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UK COVID-19 increased in early October (too much James Bond or too little sun) – Oct 11, 2021

The Bond bounce: how the new 007 film may have caused a spike in Covid cases


No Time to Die was seen by 10% of the UK population in early October

No mention is made of lack of Vitamin D from the sun

Test error in UK facility - 43,000 tested negative after home home test said they were infected


10% of UK children were infectious in the second week of Oct. 2021

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Fully Vaccinated Are COVID 'Super-Spreaders,' Says Inventor of mRNA Technology - Oct 13, 2021

has the following by the founder of VitaminDWiki
Do not know if vaccinated are superspreaders, but it is a possibility.
- - - VACCINATED - - -
1) Are 100X more infectious when infected
2) Are infectious for 4X longer time
3) Tend to no longer wear masks, so spread the infection more than unvaccinated
4) Have more access to public places - resturants, airplanes, international travel, etc

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

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Far fewer COVID-19 deaths in the summer (Europe, Canada)

COVID-19 onset strongly associated with latitude in Europe (Vitamin D)– Jan 21, 2021

More UVB, less Coronavirus – including SARS-CoV-2 – Aug 2020

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