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Psoriasis is most strongly associated with low vitamin D (15 things were evaluated) – July 2022

Clinical Value of Vitamin D, Trace Elements, Glucose, and Lipid Metabolism in Diagnosis and Severity Evaluation of Psoriasis

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2022 https://doi.org/10.1155/2022/8622435
Da Huang,1,2 Liangbao Su,3 Lihua Zhuang,4 Jie Wu,5 and Jihua Zhuang 1,2

Objective. The levels of vitamin D, trace elements, and glucose and lipid metabolism in psoriasis were evaluated, and their value in disease diagnosis and severity evaluation was explored.

Methods. In this study, the serum trace elements, blood glucose, and blood lipid indexes of 360 patients with psoriasis and 500 healthy subjects were compared and analyzed. Results. The results of 25-(OH) D3, Cu/Zn, and HDL-C in patients with psoriasis were significantly different from those in the control group. With the aggravation of the disease, Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) was positively correlated with 25-(OH) D3 and HDL-C and negatively correlated with Cu/Zn. The AUC of the three indexes for the diagnosis of psoriasis was 0.899, 0.675, and 0.848, respectively.

Conclusion. There are metabolic abnormalities of 25-(OH) D3, Cu/Zn, and HDL-C in patients with psoriasis, and paying attention to these indicators is conducive to the diagnosis of disease.
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