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Pfizer COVID vaccination during pregnancy clinical trial is still not published - Feb 2023


EXCLUSIVE: Whatever happened to Pfizer's covid vaccine trial in pregnant women?

Substack - Feb 23
Trial with pregnant rats:
""The study found the vaccine led to a statistically significant doubling in fetal loss (9.77% mRNA vs 4.09% saline), but Pfizer concluded that the difference between the two groups was “not biologically meaningful.”

  • "Unlike Pfizer, Moderna kept its pregnant rodents alive to test the embryos. Documents accessed by Judicial Watch, showed a “statistically significant” number of rats were born with skeletal variations after being injected with Moderna’s mRNA vaccine."
  • "But Moderna concluded that the "Skeletal variations are structural changes that do not impact development or function of a developing embryo” and therefore “not considered adverse.”

50% increase in Perinatal Moratility in Singapore in 2022

The Naked Emperor’s Substack Feb 25, 2023

"What is going on with perinatal mortality in Singapore? Jikkyleaks’ chart shows a massive jump in 2022. It has also recorded its highest death rate since records began with a jump of 10.4% over the 2021 rate. 2021 also rose by 10.1% over the previous year."

23 studies in both VitaminDWiki ategories Virus and Pregnancy

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