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Psoriasis proven to be treated by Vitamin D in many RCT, but dermatologists fear losing business – March 2015

Real-life effectiveness of topical vitamin d and corticosteroid combination therapy in psoriasis : moving beyond clinical trials.

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2015 Feb;8(2):48-50.
Zeichner J1.

To provide successful care for psoriasis patients, treatments must be efficacious and safe as well as improve the patients' overall well-being. Efficacy and safety are generally established by randomized, controlled clinical trials. However, because of the rigid conditions under which randomized, controlled clinical trials are conducted, they do not reflect patient experience in real-life clinical practice; that is, they do not measure treatment effectiveness in the real world. Factors such as adherence to therapy, treatment satisfaction, and quality of life may be rated unrealistically high in randomized, controlled clinical trials. Observational studies using real-life patient populations, and capturing patient-reported outcomes, are useful at better assessing a treatment's effectiveness. Healthcare professionals and payers may gain valuable insights from patient-reported outcomes data that can be used in making treatment decisions. For localized plaque psoriasis, topical vitamin D analog and corticosteroid combination therapy is recommended as a first-line treatment. This commentary addresses the concept of clinical trial efficacy versus real-life effectiveness in psoriasis treatment using vitamin D and corticosteroid topical combination therapy as a model.

PMID: 25741403
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  1. Dermatologists will lose lots of income when people become aware that they can treat their Psoriasis without dermatologists – topical, supplements, sun, or low-cost UV lamps
  2. The top vitamin D researcher in the world lost his Dermatology teaching position 15 years ago when he pointed out the benefits of Vitamin D.
  3. One doctor in Brazil cured ALL of his Psorasis patients with 35,000 IU Vitamin D daily
  4. "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary is dependent upon his not understanding it
       Quote from Upton Sinclair
  5. Thus far all Psoriasis trials have added vitamin D to the current therapy.
    They appeared to not have dared to try vitamin D by itself.
    I, admin of VitaminDWiki, treat the slight psorasis on my knee with vitamin D several times a year. Works very nicely

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