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  1. Africa
  2. African Vitamin D - 60% have less than 30 ng – Meta-analysis Oct 2019
  3. Black Sudanese children 350X more likely to have rickets than other Australians – April 2012
  4. Black women and vitamin D: Nigeria 26 ng, Chicago 12 ng – April 2013
  5. Calcium reduced some rickets in Nigerian children – Feb 2012
  6. Chart of Vitamin D levels vs race - April 2013
  7. Children in Uganda have low vitamin D, and lower still if severe malaria - Dec 2014
  8. Countries often only consider their own vitamin D publications (example – South Africa) – Oct 2016
  9. Dark-skinned hunter-gatherers may generate 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily - June 2016
  10. Elderly Influenza deaths do not increase in winter in countries with high vitamin D levels
  11. Low back pain in 71 percent of youths in Egypt – associated with low vitamin D – April 2017
  12. Migrants from Middle East are slightly more vitamin D deficient than those from Africa - meta-analysis Aug 2015
  13. Native women in East Africa have a good level of vitamin D (40 ng) – April 2013
  14. Nigerian albinos have vitamin D levels of 96 ng – Oct 2019
  15. Pneumonia in Egyptian Children 3.6 X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – Aug 2018
  16. Preeclampsia 11X more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein (South Africa) - Sept 2019
  17. South African white children 48 ng vitamin D – black 37 ng – Feb 2011
  18. Traditionally living Africans have 46 ng vitamin D levels – Jan 2012
  19. Veiled Somali pregnant women in Sweden had low vitamin D and were weak – Dec 2013
  20. Vitamin D deficiency in Middle East and North Africa - June 2013
  21. Vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health problem – Maps Nov 2013
  22. Vitamin D genes and UVB vary massively across the Eastern Hemisphere – March 2020
  23. Vitamin D history back to Egyptians and fortification - Aug 2011
  24. Vitamin D levels of East African tribes

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