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UVB added in classroom reduced cavities, increased height, increased academics. etc

Effects of school lighting on physical development and performance

Highlights of fascinating 1995 study

  • 1 year Experiment in Canada, 12 year old children
  • 4 different kinds of overhead lighting – including 2 which had a small amount of UVB
  • The UVB added per child for the entire day was = 10 minutes of noontime summer sun at that latitude
  • Results for UVB vs other groups:
    1 / 5 the # of cavities
    better attendance
    grew taller
    gained more weight (a good thing at that point in life)
    lowest increase in body fat
    had better test scores at the end of the year

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The academic publication has far less detail
Hathaway WE. Effects of School Lighting on Physical Development and School Performance.
The Journal of Educational Research Vol. 88, No. 4, Mar. – Apr., 1995

Here is a summary table from the PDF


Comment by VitaminDWiki

This was not a random controlled trial, but fascinating anyway
Expect that UVB can be added safely to office/classroom at very low cost
Need to calculate how much equivalent vitamin D this UVB produces - suspect it is in the range of 200-500 IU per child
Hardly any "full spectrum" bulbs emit UVB
Daylighting does not contain UVB - it works on getting full VISIBLE spectrum without 120Hz oscillations

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UVB added in classroom reduced cavities, increased height, increased academics. etc        
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