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COVID 2.6 X more likely if low Vitamin D (during pregnancy in this case) – March 2022

Serum 25(OH) Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Case-Control Study

IJERPH Volume 19 Issue 7 10.3390/ijerph19073965
by Nazaret Ferrer-Sánchez 1,*,Marina Díaz-Goicoechea 1,Victoria Mayoral-Cesar 1,Silvia García-Solbas 2ORCID,Bruno José Nievas-Soriano 3,*ORCID,Tesifón Parrón-Carreño 3 andAna María Fernández-Alonso 1,2ORCID
1 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit, Torrecárdenas Hospital, 04009 Almería, Spain
2 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit, Vithas Virgen del Mar Hospital, 04120 Almería, Spain
3 Department of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Medicine, University of Almería, 04120 Almería, Spain

The physiological changes during pregnancy may increase the risk of complications in pregnant women with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Vitamin D is a fat-soluble secosteroid hormone and its role in immunity is appears to be of particular importance in this recent pandemic. Nevertheless, there is little research about the role of vitamin D levels regarding COVID-19 in pregnant women to date. This study aimed to establish a relationship between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) levels in pregnant women and COVID-19. A comparative case-control study was performed with a study population of 256 pregnant women (82 pregnant women with infection and 174 women in control group). Serum 25(OH)D levels were significantly lower in pregnant women with COVID-19 infection than in those without infection. In addition, 89% of COVID-19-positive pregnant women had 25(OH)D deficiency, while in the control group the percentage was 75.30%, finding statistically significant differences (ORa = 2.68; 95% CI 1.19–6.06; p = 0.01). Our results find a relationship between vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and COVID-19 infection. This finding could be relevant for actual clinical practice. Thus, more research is needed in this field.
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Tables in PDF show, as expected, that those pregnant women infected by COVID had problems associated with low Vitamin D.

Taking high-dose vitamin D while pregnant would decrease both pregnancy health problems and COVID

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0. Chance of not conceiving3.4 times Observe
1. Miscarriage 2.5 times Observe
2. Pre-eclampsia 3.6 timesRCT
3. Gestational Diabetes 3 times RCT
4. Good 2nd trimester sleep quality 3.5 times Observe
5. Premature birth 2 times RCT
6. C-section - unplanned 1.6 timesObserve
     Stillbirth - OMEGA-3 4 timesRCT - Omega-3
7. Depression AFTER pregnancy 1.4 times RCT
8. Small for Gestational Age 1.6 times meta-analysis
9. Infant height, weight, head size
     within normal limits
10. Childhood Wheezing 1.3 times RCT
11. Additional child is Autistic 4 times Intervention
12.Young adult Multiple Sclerosis 1.9 timesObserve
13. Preeclampsia in young adult 3.5 timesRCT
14. Good motor skills @ age 31.4 times Observe
15. Childhood Mite allergy 5 times RCT
16. Childhood Respiratory Tract visits 2.5 times RCT

RCT = Randomized Controlled Trial

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