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  1. Aggressive Prostate Cancer increased by Calcium but decreased by Vitamin D (genes too) – Nov 2014
  2. Advanced Prostate Cancer 2X more likely if less than 20ng of vitamin D – Oct 2011
  3. Advanced prostate cancer 2X more likely if low vitamin D – Sept 2012
  4. 7X increase in stage IV Prostate Cancer survival when vitamin D greater than 32 ng – May 2013
  5. 59 percent more likely to die of Prostate Cancer if very low on vitamin D – April 2011
  6. 200 to 500 IU vitamin D does not benefit bones nor prostate cancer – July 2012
  7. Can take 40,000 IU of vitamin D daily before prostate cancer surgery – RCT March 2013
  8. Disease Database - nice links for Prostate Cancer
  9. Daily 377 IU of Vit D did not treat prostate cancer – Cancer Journal Jan 2010
  10. Hypothesis: Vitamin D restricts blood to prostate cancer cells – June 2013
  11. 16 percent less Prostate Cancer sometimes for each 10 ng vitamin D increase - meta-analysis Jan 2011
  12. Chemo only as needed for Prostate Cancer is working well - March 2019
  13. Epigenetics of prostate cancer and vitamin D – June 2010
  14. Higher rate of prostate cancer in AA may decrease if take vitamin D – July 2016
  15. High PSA readings with Prostate Cancer 4 times more likely if poor Vitamin D receptor – March 2016
  16. If parents exposed to pesticides, genes changed. will need more vitamin D to avoid Prostate Cancer – July 2013
  17. Low-Grade Prostate Cancer 70 percent less likely to progress if good level of Omega-3 – June 2018
  18. Men with High Omega-3 ratio 3 times less likely to have high grade prostate cancer – July 2019
  19. Cancer - Prostate
  20. Prostate cancer 3X more likely to be lethal if both low vitamin D and poor Vitamin D receptor – March 2020
  21. Variety of Vitamin D forms treat Prostate Cancer – RCT Review April 2019
  22. 600 mg of Calcium and a gene increases probability of Prostate Cancer by 50 pcnt – Nov 2012
  23. 2X less prostate cancer in A-A with low Calcium is due vitamin D receptor gene – July 2013
  24. Better Cancer survival if higher vitamin D a decade earlier (esp. Melanoma, Kidney, Prostate)– Aug 2018
  25. Hypothesis: Vitamin K will reduce prostate blood vessel problems – Jan 2015
  26. Low risk Prostate Cancer decreased with 4,000 IU of vitamin D – July 2012
  27. 8000 IU supplementation to people with various cancers – Nov 2010
  28. Aggressive Prostate Cancer in blacks with low vitamin D – 7X more likely if added Calcium – Jan 2017
  29. Cancers and Vitamin D Council

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