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High-altitude Cusco, Peru has far lower rate of COVID-19 than others (high UVB and Vitamin D) - June 2020

Cusco altitude = 11,152 feet

COVID-19 cases per million inhabitants in the provinces of Peru

Map of Peru

Propagation by COVID-19 at high altitude: Cusco case - May 2020

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Many of the COVID-19 infections are in tourists (who have not gotten lots of UVB), not locals
"....Cusco, 6.7 % of men are obese, compared to Lima, where 24.4 % are.""

Note - The highest altitude state in the US (with the most UVB) also has the lowest obesity

Colorado has the best UV (and thus best health) in the US has the following chart

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  • https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.08.03.20167262 |Cities at high altitude (Peru) have far less COVID-19 infection] Aug 14, preprint FREE PDF
    • Increased UVB and Vitamin D at high altitude are not even mentioned as possible mechanisms
  • The advantages of ultraviolet radiation in controlling the coronavirus at high-altitude - Bolivia Aug 2020
  • High altitude reduces infection rate of COVID-19 but not case-fatality rate - Oct 2020   FREE PDF
  • Altitude as a protective factor from COVID-19 - preprint Aug 5 FREE PDF
  • Lower Incidence of COVID-19 at High Altitude: Facts and Confounders - July 21, 2020 FREE PDF

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