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  1. Colon Cancer nested control
  2. Can higher vitamin D levels reduce risk of colon cancer
  3. Vit D and Calcium in prevention of prostate and colon cancer
  4. Vit D needed after colon chemo
  5. Chart summarizing clinical trials of colon cancer and vitamin D 2009
  6. Proof that vitamin D is needed: BISCHOFF April-2010
  7. After colon cancer surgery extremely vitamin D deficient - July 2010
  8. Colon cancer surgery survival much better if have even 15 to 30 ng vitamin D - July 2010
  9. Better chance to survive colon cancer surgery if have more vitamin D.PDF
  10. How vitamin D reduces colon cancer - July 2010
  11. Colon cancer and vitamin D - BMJ unknown date
  12. Get insurance for both house flood and colon cancer
  13. Table 9 Colon Cancer
  14. Epidemiology of vitamin D and colorectal cancer: Casual or causal link?
  15. Many cancers increase in Japan during past 50 years
  16. IBD and Colrectal cancer - Jan 2011.pdf
  17. Vitamin D prevents colon Cancer - Kallay May 2011.pdf
  18. Cancer - Colon
  19. Colon cancer vs latitude in Norway
  20. New insights on Ca Dairy and colon cancer
  21. 5 headings for same article on colon cancer and vit d
  22. 10 percent of colon cancer linked to Vitamin D Receptor – meta-analysis April 2012
  23. 2 X better survival of digestive cancer if 2,000 IU of Vitamin D plus good VDBP gene – RCT Feb 2020
  24. 45 percent fewer deaths from digestive cancers for 10 ng increase in vitamin D – 2006
  25. 800 IU of vitamin D not enough to treat colon cancer – June 2011
  26. 8000 IU supplementation to people with various cancers – Nov 2010
  27. Active vitamin D associated with Metabolic Syndrome and LDL in colon cancer patients– March 2015
  28. Advanced Colon Cancer risk is doubled or halved with 1000 IU of Vitamin D, depends on Vitamin D Receptors – RCT May 2017
  29. Advanced Colorectal Cancer survival is increased somewhat with 4,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT April 2019
  30. After 30 years it still appears that vitamin D deals with colorectal cancer – Oct 2012
  31. Bile acids in fecal matter (related to colon cancer) 40 percent less if good Vitamin D – May 2016
  32. Book: Sunlight, UV, Vitamin D and Receptor, Skin and other Cancers - Dec 2020
  33. Breast, Prostate and Colon Cancers are still strongly associated with low Vitamin D – Grant Jan 2020
  34. Cancer (colon, breast, lymph) survival about 2X better with high level vitamin D – meta-analysis July 2014
  35. Cancer and the Vitamin D Receptor, a primer – Sept 2017
  36. Cancer deaths strongly related to low vitamin D if sampled near time of diagnosis – Feb 2012
  37. Cancer patients 64% less likely to die if have high level of vitamin D – Dec 2011
  38. Cancer survival 4 percent more likely with just a little more vitamin D (4 ng) - meta-analysis July 2014
  39. Cancers and Vitamin D Council
  40. Chemotheraphy not work as well with low Vitamin D (colon cancer this time) – Aug 2018
  41. China has documented that less UV results in more cancer – June 2010
  42. Colon cancer – how vitamin D prevents and treats it – Nov 2014
  43. Colon cancer – vitamin D, probiotics, and leptin might help – May 2015
  44. Colon Cancer 20 percent more likely if low Magnesium – Sept 2015
  45. Colon cancer 23 percent less likely if vitamin D levels higher than 30 ng – Dec 2013
  46. Colon cancer 25 percent less likely if consume Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, etc.– Nov 2018
  47. Colon Cancer 30 percent higher risk if low vitamin D (optimally need ~40 ng) – Feb 2019
  48. Colon cancer 30 percent more likely if low vitamin D – 12th meta-analysis Aug 2015
  49. Colon cancer 30 percent more likely if problems with Vitamin D genes CYP24A1 or CYP27B1 – Nov 2015
  50. Colon cancer and vitamin D – Aug 2010

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