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Vitamin D overview by Rhonda Patrick – Oct 2022

    Biosynthesis of vitamin D is a multistep process.
    Multiple enzymes regulate vitamin D synthesis
    Multiple vitamers (forms) of vitamin D exist
          Vitamin D vitamers are derived from a variety of sources
   Bioequivalence of vitamins D2 and D3
    Vitamin D transport is targeted
  Multiple factors influence attachment to the vitamin D binding protein
    Vitamin D deficiency
    Recommended dietary allowances for vitamin D
   Challenges to the current RDAs
    Assessment of vitamin D status
    Vitamin D assays
    Vitamin D status controversy
    Vitamin D receptor and gene regulation
    Vitamin D in human health
    Vitamin D, calcium homeostasis, and bone health
    Synergistic effects of vitamin D and vitamin K
    Relevant (video) clips

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