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Insulin prices and usage are soaring

Over the past 20 years (2017), while the price of a

  • gallon of milk climbed 23 percent and the sticker on a
  • Dodge Caravan minivan rose 21 percent, the list price of the
  • Insulin Humalog, made by Eli Lilly and Co., shot up 1,157 percent.




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There’s No Excuse for the Insulin Crisis Feb 2020

  • "In one 2019 study, one in four people with diabetes reported using less insulin than they needed because of the cost. "
  • "For the insulin I use, Eli Lilly’s Humalog, the list price is $332 per vial, which is what I would pay if I wasn’t insured. I usually use two or three vials per month. Other people with diabetes might require substantially more. It adds up fast. When Humalog came out in 1996, one vial cost $21."
  • "n 2016, the average annual cost of insulin for a person with Type 1 diabetes in the U.S. was $5,705, more than double what it was in 2012. In general, people with diabetes spend on average 2.3 times more on health care than people without diabetes."

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Overview Diabetes and vitamin D contains the following summary

  • Diabetes is 5X more frequent far from the equator
  • Children getting 2,000 IU of vitamin D are 8X less likely to get Type 1 diabetes
  • Obese people get less sun / Vitamin D - and also vitamin D gets lost in fat
  • Sedentary people get less sun / Vitamin D
  • Worldwide Diabetes increase has been concurrent with vitamin D decrease and air conditioning
  • Elderly get 4X less vitamin D from the same amount of sun
        Elderly also spend less time outdoors and have more clothes on
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Vitamin D appears to both prevent and treat diabetes

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  • Dark Skin 24;   Intervention 56;   Meta-analysis 38;   Obesity 35;  Pregnancy 43;   T1 (child) 39;  Omega-3 11;  Vitamin D Receptor 24;  Genetics 12;  Magnesium 27    Click here to see details

Some Diabetes studies

50 ng of Vitamin D fights Diabetes

T1 Diabetes


Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Magnesium - many studies

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