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Vitamin D and COVID - satirical comedy (with transcript) by Jimmy Dore - Aug 2022

Why Won’t Fauci Talk About Vitamin D & COVID Prevention?

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0:00:00.5 Jimmy Dore: Hey, guess what study, vitamin D deficiency linked to severe COVID, that's from February 8th of 2022. Isn't it funny? I wanted to ask Dr. Yo that. I wanted to have him on for this story, too. Is it... Why do you think Dr. Fauci or any of the assholes on TV talking about this, or even YouTube, they never mention anything else except masks and vaccines.

0:00:19.5 __Kurt Metzger: Well, because we didn't want you to think maybe I don't need a vaccine or a mask couldn't do, 'cause we just didn't talk about the vitamin D.

0:00:26.2 Dore: They didn't talk about vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements... There's another... This is from Jerusalem Post and this is from July 25th, "Vitamin D supplements can help protect patients with new COVID-19 strain." The sub-headline of this is pretty remarkable. You wanna hear it? Now I showed you this the other day, but I'm going to show it to you again, "The probability of death was found to be higher by as much as 50% in COVID patients with severe vitamin D deficiency, while this probability fell to 5% in patients with good levels of vitamin D." So they're making a connection between vitamin D and outcomes from the COVID.

0:01:04.7 Metzger: 50%, that's a lot.

0:01:07.3 Dore: That's a... Well, let's get into it, Kurt. "Vitamin D supplementation has been found by researchers in Israel and Russia to improve immune function in COVID-19 patients and is thus recommended for them as well as for healthy people." There must not be much money to make off of vitamin D, there just must not be, because they don't talk about it at all. Who did this? This is from a paper by these two guys, the Israel Medical say... It was in the Israel Medical Journal, and it was by Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld.

0:01:43.0 Metzger: Yehuda Shoenfeld.

0:01:44.4 Dore: Yehuda, of the Ariel University and Sheba Medical Center, and by Dr. Vania Borba of the Laboratory of the Mosaics of Autoimmunity at the First Moscow State University in Russia. So they did this paper, it's printed here in the Israel Medical Association Journal and it says, "Outcomes of published clinical trials demonstrate that vitamin D levels are inversely correlated with the COVID-19 severity, serum levels of inflammatory markers and fatality rates, mainly through the modulation of the innate immune response and possible enhancement of antibody generation post-vaccination." Now, I don't know what any of that means, but I do know what this means, that vitamin D helps. That's what it means. That's what it means, Kurt.

0:02:34.4 Metzger: I believe it.

0:02:35.9 Dore: Were you wondering? Back to here it says, "A large number of systemic reviews and meta-analysises have shown that patients with low vitamin D levels are more prone to experience a COVID-19 infection, have worse disease prognosis and have higher mortality rates." They never tell you this. Isn't it weird? We had to wait till July of 2022.

0:03:00.2 Metzger: Well, I was purposely not doing research, so I wouldn't know.

0:03:02.9 Dore: Yeah, you're being a good person, a smart person and not looking into it.

0:03:06.1 Metzger: That's right.

0:03:07.5 Dore: The probability... This to me, "The probability of death was found to be higher by as much as 50% in COVID." So we already read, but that... They also made this the sub-head. Isn't that amazing? Notwithstanding, there is an ongoing... There is ongoing discussion regarding whether low vitamin D is caused by the infection or if it's sufficiently negatively affected. So they're trying to say, "Well, do you get worse COVID because you're low in vitamin D, or does COVID make you low on vitamin D?" That's what that's saying. "In any case, giving vitamin D supplements to COVID patients have improved their immune function, mainly by increasing the percentage of blood lymphocyte... "

0:03:50.1 Metzger: Lymphocytes...

0:03:51.7 Dore: How do you say it?

0:03:52.6 Metzger: Lymphocytes.

0:03:53.5 Dore: Lymphocytes, nicely said. "A growing body of evidence supports the safety and beneficial effects of vitamin D supplementation to fight COVID-19 disease, reducing disease incidents, severity and mortality among those with sub-optimal levels," they concluded. So again, there must not be a lot of money in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also in... How do you get it? You can get it from eggs, fatty fish, sardines, canned tuna, beef liver, fortified milk, cereals, yogurt. Orange juice has vitamin D. Did you know that?

0:04:27.7 Metzger: Yeah, I did know that.

0:04:29.0 Dore: I thought it was all about the vitamin C. Well, of course, you knew it.

0:04:32.3 Metzger: Okay, so how do you get vitamin D from sunlight? I don't understand how that works.

0:04:35.8 Dore: So what you do is, when the sun comes down, you don't see those little pills? You're supposed to grab them.


0:04:43.6 Metzger: I saw them, I didn't know those were for everyone.

0:04:45.7 Dore: When the sun hits you, then the little pills pop up and you take them.

0:04:48.5 Metzger: Oh, I thought those were monkeypox, I avoided eating them.

0:04:52.9 Dore: The sun, whatever that radiation is in the sun, and when it interacts with your skin, it causes your skin to create vitamin D. And they found that people with darker pigmentation have less vitamin D, because your skin does that less. So at the beginning of COVID,
I remember there were reports that it was affecting the African American community a lot worse, and they didn't know why, but they did find out that there were some correlation. They didn't find out that they had lower vitamin D levels, but you never hear them talk about it. And why again, because there's no money in a vitamin D, and they want you to get the [0:05:25.7] ?mmm?, because that's where all the money is. "Among its known benefits are helping to prevent certain types of cancer, boosting your mood, helping you lose weight and lowering blood pressure and the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis." And they never talk about it. They never tell you to get your vitamin D. I take vitamin D3. Again, we don't give medical advice here, we just... It's not my opinion that counts, it's your opinion. What do you think about it? Let's see. Did you take vitamin D? Did you get bad?

0:06:02.8 Metzger: Who said that? [laughter]

0:06:03.7 Dore: I'm doing... That's my... What's his... Russell Bra...

0:06:05.8 Speaker 3: Russell Brand.

0:06:06.0 Dore: Russell Brand.

0:06:06.5 Metzger: Oh. [laughter]

0:06:08.9 S3: At first, I didn't get it, but then I got it.

0:06:11.3 Dore: I do better, I do better.

0:06:11.8 S3: No, no, no, I would just wanted you to unbutton your shirt.

0:06:14.4 Dore: I thought I did a good Glenn Greenwald today.

0:06:16.6 S3: Yes, you did.

0:06:17.0 Metzger: I love that you're going Greenwald.

0:06:22.7 S3: My thing.


0:06:23.8 Dore: Alright, so there you go, Vitamin D, they'll never gonna tell you about it. They'll never tell you about Zinc. They'll never even tell you about any of the other stuff. They'll never tell you to lose weight. They don't tell you that 77% of the people who are hospitalized with COVID are obese or overweight. They'll never tell you to get in shape. They'll never tell you any of that stuff. They only tell you masks and vaccines. Well, turns out, according to this one study, vitamin D looks like it helps. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that, but I'm saying it.

0:06:53.0 Metzger: Just get some vitamin D in general probably.

0:06:55.5 Dore: Well, it helps for all those other things, like just helping you lose weight, and it boosts your mood. Why wouldn't you take vitamin D3 just for that? Hey, we're doing live stand-up comedy, coming to your town, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Detroit, Rochester. Go to jimmydorecomedy.com for a link for all the tickets, for all our dates. See you in Denver, too.

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