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The sun provides more health benefit than vitamin D – Dr. Lucas podcast – May 2015

Vitamin D Podcast 07: Dr. Robyn Lucas Vitamin D Council

  • "In this episode, Dr. John Cannell talks to Dr. Robyn Lucas, a medically trained epidemiologist and public health physician. She is a professor at ANU medical school and supervises an ever growing number of doctoral students, not to mention she has contributed to over 100 published studies."
  • "Dr. Lucas discuss the benefits of sunlight, beyond vitamin D production. Dr. Cannell and Dr. Lucas also talk about vitamin D pathway genes associated with multiple sclerosis, as well as her upcoming studies that independently measure vitamin D and sun exposure in patients with multiple sclerosis in order to reveal which exposure attributes to MS outcomes."

Notes by Henry Lahore at VitaminDWiki
Nitric Oxide is an example of known material generated in the skin by sun.

Have identified very few materials and mechanisms.
Vitamin D is by far the best known

Dr. Lucas looking at MS and sun (not just vitamin D)
Not see MS benefit until vitamin D level of 100 (nmol or ng?)

Dr. DeLuca also looking at non-Vitamin D benefits – around 311 nanometers

She is starting a UVB and MS study– just trying 311 nanometers (narrowband UV)
Recruiting participants for the study during 2015
Results in perhaps 3 years

Surgeon General US (a dermatologist) recently said – do not let a single photon hit your skin

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