on the Eliquis," which is her blood thinner, "But they're impossible to deal with. I'm in voicemail jail, I think they only reply on Mondays, etcetera, etcetra." She's gonna drive over. "Meanwhile, my blood pressure went skyrocketing and my pulse has been down in the 30s and 40s, so I got myself to the ER. They did absolutely nothing, and released me telling me to go to my cardiologist."
02:48 Dr. Dean: "Boy, they're sure afraid of stepping on one another's toes. Anyway, today, I phoned the pharmacy in Vancouver where I get the Eliquis and I talked to the pharmacist. He asked about my symptoms, he told me he just went through the same thing with his father who had actually passed out and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. He said lower oxygen is not uncommon taking Eliquis and he was 100% sure all my other symptoms were caused by the medication. I told him for now, I was lowering the dose to one instead of two. I'll wait to see how soon I can safely lower it more, I'm determined to get off that stuff. "Those doctors don't like to take you off it once you're on it", the pharmacist said, so he said, "Good luck." [chuckle] But he doesn't realize how determined I am. Meanwhile, I've told them about Dr. Dean, he's interested. Then I went to the bank and talked to the manager. Her hands were all narrowed up from rheumatoid arthritis, I told her about the email you sent out about the 92 year old lady who healed herself unknowingly with the ReMag lotion, that's because her daughter put the ReMag in her body lotion.
04:09 Dr. Dean: "She'll be contacting your company too. And then the investment guy at the bank who's trying to pass kidney stone, I'm sure he'll be buying your ReMag." Oh, this Sue's on fire, Jenny, it's so amazing. Then the girl that wanted... Waited on me who had Hashimoto and is tired and depressed, all she wants to do is sleep. And when she gets home she'll be buying your book and contacting you. Boy, I should have some business cards if yours are printed up so I can just hand them out instead of writing down your website info all the time. [chuckle] Nothing better than a happy customer. I've given out about 10 copies of your book and now I have to buy some more because I gave away my copy too. I do wanna thank Carolyn for taking the time to go through all that stuff. I'll be sure to keep you posted. Can't wait to start feeling better again." Now, that was awesome. And it is true that pharmacists...
05:08 Dr. Dean: I think it's because they really do see more of the side effects. They talked to their customers who come in with their side effects. And. I guess they're less of an authority in a sense than the doctors, though patients, customers do feel easier talking to them, and one who will give that feedback. And it's credible that this pharmacist had the same problem with his father who was able to clarify that the side effects that Sue was having, low oxygen, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache were in fact from this blood thinner. So I thought that was a very good follow-up to our case history. So thank you for that, too. Over to you, Jenny.
06:08 Jenny: Excellent, excellent. Okay, Karen in Wisconsin types in, "My husband has been put on 50 milligrams a day of metoprolol since having a heart attack and bypass. We would like to get this lowered or eliminated, and we want him to get into magnesium supplementation. However, I've read that it's not advised to take magnesium with metoprolol because it will lower blood pressure or heart rate too much. He's taking a whole vitamin, mineral supplement. It contains 500 milligrams. He's also on a keto diet.
06:43 Dr. Dean: Wow, yeah. I didn't realize that they were attacking magnesium. That's the modus operandi of the drug companies to say, "You can't take nutrients 'cause they'll interfere with your drugs." What magnesium does is it gives you what your body is missing that can be causing the calcification that can lead to coronary artery blockage. The magnesium deficiency will put your blood vessels into spasm, and can give you the high pulse rate, and high blood pressure. So I think it's just criminal for them to be scaring people about taking magnesium. And then, the fact of the matter is that the ReMag itself, it is like a pure food. It's just going into your cells, and supporting the body.
07:43 Dr. Dean: And this business about lowering the blood pressure, yes, it will balance blood pressure, lowering the pulse. It will balance the pulse. Where I do draw the line in terms of magnesium or ReMag and the contraindications is, if someone has an extremely low pulse, and they require a... What do you call it, pacemaker. So personally, I'd get the pacemaker, make sure my heart triggered a little activity, an action on my heart to increase my heart rate if it went too low. But what we're hearing from our customers is that they'll get the bypass. They'll be on their ReMag, and the ReMag and everything, and the bypass never kicks in. It never needs to kick in. They just don't have that heart condition anymore. But having the pacemaker is a good fail safe and why not? You think they're making them tinier and tinier now.
09:00 Dr. Dean: And then metoprolol, okay, go and look at the study about beta blockers. I talked about it. I'm just looking at my blog of, "beta blockers," Dr. Carolyn Dean. And here's the title, and here's what I wrote. The title is, "Killer Beta Blocker Guidelines." "Just in time to add to the outrage expressed in the third edition of my, 'Death by Modern Medicine,' comes a provocative headline killer guidelines in my Medscape mail alerting me to an article in Forbes magazine called, 'Medicine or mass murder?' A guideline based on discredited research may have caused 800,000 deaths in Europe over the last five years. It seems that European guidelines gave everyone beta blockers to prevent heart symptoms during any type of surgery, it has led to many unnecessary death, yeah, many, 800,000 over a five-year period."
10:06 Dr. Dean: So what happens when you're in surgery, and given anesthetics, many of which are fluoride compounds. There is an association of fluoride and magnesium where the fluoride compound breaks down, releases the fluoride, fluorine ion. It will bind the magnesium, make magnesium unavailable, and make your heart rhythm go crazy. So this is where a lot of people develop their arrhythmias is during and after surgery. And in my mind, it's a magnesium deficiency until proven otherwise. But of course, "The FDA wants it," we say that. But this killer beta-blocker guideline will give you the science behind the problems. So and what...
11:09 Dr. Dean: Are you going to follow the research that shows the incredible side effects of beta-blockers or listen to people that say, "Well magnesium, it's dangerous, it's going to cause your blood pressure to go to normal, and your heart rate to go to normal, and you won't need the drug." And that is the danger to the drug companies, so there Karen.
11:37 Jenny: So there. Well Karen also our producer, our show producer has had his own challenges, and he was on metoprolol and at 50 milligrams, and now he's down the 25, and he never had any problem with taking the ReMag, and he has been on it for a while. So hang in there with all that. I know it's a lot, push your heart, but it's you're in good shape, you're gonna be okay, everything's gonna be okay, but be sure to get the ReMag, yeah ReMag.
12:10 Jenny: Okay, and type in with any more questions. And if you stepped away from the computer and tab back, you can always email support, support at rnareset.com, and we'll answer your questions after the show.
12:24 Jenny: Phyllis typed in Carolyn and said, "My daughter has been diagnosed with A-Flutter and minor AFib. Cardiologists wants to do an ablation. They tell A-Flutter has more difficult symptoms than AFib. She has other symptoms that are accompanying her A-Flutter. I think maybe they are more anxiety related over the heart palpitations, just really. She's experiencing difficult breathing, which could be partially due to asthma and acid reflux. Would ReMag may be effective for her A-Flutter, breathing, and acid reflux?
12:58 Dr. Dean: Yes, if you look up all those things in my "Magnesium Miracle" book, or I probably blogged about asthma and reflux, and certainly written a book on re-mineralize our heart, the atrial fibrillation book. It's all described there. It's only matter for her taking the products. That's the biggest difficulty with folks who get so scared in the allopathic medical system that they're afraid to take a nutrient. They'll be taking their four or five medications, but then they're afraid to take something that's a food. magnesium or ReMag is like a food. You don't have to stop your meds, but you do have to do some reading and read the AFib book. You can't do it for your daughter Phyllis. You have to get your daughter to read this information, put it in their mind intellectually, then make the transfer to their intuitions, their right brain whatever, and just know that, "Okay, this is what I have to do", and do it. That's it.
14:16 Jenny: Yeah, that's okay, so that's just... I had just this little aha-moment right here that when a person goes to a doctor, they're trusting that the doctors studied everything for them, and they're just telling them what to do, and so they just take all the information. But in your situation, what you're empowering people to do is become advised about their own body. And you're saying "Yes, please do this, but also make yourself aware." Doctors don't do that. They don't say educate yourself on the biological reality of all these drugs and these interactions, although people are starting to do that for themselves. So that's kind of interesting. I don't know just...
14:57 Dr. Dean: Well the doctors will do even worse, Jenny. They'll say, "Don't go on the internet, don't read the side effects. The side effects won't affect you, don't worry about this." They pat people on the head and tell them not to worry, and when people come in with side effects, they will minimize the side effects, and not even kind of recognize them. It's like doctors are trying to create this incredible balance, an impossible balance where there... The doctors themselves are so scared of heart disease and all these things, they think any side effect is worth it if we can keep people alive. But doctors do not accept the fact that they're making the magnesium deficiency worse by giving these medications, and so it's a terrible disconnect and it's probably the reason why more and more studies are coming out about 50% of doctors are unhappy in their profession, 50%. And I've said this on other shows. Can you imagine? The doctor you're going to, one out of two doctors is unhappy with what they're doing, and they're trying to tell you what to do. It just makes no sense to me.
16:25 Jenny: Yeah, it's really unfortunate. Especially one out of two doctors being unhappy, and the reason why they're not happy is 'cause they're not winning. And the reason why they're not winning is because they're not using what's biologically appropriate for the body. And who would wanna go to work every day if you were constantly losing and the people that you were working with were not getting better. And their situations were just getting exacerbated and they were looking to you for some kind of relief, and you had nothing to offer. That be terrible. A nightmare.
17:01 Dr. Dean: Oh yeah, yeah.
17:01 Jenny: This nightmare. Okay, 602-666-6027 is the number to call. We do have some hands waving let me just restate that if you wanna talk to Dr. Dean you've got a hit star 5 on your keypad. Star five will raise your hand in the studio and let us know you have a question or comment and we'll go to our next caller. I just wanna make sure I don't overlook this question from Raeesa who typed in Carolyn I have enlarged prostate and I take in the morning Sam palmetto as a supplement, and I take Pico Silver with water in the morning and a lot of Vitamin C, but I feel extremely weak. In the morning my hands are cold, during the day and my feet are cold. Do I have hyper thyroid? What should I do? Also, my brother has the same problem and he takes Flomax twice a day and vitamin C, still does not help him, can ReMag can help him at this point? Thank you.
17:54 Dr. Dean: Well, with the enlarged prostate, I think what you really have to look at is yeast overgrowth. Any sort of prostatitis the first thing you think of is yeast. And I... So yeah, I'm sure I have a section in the free e-book "Reset The Yeast Connection" at drcarolyndeanlive.com. You really have to bite the bullet here and do the yeast detox, it means a sugar, gluten and dairy-free diet for a while and taking a Pico Silver in high enough amounts and rotating other anti-fungals. And absolutely using that ReMag and ReMyte. The weakness that can be magnesium deficiency, the cold hands and feet that can be thyroid deficiency in my opinion, and the ReMyte is gonna be important there. I don't know, did Raeesa say Slow-Mag that his brother was taking? Did I get that right?
19:06 Jenny: Flomax, I don't know what Flomax is.
19:09 Dr. Dean: Oh Flomax, alright, that's a type of prostate formula. Let's go and see what that is. It's to help the urine flow. I miss typed, Flomax. Flomax is used by men to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostate. Class of drugs. Oh it is a drug, okay. Alpha blocker. It can cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure which could lead to dizziness or fainting. And yeah, I don't know anything really... I don't really know much about this drug. I'm not gonna tell anybody stop it, but you can certainly take the minerals along with it and as for will it help your brother this time I really have no idea. I wouldn't be able to answer that. All we say is that we're using nutrients to help the structure and function of the body. And saw palmetto that is useful for the prostate the zinc and ReMyte is useful. But the Yeast Detox and the Pico Silver are the main things that I personally would recommend.
20:38 Jenny: Excellent.
20:39 Dr. Dean: I can't say... Jenny. I cannot say I would personally take them, because I myself do not have a prostate.
20:48 Jenny: That's right, very good, very good, that's true. You usually do take everything, but yes, you have to draw the line somewhere and not having a prospect would be a good place to draw the line. Okay, let's go to the phones. Let's go to our caller here. You're live with Dr. Carolyn Dean here on Achieve Radio. Hello.
21:08 Mary: Hello.
21:11 Jenny: Yes, you're on, go ahead please.
21:13 Mary: Hi, this very Mary. Honored to be on your program and I'm taking Dr. Carolyn most of your product to reception of the calcium liquid form. And the question that I have it's regarding digestive enzymes. I wonder if I need to take them or if I take them would they ease the bloatiness of my stomach? Would I prevent my pancreas from becoming again active so that it would produce its own digestive enzymes eventually?
21:56 Dr. Dean: Well, I don't know why you have the bloating for example, I don't have enough history but what I say to people who have gas and bloating is you have to look at yeast overgrowth that's important and you can go to the recipe Yeast Connection and fill out the questionnaire to see if maybe your symptoms fall under yeast. And then the next thing to do is go to My Free Future Health Now Encyclopedia and download that and then type in digestion and look at the various entries they have there because with some people meal aid can be as simple as don't drink liquids with your meal, chew every bite of food 20 or 30 times, you're very basic things, don't especially drink cold drinks with your meal because that stops the digestion and if you have any fat in your meal the cold water will turn that fat into more of a solid and make it harder to digest. So they're very basic things that some people say that's all they need to do like taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and sip that with a meal can stimulate stomach digestion so I would do all those things before looking for digestive enzymes and personally I have not been able to find one that suits me. If you use digestive aid it's important to have one that has hydrochloric acid in it as well as pancreatic enzymes. But again, all this is outlined in the two books that I discussed that you could research for further information. Okay, Mary is that enough?
23:58 Mary: Yes, and the second question, is it okay to take additional supplements such as today I got a hold of... You may know it by the name of C60 that is supposed to aim at DNA restructuring your DNA that may have been damaged and the other one has to have is hydrochloric acid I thinks its called one of them Beta, Aluminum, salicylic folic acid, L-carnitine [24:36] antioxidants. I'm wondering if I take these in addition to... I'm also taking the Pico Silver, ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline, RnA drop and the fish oil that you recommend will that be too much?
24:54 Dr. Dean: It sounds like too much to be Mary. It's like you're treating your intellectual brain with the information, it's like you're taking these supplements for your brain, which thinks I need more and more of this stuff to help me but what we found is that on the complement formulas and the added Vitamin C food base and we're getting our own Vitamin C food-based ourselves so it's easier for people to take all the supplements from us. About the antioxidants L-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid they're well known antioxidants and I've written a blog I think on this and I do speak it that your body oxidizes foods and chemicals, it breaks things down with oxygen, that's natural. If you're taking antioxidants and stopping your body from doing its oxidation I... Common sense would tell me that that is really not such a good thing to force your body to take all these antioxidants. The best balancer in the body for oxidation is going to be magnesium so that's why I tell people well, before you go and spend a couple hundred dollars on all kinds of other supplements maybe double your ReMag, take more ReMag and see if that makes you feel fantastic. When we talk to customers who say, "Well I'm taking Alpha-lipoic acid and L-carnitine and all these added antioxidants we say we'll go on and experiment, wean yourself off then don't take them for a couple of months and see how you feel and usually there's no difference. Now, the carbon 60 is that that olive oil solution Mary?
27:02 Mary: Yes.
27:05 Dr. Dean: Yeah, I don't know about it, but if they're saying it does something with the DNA that's what we say our RnA ReSet drops do is help the structure and function of the RNA and DNA, make the DNA a more perfect copy. We have words about it. You can look at our RnA ReSet webinar where an agricultural experiment using actually the waste product of making our RNA drops. We used it as a fertilizer and grew two groups of radishes. The group of radishes that had the RNA product in it we produced 85 pounds of beautiful radishes. The crop that did not have the RNA product only produced three pounds. So we...
28:12 Mary: Wow.
28:13 Dr. Dean: Yeah, wow was right. So what we say is, our RnA ReSet drops enhance life. What happened with the radishes as they were so healthy, so vibrant, that the bugs and worms did not even come near, they didn't come close. Whereas the other crop what made the radishes defective is they were covered with worms, and the leaves were all eaten by other organisms. So we know that we create life with our RnA ReSet drops. So we have that experiment, and I don't know why you'd need anything else?
29:01 Mary: Right? You answer my questions. Thank you very much. I do share, you had a caller I think it was last week that said that when she goes to the bathroom to do number one, she has a strong smell, and you answered it's likely to be the fungus. What you call it? You just named it. And I...
29:23 Dr. Dean: Candida, yeah.
29:24 Mary: Candida, exactly. I think that's when I'm getting rid of, a lot of, I drink lots of water with the sea salt, and even additional groups, and I'm experiencing the same, and I think it's a healing process. I'm on my third or fourth month, and I expect to get more energy that I'm recuperating 'cause I went through a period that I indeed I lost a lot of my energy, and hair growth as well.
29:50 Dr. Dean: Yes, yes, yes, yes, and of course, if a person's been deficient in their minerals and nutrients for decades, it is gonna take many months, but it's a solid improvement in health that won't go away. It's not like overnight take a remedy, and you feel good for a few weeks and then that's it, you're done. We want people to have the building blocks where their foundation is so solid that it never goes away.
30:26 Mary: Thank you for sharing the knowledge that you have experienced first hand. It is helping me and a lot of people too.
30:33 Dr. Dean: Thank you Mary. I appreciate you calling in. We depend on good questions like yours to get more information out there, so thank you.
30:43 Mary: I have more. I will call back when I remember in the future, but I appreciate what you've done this far. Thank you.
30:50 Dr. Dean: Thank you. Bye-bye.
30:54 Mary: Bye.
30:56 Jenny: Excellent, okay, very good, off to the great state of Michigan. Michigan area code 248, you're on the line with Dr. Dean. If you could give us your name and then state your question or comment.
31:07 Mary: I'm another Mary. I called last week and I have your miracle book, "The Magnesium Miracle". I got that. I also have your lotion. Okay, for now I'm just waiting for the ReMag and the ReMyte. I didn't even think about the ReMyte until you started talking about it. My question is, you've answered basically everything that I've been listening to, because I said I had AFib, and I really understand the flutters because well last week was so horrific, trying to get around and walk, I was so out of breath. And so I'm gonna... I 'm starting to take my time and walk a minute, and then try to walk another. The next week walk two minutes to build myself up, but I was so impressed with the hearing about the AFibs that you guys were talking about. And so my only question is I also I called last, not last week, well, maybe the week before where I said I had the thyroid removed, and my only question is, is there any I guess the ReMag's or whatever, or supplements, all your supplements, would that help? Because I know they said that if you have a thyroid there are things to help, but if you don't have a thyroid, what are we to do? What kind of foods do you recommend that we should eat or whatever? Because we, I guess the iodine, and all that wouldn't really matter if you don't have a thyroid.
32:35 Dr. Dean: Yeah, I think sometimes Mary, we kind of make a bit of a mistake by just promoting our ReMyte as being for the thyroid, because it's not just for the thyroid. I was just really taken aback when I realized that the thyroid needed nine minerals, but the iodine it does a whole lot for the immune system, all the minerals in the ReMyte do a lot for everything in the body and for your thyroid obviously you're taking a thyroid hormone replace which is what you should do and what can happen... We have to wait for more reports on this, but if there's any thyroid tissue, it's possible that the minerals can support that that is very possible. So that would be a really cool experiment for you to be taking the ReMyte for the minerals that do dozens and dozens of other things actually go ahead and download my ReMyte ReCalcia booklet, at drcarolyndeanlive.com and just read through each of the minerals in the ReMyte and it's just astounding what they do in the body and it's something that medicine never taught us. I had to learn all that in my naturopathic training.
34:10 Mary: Oh great, I just wanted to know that and I'm so thankful that you spoke on the metro... What is it metoprolol 'cause I take dose and I asked them to increase it because I felt like nothing was working and now I hear maybe I should have kept my mouth shut 'cause they started me off with 25 and I don't. And I understand what she says about Eliquis, I'm on the Warfarin. I don't wanna be on the blood thinner, I don't care, I know they say all of this stuff, I don't wanna be on it, and I'm really happy with doing the ReMag. And I know that you said you want not to take us off, but let the doctors do that. I'm going to say, "Look we need off. I know that sounds terrible, but I just have faith by just eating right and taking a natural blood thinner." I think one begins with a N from what I heard and just taking the magnesium. Because I kid you not, when I went to emergency before this, they gave me something to put in my... Was it magnesium and potassium in my arms intravenously?
35:16 Dr. Dean: Oh yeah, right.
35:16 Mary: After it came right back into the natural normal rhythm. But then when I changed and got a different insurance company and I was able to go and stay in their hospital, they didn't do half the stuff that they did that first time. And so I'm wondering could that be an issue with me as well. So I do believe it's the magnesium situation 'cause I was very low when I went in there.
35:38 Dr. Dean: Right and yeah it is surprising, Mary, how they don't take that into consideration, it's like if they had an inquisitive mind they'd say, "Oh look, Mary's rhythm went back to normal with magnesium and potassium, maybe she should be taking magnesium and potassium to prevent it coming back." But it's like their brains don't even go that far. But the smart consumer, the smart patient will make that obvious conclusion. See, that's where people go home from the hospital, they say, "Oh they give me magnesium. I'm gonna look that up, I'm gonna type in magnesium and asap and see what I find" and then they usually find me. It's awesome.
36:24 Mary: Right right and that's how I found you.
36:26 Dr. Dean: Yeah. Haha.
36:27 Mary: [36:27] I just said I'm going to go and I'm going to stick with her, her program, and I'm just waiting. It should be coming in soon. I'm just waiting for those too to come in, but I have everything. The other stuff that you had, I went ahead and said, "Look this is worth it." And I'm going... I have a doctor's appointment next month and I'm just going to be firm and say, "Look I want you to lower the dose of the beta blocker. And I want you to kinda win me off it." And I know they scared me 'cause originally with the blood thinners, because the first I was on the Aspirin, but they scared me and said, "You need to be on the blood thinners." So I'll just take my chance and trust God, He sent me you. So there's my answer.
37:10 Dr. Dean: Well the thing of it too is Mary, when you go in in a month that gives you a whole month of taking these minerals that your body is depleted in and if you read the Asap book people will say after a couple of weeks, they feel better. You'll have the evidence, not just the mental and spiritual conviction, you'll have the evidence that they're helping you, and you'll also have the confidence then to say, to the doctor, "Look, I'm getting better. I don't know... You know. I don't really care if you believe me this is not a belief this is a truth that I am better. And if you wanna know more, you can read Dr. Dean's book. She told me not to come off my medication, said I had to come to the doctor."
37:57 Dr. Dean: They'll appreciate that Mary 'cause they don't like people doing their own thing, they wanna be part of it. So you're gonna know how to sweet talk him or her, and say "I wanna work with you, but I wanna work with my own body too". And I find things that maybe I, you know what I'm saying, I don't have to go on.
38:24 Mary: Oh yes, I'm already ready. I've got everything to show them. And at the end of February. So I'm just... I'm so excited because when I heard the other person, I think it was Jenny, that said people have come back into the normal sinus rhythm. I almost jumped out of my skin. I said, "awe" because nobody... If you go to the, these doctors will not, they tell you, well, you know that you either have to live with it or no, that's gonna be difficult or that's gonna be hard, it may not happen and I'm like, "Oh no".
38:56 Dr. Dean: Yeah, I know, it's so sad. They act like God, but they're not. So I mean they're operating with just half a brain at this point because if you don't learn about the nutrients that the body requires, you really are at a complete disadvantage, and then you pass that on to your patients. So it just doesn't make any sense.
39:26 Mary: Right? Because I'm tired of the shortness of breath, I wanna get out there and do my walking and Zumba and all the other things and I just can't... I can't handle this. I want my life back, that's what I want, and I know that I can get at this, I'm believing, I just believe that, and I will be calling you guys back and giving you a... What do you call it a praise report?
39:48 Dr. Dean: Yeah. Give us a progress report. Exactly.
39:50 Mary: Yes. Yes.
39:53 Dr. Dean: Okay, great. Okay, Mary thank you, bye-bye, big hug.
39:58 Mary: Bye-bye.
40:00 Jenny: Yeah, she will be calling back and giving us a big praise report. That's awesome, I'm excited, that's wonderful. I'm so happy for her, she's gonna do super, super good, excellent.
40:13 Jenny: Alright, live with Dr. Carolyn Dean here on the achieveradio.com. Let's take in a couple of questions off of our chat line Carolyn, one of them from Angela. Question, I started drinking the sea salt water and has happened before when I take too many minerals, my skin became irritated and broke out. I only took a small amount, not even an eighth of a teaspoon. Should I continue with it, and will the ReMag cause me the same problem?
40:39 Dr. Dean: It's hard to say, I don't know what's going on there, Angela, unless it is some sort of detox. The skin is the largest detox organ in the body, and sometimes if you're very deplete, if a person is very depleted and they start taking nutrients and revs up their detoxification organs then, you can get this a skin irritation. I would look at the yeast book ReSet, the yeast connection and see if you fall into that category. We see this occasionally. It must be completely frustrating, but that's the explanation that I've found over the years when people start taking nutrients and they start detoxing, it's because the body is very toxic and you... You have to go slow in terms of the sea salt. You could just be using a pinch of it to see if that gives you less reactions, but look at the possibility of the yeast toxins that are causing total body toxicity.
41:54 Dr. Dean: In the yeast book, you'll come across a section where it says, "too toxic to detox." And actually that's where we tell people to start with bentonite which is just a neutral clay and psyllium, which is just a neutral fiber and taking these two substances with a lot of extra water, you can start to slowly detoxify the body. I don't know if the B vitamins and the ReAline will cause this type of reaction, but that's our detoxifier or capsule detoxifier that people will start at the beginning of these detox. So it's all written out in ReSet The Yeast Connection Angela and keep in touch with us so we can support you on this.
42:49 Jenny: Okay, very good. Good friend Pamela writing in here, Carolyn, says "I suddenly started having heart palpitations with dizziness and breathlessness. I was referred to a cardiologist, who tried to scare me into taking medications. He told me, even though I'm healthy otherwise this A-Flutter could kill me." I said, "No, thank you." But my naturopath and my DO said I should take Nattokinase for a blood thinner. I agreed and I'm taking that, but my DO wanted me to carry propranolol, pro...
43:21 Dr. Dean: Propranolol.
43:23 Jenny: Yeah... In my purse in case I needed it, instead of going to the emergency room. So I have it in my purse. I just completed a heart monitor Holter test, it showed 92 incidents in 24 hours. I'm expected now to return to my DO and my naturopath to plan to coordinate treatment for me. I don't wanna take meds, but it concerns me when I have strong symptoms and sometimes can't function. Do I quit the doctors and just follow your suggestions?"
43:52 Dr. Dean: We would never tell you to do that. We're not your doctor, Pamela. We hear what you're going through. We hear it every day with folks who finally get to the stage where they become magnesium deficient enough that their electrolytes aren't in balance to keep their heart rhythm going in a balanced fashion. And Nattokinase, that's the blood thinner that Mary was talking about, and people are using that. It has to be up there. They have to make the decision to do that, in terms of taking propranolol if you have an incident that's the beta blocker we were talking about. They have their side effects.
44:39 Dr. Dean: Personally, I've had a lot of customers say that when they're on the ReMag and ReMyte and the whole protocol for their AFib, if they get extra incident, if they're under more stress or etcetera, etcetera, they're taking another teaspoon of ReMag, settles the heart. It's all about the electrolytes. So personally, I would just be adding the ReMag, ReMyte, Re..., atrial fibrillation, Re-mineralized Your Heart book. Don't stop your medications. And I know you're just taking the Nattokinase, but the propranolol... Oh, yeah. You're just taking what they call PRN or as needed, but educate yourself more. I know in the back of your mind is the doctor telling you that all this could kill you and, yeah, walking out your door could kill you, walking across the street could kill you. A lot of things could kill. And it is very... I think it's so highly unprofessional, the doctors who in their authority position will put that death sentence on a patient, just to make them take meds.
45:58 Dr. Dean: So educate yourself and get strong. Mary is in the same position and she's been educating herself. I don't know if you're on any of our products. It sounds like you're not. But you're in the right place to help support the structure and function of your heart. So there.
46:25 Jenny: I think that the... The thing is, is that everybody in the whole wide world who has AFib should be taking ReMyte and ReMag, 100%, no questions asked and ReAline. Those three things are non-negotiable. You need the taurine for your heart.
46:41 Dr. Dean: [46:41] .
46:42 Jenny: And you need the Bs and the B12, and maybe throw in some vitamin C too. But, for sure, those three things are non-negotiable. And then everything else will shake out from there. And even the medication that you're carrying around in your purse and the things that the doctors are recommending are all gonna be vastly and dramatically improved by using those minerals. But it will make those products work better. It's gonna make your heart work better. It's gonna make your body work better. It's gonna minimize the amount of stress, and the panic and the anxiety that comes from having your heart be out of rhythm is so terrifying. And magnesium is a natural calming agent. That's why they call it natural calm. So you've got to think about supporting your whole body as you're supporting your heart. And a thing like metoprolol or whatever, cannot do that. It's not gonna support the whole body and support the heart. It's just gonna suppress symptoms. So there's no way you're gonna lose with doing our protocol. And then on top of that, you can work with your naturopath and your DO, and they're gonna respect you for your choices because you are educating yourself and you're taking control of your own health. So that's wonderful.
48:01 Dr. Dean: Yeah.
48:01 Jenny: Too.
48:01 Dr. Dean: Yeah.
48:01 Jenny: Yeah.
48:02 Dr. Dean: And we know. Both Jenny and I have had heart palpitations. And every once in a blue moon, when I'll just get a little kick for whatever reason, I'll think, "My gosh, how did I put up with that constant kick in my heart for all those years before I got it under control with ReMag?" It's a horrible feeling. And all we wanna do is give you the support, including the actual minerals that will... That can overcome what you're going through as a result of magnesium and mineral deficiency.
48:46 Jenny: Yep. Yep.
48:46 Dr. Dean: We're just really, really happy to do that and we've been there. Been there...
48:51 Jenny: Yep. Yep.
48:51 Dr. Dean: Done that, over with it.
48:54 Jenny: Absolutely. Absolutely. And even if something comes up, like Carolyn says, when you get a little kick or like sometimes you have a really bad dream like I do and they wake me up in the middle of the night, and then my heart is racing or whatever, I just run into my bathroom, dump a big old whack of ReMag in some water, chug it down and go right back to bed. And it's nothing. And it's just so great to have that there and to be able to use your ReMag before you get on a plane, and know that you're not affecting your hydration, and your body and all the rest of that kind of stuff and you can just enjoy your flight.
49:26 Jenny: I mean there are so many tremendous benefits of this product, it's just wonderful. And including this one, here's a good one, this is a good reverse engineer question. Earl says, "I've heard Dr. Dean comment about not remembering what it's like to feel good after getting on ReMag. I think we get so hyper-vigilant about our deficiency symptoms that we end up confused when we start to feel better." And she speaks about what happens when ReMag re-sparks all the things that it helps.
50:02 Dr. Dean: Right, yes, when... For some people, and it aggravates people who don't get an immediate miracle "cure" [chuckle] And we're not here to cure people we're just here to get your magnesium source going and support the structure and function of your body, but people will approach us with kind of a laundry list of their symptoms and they have certain things at the top of the list. And sometimes they don't even recognize that something at the bottom of the list is shifting. Like they have more energy, or they're sleeping better, but their AFib is still irritating them and that's what they're focused on. And so there's this layering, there's the priorities of the body itself that will deal with things in a certain priority list and remembering what's it's like to feel good. What I use to tell people, and I haven't done it much, lately, is that you'll get windows of feeling so good that you'll just be amazed and then when that window closes and you don't feel so good anymore, you'll just dwell on, "Oh, I don't feel well, nothing's working." And it's like a percentage that I worked at with people.
51:32 Dr. Dean: If you're feeling 40% good, you don't even recognize that. It's like you don't recognize how you are improving until you are at least 60%. So that's why we have such incredible customer service where people can question you, like Julie did with Louise, our friend in the beginning, and questioned her "Well what are you doing? What supplements you're... " "Oh, I'm taking 5000 IUs of vitamin d," well, that may not be serving you well, so you don't know sometimes what... How you're feeling or what you're taking that could be interfering. Now, Earl, I have no idea if that answers your question but I enjoyed saying it.
52:27 Jenny: Very good. Yes, I think that sometimes too... Like you just said, Carolyn, people are so focused on things and then they forget how much they do feel better like you said, 40%. That's a great way of looking at it too 'cause it is a journey, but yeah, that's wonderful, wonderful. Alrighty, let's see, do we have any callers? Anybody dying to talk to Dr... We shouldn't say dying to talk to Dr. Dean, that's a terrible way to say that, I don't know what I was thinking there. Anybody wanting to talk to Dr. Dean tonight, 602-666-6027 is the number. We've got a few minutes before we come to the top of the show. You wanna talk about a couple of your blogs, Carolyn, that you've written lately, been on role?
53:12 Dr. Dean: Oh, there are so many blogs, good grief, but let me just say this question that I got in an email. Question about Epsom salts, "Can one take the granule orally as a supplement, if so what would the threshold for preventing it from acting as a laxative?" Thanks for your wonderful contribution getting everyone informed about magnesium. So I said I will mention this on the show to warn people that if Epsom salts are not food grade quality they can have contaminant and people should not take them orally, they may be cheaper and all that, but they're meant to be transdermal. And even transdermal, I recall the autistic parents group that I worked with in New York, and one parent said that she used to put her son in Epsom salts bath every day and then he started to get worse, so she had the Epsom salts tested and they were contaminated and he was absorbing the contaminant. So that is a concern.
54:27 Dr. Dean: I think if you look at a good quality Epsom salts then it's not gonna be a problem. And also for people who just do them weekly, but you might have to go for, like the magnesium chloride flakes from the Enviromedica people as a safer bath salt and gosh, we only have like four minutes. But yeah, the blogs this past while, have been pretty exciting. Let me see if I can find them. I love writing the blogs and I really get things off my chest. Yeah, there's talking about the fed, federal government or whatever branch of it, trying to limit opioid exposure and they're saying that this group of federal task force wants to take a closer look at how insurance policies deny Americans ways to manage their acute and chronic pain without facing the risk for opioid addiction.
55:35 Dr. Dean: Now, that's awesome because I've been writing about this forever, that the AMA owns the health insurance billing codes, and as long as they do that, nobody in a naturopathic alternative medicine, acupuncture sense is going to be allowed to claim insurance for their treatment. What they talk about here. Yeah, now jump back. They talk about managing, acute and chronic pain.
56:11 Dr. Dean: Look at how insurance policies deny Americans ways to manage their acute and chronic pain. And that's all medicine does these days, they manage problems, they don't treat them and cure them. And they can't cure illness, they can only manage it. And the greater irony is the word cure is only allowed to used by allopathic medicine. If a non-allopathic practitioner or dietary supplement company says, reveal and implies that they can cure a disease, they can be charged with practicing medicine without a license. The FDA says that only allopathic medicine can cure by using drugs. Now, we know that's not true, but the FDA has told me personally, that if I say that magnesium or ReMag can treat a disease that makes magnesium a drug and it has to undergo a billion dollar drug trial like other "drugs."
57:05 Dr. Dean: So this is an important blog and of course, I say, "Look, just, I can tell you how to treat chronic pain." I'm not saying that magnesium is going to cure a person overnight who's been on high dose opioids, but I'm saying that if you support the structure and function of the body with our protocol, then you can go a long way to improving pain symptoms. And here we are at the top of the hour.
57:37 Jenny: Very nice, very nice, the way to just parallel park that one Carolyn and just put it right in the spot bing. We are done with our program tonight, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in, we welcome you back next week when we'll be back with another exciting show. And in the meantime, enjoy your health and all your vitality and well-being and if you need any help, you can email us at support at rnareset.com. Thank you, Carolyn, wonderful show. Thank you, Bob.
58:05 Dr. Dean: Yeah, great show.
58:06 Bob: Thank you, Jenny.
58:07 Dr. Dean: Thanks Jenny, thanks Bob, thanks Bill, thank you, listeners. We appreciate you.
58:11 Jenny: Thank you absolutely.
58:32 S?: You've been listening to live with Dr. Carolyn Dean here on achieveradio.com. Till next time so long and thanks for all the fish.
58:41 S?: Achieveradio.com.
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