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  1. Vitamin D from sunbeds - 2009.pdf
  2. Systematic review of sunbeds and melanoma - 2006.PDF
  3. AAP Policy statement on tanning beds - Feb 2011.PDF
  4. teens and tanning - 2008.PDF
  5. Minutes of sun to get 40 ng of vitamin D
  6. Sunshine map.jpg
  7. UV causes temporary blindness
  8. UVB only in middle of the day
  9. Less renal cancer for men who get more sun while working
  10. UVB correlated with rate of bladder cancer in 174 countries
  11. More summer sun accounts for 38% of vit D in blood in Italy
  12. UV exposure has increased over the last 30 years
  13. Global increase in UV irradiance during the past 30 years in high latitudes
  14. Showers and chlorine can reduce vitamin D
  15. No tan is a safe tan
  16. Suntan lotion UVA UVB
  17. gapminder breast cancer vs latitude 2002
  18. Sun exposure and vitamin D sufficiency
  19. MS increased if low UV during first trimester -April 2010
  20. Sanatoriums did not provide UV - blocked by windows
  21. Sunlight used to treat influenza - 1918
  22. UV Index guide by US Weather Bureau - 2010
  23. Cloudiness and Breast Cancer.PDF
  24. Graph on increasing melanoma with sunscreen
  25. Melanoma & sunscreen associated in 7 studies - chart 2010
  26. Sun added significant vitamin D levels only to white men in Brazil - June 2010
  27. UV in North America with many maps - July 2010
  28. Map of minutes of sun to get 106 joules in Jan
  29. Map of minutes of sun to get 106 joules in July
  30. 800 IU Vitamin D better than sun on arms with dark skin RCT- Aug 2010
  31. Poor knowledge by office workers of vitamin D and sunscreen - July 2010
  32. Not close to getting even 2 hours per week of sun in UK - July 2010
  33. not close to getting 2 hours of sun
  34. UV: The original Source! How to use it April 2010
  35. PABA sunscreen does not absorb UVA which causes melanoma
  36. Sunlight Robbery table 2: tanning suggestions
  37. Melanoma and suncreens Time line -2010
  38. "No hat, no play" in Australia primary schools

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