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  1. An overview analysis of the time people spend outdoors – Dec 2010
  2. 4X more suburban UV than urban UV – Nov 2010
  3. 2 cents of vitamin D far better than sunbathing for 30 minutes daily – Nov 2017
  4. Can I get vitamin D while wearing sunscreen: 94 pcnt yes in 2008, 63 pcnt yes in 2011
  5. Cataract surgery may be another reason for low vitamin D levels in seniors
  6. Being in shade or wearing long sleeves reduces vitamin D in blood – Nov 2011
  7. Doctor survey: 64 pct feel 10 minutes of sun is enough, 33 pct say use sunscreen winter – May 2012
  8. Difficult to get 1000 IU of vitamin D in 30 minutes If UVI less than 3 – April 2011
  9. Equation of IU vs time in the sun - Jan 2012
  10. Dermatologists should not tan – June 2010
  11. Farmers in India have 2.5 times higher vitamin D than office workers – 2016
  12. Far more hot days and air conditioning (and thus less vitamin D) later this century – June 2014
  13. Farmers got lots of UVB, but have same level of vitamin D as indoor wives – Sept 2014
  14. Complex relationship between UVB and vitamin D – April 2012
  15. How many minutes of sun do I need – age, skin color, UV index – Nov 2014
  16. High-level clouds decrease potential vitamin D by 40 percent – Oct 2012
  17. Hypothesis – you will get the most vitamin D from sun if you do not tan
  18. Go ahead, soak up some sun (but don’t burn) – Holick July 2015
  19. Get your vitamin D from the sun – a single cartoon image
  20. Getting a tan does not mean that you are getting vitamin D
  21. Little Vitamin D generated by face and hands - June 2015
  22. Light and Vitamins - D, A, C, B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, E – April 2018
  23. Low Vitamin D in Malay women –less time in sun –sun screen -obesity – May 2011
  24. Lycopene blocks some UVA
  25. Is this better than Vitamin D - sunlight (Wunsch, Mercola) - March 2015
  26. Increased UVB intensity did not increase vitamin D generated – Nov 2010
  27. Indoor tanning neither reliable nor advisable source of vitamin D – Sept 2010
  28. Increase your vitamin D from the sun by wearing a tan-through instead of standard shirt
  29. Indoor workers have lower vitamin D levels than outdoor workers, unless lead smelter – June 2017
  30. Avoiding the sun is the same as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day – July 2019
  31. No – 10 minutes per day of sun-UVB is NOT enough
  32. Kids play outdoors 12 minutes a day, outdoor play improves of health of child and later as adult– July 2019
  33. Sunniest cities in the world
  34. Photosensitivity (sun allergy) and vitamin D
  35. 9 minutes a day of sun improved BMD Parkinsons disease patients – Jan 2011
  36. 9 minutes of full noon sun daily is all you need (if have white skin and believe that 10 ng is enough) – Aug 2018
  37. 85 ng of vitamin D in soldiers deployed to sunny Afghanistan – Jan 2019
  38. Allergic to the sun (Polymorphic light eruption) – you may need UVB or vitamin D
  39. Alzheimer’s associated with low sun and low vitamin D – Sept 2018
  40. 80 percent of vitamin D from sun rather than from food – Nov 2010
  41. 60 minutes of sunlight needed to decrease vitamin D deficiency in sunny climate – Dec 2012
  42. 5 Amazing Properties of Sunlight You've Never Heard About
  43. 20 cent vitamin D pill similar to 2 hours sunbathing at 60 degree latitude – RCT Aug 2013
  44. 3 tanning sessions raised vitamin D levels about 4 nanograms for about 4 weeks – July 2016
  45. 3 primates have higher levels of vitamin D than clothed humans, level varies between individuals – April 2015
  46. 25 minutes of daily sun provided less than half of the response as 500 IU of vitamin D (Korea) – RCT March 2019
  47. 1400 IU of Vitamin D from Summer noonday German sun from a 10 minute walk – Feb 2018
  48. 1,000 IU of vitamin D from the sun not available in the winter (Switzerland too) – April 2019
  49. "No hat, no play" in Australia primary schools
  50. Business opportunity: you can now make stuff which only passes vitamin D wavelength

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