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Low vitamin D in Malaysia (85 percent less than 30 ng) – meta-analysis Nov 2022

Vitamin D insufficiency is high in Malaysia: A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies on vitamin D status in Malaysia

Front Nutr . 2022 Nov 18;9:1050745. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2022.1050745
Shamin Mohd Saffian 1 , Nor Aini Jamil 2 , Nor Asyikin Mohd Tahir 1 , Ernieda Hatah 1

Purpose: To estimate the vitamin D status of participants residing in Malaysia.

Methods: PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and MyJurnal were searched up to June 2022 without language restrictions. Studies that reported the 25-hydroxyvitamin D 25(OH)D concentrations and defined their cut-off for deficiency or insufficiency from healthy participants residing in Malaysia were included. The random effects model was used to pool vitamin D status using established cut-offs of <30, <50, and <75 nmol/L according to age group.

Results: From 299 studies screened, 32 studies were included in the meta-analysis.
The pooled proportion for

  • <30 nmol/L was 21% (95% CI 9-36, n = 2,438 from 10 studies), while the pooled proportion
  • <50 nmol/L was 64% (95% CI 56-72, n = 13,977 from 30 studies), and
  • <75 nmol/L was 85% (95% CI 61-100, n = 1,376 from five studies).

Heterogeneity was high (I2 ranged from 98-99%). Higher proportions of vitamin D insufficiency (defined as <50 nmol/L) were found in participants living in the urban areas (compared to rural areas), in females (compared to males), and in Malays and Malaysian Indians (compared to Malaysian Chinese) ethnicities.

Conclusion: More than half of Malaysians have insufficient vitamin D levels, despite being a country that is close to the equator. We strongly urge prompt public health measures to improve the vitamin D status in Malaysia.
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* Evolution of experiments with patients, often also need co-factors

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