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  1. Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox – 2012 book
  2. 1 in 6 critically ill in India have high levels of vitamin D (100 ng) – March 2015
  3. 10,000 IU of Vitamin D is too much if you also take Calcium supplements – RCT Sept 2018
  4. 2X more complications after heart surgery associated with high level of vitamin D – Jan 2013
  5. 50 percent more elderly deaths when vitamin D under 18 ng or over 40 ng – Aug 2010
  6. 7 X more likely to get hip fracture if have highest level of vitamin A – Jan 2003
  7. Diabetic neuropathy least likely if have 30-40 ng of vitamin D – Oct 2015
  8. Does too much Vitamin D cause problems – possible for allergies, maybe for falls – Review June 2016
  9. Elderly should not have more than 40 ng of vitamin D (if infrequent dosing or fail to adjust cofactors) Aug 2017
  10. Even if a J curve exists, it is 50X better to give vitamin D than not give it – May 2013
  11. Fertility in both women and men improves with more vitamin D (but less than 50 ng for men) – Dec 2013
  12. Frailty and vitamin D – U shaped curve – Dec 2010
  13. Increased chance of death if enter hospital with vitamin D greater than 60 ng (u-shaped) – April 2014
  14. Increased mortality if more than 100 ng of vitamin D – not much detail – April 2014
  15. Increased TB if less than 30 ng or greater than 56 ng of vitamin D – June 2010
  16. Increasing number of people admitted to a hospital in India have very high vitamin D – Oct 2016
  17. Infant psychomotor development has a U shaped relationship with vitamin D cord blood levels – April 2015
  18. Is High Dose Vitamin D Harmful – Dec 2012
  19. Is too much vitamin D bad – possible causes and cures
  20. Low testosterone is associated with levels higher than 40 ng of vitamin D (U-shaped)– July 2014
  21. Mortality increased with highest levels of vitamin D – article and 4 letters Aug 2012
  22. Too much D
  23. Too much Vitamin D
  24. Vitamin A and dioxin-like compounds in fish liver, etc may block vitamin D – July 2012
  25. Vitamin A interferes with vitamin D and may be the cause of U shaped relationships – April 2014
  26. Vitamin A may hinder vitamin D benefits associated with Lung Cancer – July 2013
  27. Vitamin D - Comparing Symptoms of Hypercalcemia with Low Magnesium - Sept 2015
  28. Vitamin D and Pancreatic Cancer Risk - No U-Shaped Curve - Mar 2012
  29. Vitamin D increases mineral availability which protect against toxic elements - July 2015
  30. Vitamin D is good, but must balance Vitamins A and K2 to prevent Calcification – Masterjohn Aug 2014
  31. Vitamin D toxicity problems from 600,000 IU weekly for 6 weeks – July 2017
  32. Is 50 ng of vitamin D too high, just right, or not enough

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