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Long-term lower back pain greatly reduced by Magnesium - RCT 2013

Magnesium for Chronic Low Back Pain

Article discusses results of:
Yousef AA, Al-deeb AE. A double-blinded randomised controlled study of the value of sequential intravenous and oral magnesium therapy in patients with chronic low back pain with a neuropathic component. Anaesthesia. 2013 Mar;68(3):260-6.
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6 week double blind placebo-controlled trial
1g intravenous per day for 2 weeks followed by oral magnesium treatment 500 mg per day (400 mg magnesium oxide and 100 mg magnesium gluconate) for four weeks.

Both groups started with a pain = 7.4
At six-months (well beyond the 6 weeks of treatment)
Magnesium group 4.7
Control group 7.2

Low back pain is another health problem which is treated well by both Magnesium and Vitamin D
I, Henry Lahore, take Vitamin D AND Magnesium Chloride, both internally and topically virtually every day

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