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Temporary conception problems after vaccinations, etc. - July 2022

Sporatic, unconfirmed reports of huge drop in births 9 months after mass vaccinations

suspect that drops are temporary, due to vaccination upsetting menses

Menstrual Symptom problems persist for <2 months after COVID-19 Vaccination

"COVID vaccines may briefly change your menstrual cycle, but you should still get one"

NPR Jan 2022

Possible pregnancy problems after vaccinations

Unaware of ANY clinical trials (human or animal) for COVID vaccines and conception

COVID infection reduces male fertility for a few months

NIH Jan 2022

"Should avoid pregnancy for at least 1 month" after live attenuated vaccine - 2020

Vaccination of women in the pre-conception and post-partum periods - 2020 https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-814582-1.00002-4 behind paywall

Menses to not restart for awhile after giving birth

6-12 weeks if not breastfeeding
9-12 months if breastfeeding (consumes many resources, including Vitamin D)

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