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  1. Alaskan natives now eat far less fish and have far lower levels of vitamin D – July 2016
  2. Alaskan Resolutions to increase vitamin D
  3. 45 percent of Tasmanian adults vitamin D deficient in the winter – April 2012
  4. Even eating whale blubber does not provide enough vitamin D
  5. How did people used to get vitamin D when far from equator in the Winter
  6. Hypothesis: Inuit do not need as much vitamin D – Nov 2011
  7. Half a billion people live with little vitamin D from the sun (behind paywall) – Dec 2016
  8. Latitude may not be too associated with vitamin D – Masterjohn Dec 2010
  9. Many diseases increase with latitude (low UV, Vitamin D)
  10. Inuit and vitamin D
  11. Inuits eating seal and whale meat had 25 ng of vitamin D – June 2012
  12. US Cities with least amount of sunshine - top 15 all in Washington
  13. 75 percent of Canadians less than 30 ng vitamin D in winter – Aug 2010
  14. 6th Canadian province may stop paying for vitamin D testing – Sept 2010
  15. 40 percent of Canadian children preparing for surgery had less than 30 ng of vitamin D – Feb 2012
  16. Canadian Paediatric Society – vitamin D recommendations unchanged since 2007 – Jan 2017
  17. Breastfed infants in Germany with 250 IU of vitamin D got to 56ng – Sept 2010
  18. Breast Cancer vs latitude
  19. Esophageal Cancer 40 percent less likely in parts of UK with more sun (vitamin D) – Feb 2018
  20. IBD in Finland – 3X increase in 15 years, more prevalent further from equator – Nov 2012
  21. Genes evolve to adapt to excess or low vitamin D (Eskimo, Reindeer, etc.) – June 2019
  22. Headaches vary with latitude and season and perhaps vitamin D as well -May 2010
  23. Inuit preschoolers were very vitamin D deficient – Aug 2010
  24. Don’t be pregnant in Scotland – March 2013
  25. Alaska recommends more vitamin D: Infancy 800 IU, Pregnancy 1400 IU (avoid rickets) Sept 2018
  26. 20 ng is enough vitamin D for healthy Nordic Caucasians: 5th Nordic meta-analysis – Oct 2013
  27. Canadians have a hard time getting even 1,000 IU of vitamin D from the sun – July 2015
  28. Eskimos evolved to get and limit Vitamin D from food
  29. Dark skin does not generate as much vitamin D from the same amount of UV – Nov 2011
  30. Dark skinned pregnant women far from equator were very vitamin D deficient – Sept 2012
  31. Half of the US will be people of color – wonder how many will be vitamin D deficient
  32. Half as many teeth problems if higher cord blood level of vitamin D – March 2019
  33. Half of Canadian elderly achieved 30 ng with just 560 IU – Jan 2010
  34. Increased TB if less than 30 ng or greater than 56 ng of vitamin D – June 2010
  35. Veiled Somali pregnant women in Sweden had low vitamin D and were weak – Dec 2013
  36. 744 IU vitamin D needed by Northern white teens to prevent Rickets – Jan 2011
  37. Brain cancer in 175 countries related to low UVB and low vitamin D – Oct 2010
  38. Disadvantaged get less sun and have poor health in the North– Aug 2011
  39. Dark Skinned adults need more than 45 minutes of UK summer sun daily – June 2013
  40. Graphs of diseases vs vitamin D levels - and D3 vs D2- April 2011
  41. Many autoimmune diseases associated with latitude and vitamin D receptor – March 2016
  42. 1700 IU vitamin D (50000 monthly) helped antarctic explorers – RCT Jan 2012
  43. Every single Taekwondo (indoor) Korean teen had low Vitamin D – Sept 2019
  44. Ethnicity and low vitamin D levels during pregnancy – Jan 2016
  45. Increased incidence of 7 cancers if live far from equator (if not take vitamin D) – March 2019
  46. Vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health problem – Maps Nov 2013

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