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High-altitude Cusco, Peru has far lower rate of COVID-19 than others (high UVB and Vitamin D) - June 2020

Cusco altitude = 11,152 feet

COVID-19 cases per million inhabitants in the provinces of Peru

Map of Peru

Propagation by COVID-19 at high altitude: Cusco case - May 2020

 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

Many of the COVID-19 infections are in tourists (who have not gotten lots of UVB), not locals
"....Cusco, 6.7 % of men are obese, compared to Lima, where 24.4 % are.""

Note - The highest altitude state in the US (with the most UVB) also has the lowest obesity

Hypothesis: Colorado has the best UV (and thus best health) in the US has the following chart

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