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I needed more than Vitamin D to treat my knee osteoarthritis

Personal note by admin of VitaminDWiki, Henry Lahore

I had been having lots of vitamin D ( levels > 100 ng, taking 50,000 IU every 4 days in the winter)
Then I got pain in both knees over the period of a few months
Was unable to walk more than a block.
My doctored diagnosed it as the start of knee osteoarthritis
I refused to give up jogging and biking.
As I have done for many previous health problems, I tried everything I thought might help (5 items) concurrently
They worked !!- no more knee pain when walking or hiking- even for many miles

I then tried eliminating some items to see what was actually needed.
Conclusion (after about 6 months of experiments)

  1. Magnesium Chloride - about 100 milligrams of Mg element daily
  2. Magnesium Chloride and DMSO on both knees every few nights
    I am reminded to do it after about 4 nights - a ghost of the knee pain slightly returns
    A person suggested that I try DMSO alone, without the MgCl - it did not work
  3. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Turmeric - 2 pills daily

Update Dec 2016

I use Magnesium topically and internally most days, along with Boron internally daily - all of my knee pain is gone

Update Dec 2015

A tiny point of knee pain came back this month (Much less than 2014)
I realized that I had failed to consistently take MgCl internally and topically
Also failed to have my muscle strengthing exercises once every 3 weeks.
Restored the dose to daily - but not much improvement
Added a powerful Curcumin which was recommended by a commenter to this page

Finally added Lower Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - the pain went away the next day

  • Note: I had made a LLLT for my wife's lymphodema in 2008,
    She had been using LLLT every 3 weeks for the past 7 years
    LLLT wonderfully energizes mitochondria within about 1/2 inch of the illuminated skin
    Note - my design, based on studies from Russia, appears to be 10X to 50X more effective than commercial devices
  • Knee osteoarthritis helped by Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT and KNEE on the web

Pulsing Light generates ATP in mouse mitocondria

LLLT reduced Knee pain for > 6 months - Randomized Controlled Trial - Sept 2014

Efficacy of low-level laser therapy applied at acupuncture points in knee osteoarthritis: a randomised double-blind comparative trial
830 nm I(infr-red) 5 acupuncture points, 9 sessions - https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physio.2013.09.007
 Download the PDF from Sci-Hub via VitaminDWiki

seems like a good, extensive overview

The Use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) For Musculoskeletal Pain - 2015 nice medical overview of LLLT
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

The Nuts and Bolts of Low-level Laser (Light) Therapy - 2012
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

LLLT Wikipedia
2014-2015 reviews found LLLT benefit for hair loss, back pain, wisdom tooth extraction, etc.

Note By Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki
The majority of LLLT devices do not work, as they are poorly designed.
The cells get a benfit each time they detect a light pulse
Most LLLT devices use constant light or pulse up to 100/sec
My design, based on research in Russia, uses about 100,000 pulses per second
It has worked extremely well on a variety of body ailments for 8+ years (2018)
For more than half of the ailments, as knee pain, the pain has not come back
The others require periodic treatment (monthly) to keep the pain away
In all cases I have had high levels of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Omega-3 - which might have helped

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I needed more than Vitamin D to treat my knee osteoarthritis        
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