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  1. Deficiency All Cause TB Kidney Stone
  2. Calcium and Vit D reduce fractures but increase kidney stones - 2006
  3. Cochrane review finds that Vitamin D and Calcium treat osteoporosis – Feb 2010
  4. Cochrane review finds that Vitamin D helps prevent fractures– downloaded Feb 2010
  5. Do lifeguards have more renal stones – Sept 2010
  6. Is excess calcium harmful to health - 2010
  7. Kidney stone production REDUCED in rats when Vitamin D and Calcium was added – Dec 2013
  8. Kidney stones (Calcium) associated with lower vitamin D this time – April 2016
  9. Kidney Stones are related to poor genes – example of CYP24A1 (Vitamin D) – Nov 2019
  10. Kidney stones associated with higher vitamin D (but not agree how much 20-100 ng) – meta-analysis March 2016
  11. Kidney stones independant of vitamin D levels in range 20-100 ng – Oct 2013
  12. Kidney Stones risk increased 1.3 X to 2 X by antibiotics, especially children – May 2018
  13. Kidney stones Vitamin D myth from medical book - 2010
  14. Large dose Vitamin D taken in 32 long trials –adverse events were rare - Dec 2018
  15. Overview Hyperparathyroidism and vitamin D
  16. Overview Kidney Stones and vitamin D
  17. Professional book on Vitamin D - Editor Holick 2010
  18. Uric Acid associated with low vitamin D – Meta-analysis March 2019
  19. Vitamin D researchers are taking 2000 to 10000 IU – July 2010
  20. Vitamin D supplementation and fewer kidney stones – meta-analysis of RCT Sept 2016
  21. Yet again, 1 gram of Calcium increases Kidney stones with vitamin D – July 2011
  22. For COVID-19: Vitamin C use might cause kidney stones, but Vitamin D will not– Aug 8, 2020

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