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Low-dose vitamin D does not help cardiovascular (many were 100-1,000 IU) – meta-analysis June 2019

Vitamin D Supplementation and Cardiovascular Disease Risks in More Than 83 000 Individuals in 21 Randomized Clinical Trials -A Meta-analysis

JAMA Cardiol. Published online June 19, 2019. doi:10.1001/jamacardio.2019.1870


Yup, <2,000 IU has virtually no detectable CV benefit, need 4,000+ IU

Other Cardiovascular Meta-analyses as of june 2019

Low Dose, No Benefit

High Dose, Yes Benefit

Low Vitamin D, Cardiovascular problems

Poor Vitamin D Genes, Cardiovascular Problems

Items in both categories Cardiovascular and Intervention are listed here:

Cardiovascular category starts with the following

514 items In Cardiovascular category

Cardiovascular category is associated with other categories: Diabetes 31, Omega-3 31 , Vitamin K 25 , Intervention 22 . Mortality 20 , Skin - Dark 18 , Magnesium 17 , Calcium 14 , Hypertension 14 , Trauma and surgery 13 , Stroke 13 , Kidney 12 , Metabolic Syndrome 11 , Seniors 10 , Pregnancy 8 as of Aug 2022

Cholesterol, Statins

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21 trials
45% used only 100-1,000 IU
14% dosing interval was too long (3+ months)
14% did not use Vitamin D


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