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Back and leg pain lasts a year longer if low vitamin D – April 2017

Evaluation of vitamin D levels in patients with chronic low back-leg pain

Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica, online 21 April 2017, http://doi.org/10.1016/j.aott.2017.03.006
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Personal note: Back pain was the reason I got interested in Vitamin D. I used to have severe back pain for years. Now, with > 90 ng of vitamin D, I occasionally get a slight back pain for a day or two. Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki

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We aimed to examine the relationship between the levels of vitamin D and patients with chronic low back-leg pain (CLBLP) and to investigate its effects on pain and functional capacity.

145 patients (female/male:103/42) with CLBLP, aged between 35 and 65 years (mean age: 53,06 ± 8,14), participated in the study. Visual Analog Pain Scale (VAS) was used to measure the state of pain. Pain-related functional capacity was evaluated through Oswestry Disability Index (ODI). Patients were classified into three groups based on their serum vitamin D levels: normal (≥30 ng/ml), vitamin D insufficiency (21–29 ng/ml), and vitamin D deficiency (≤20 ng/ml).

We found that 22,8% of patients (n:33) had vitamin D deficiency, 42,8% (n:62) had vitamin D insufficiency, and 34,5% (n:50) had normal levels of vitamin D. VAS scores were 4,75 ± 0,93; 4,66 ± 0,97 and 4,52 ± 0,90 for patients with vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D insufficiency, and normal levels of vitamin D, respectively. We found that there was no significant relationship between vitamin D level and VAS score (p>0,05). ODI scores were 18,78 ± 7,89; 15,46 ± 5,57 and 14,52 ± 7,19 for patients with vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D insufficiency, and normal levels of vitamin D, respectively. CLBLP-related functional capacity was found to be significantly lower in patients with vitamin D deficiency when compared to other two groups (p < 0,05).

Vitamin D deficiency may lead to lower functional capacity, and clinically, Vit D levels should be checked in musculoskeletal pain patients at risk of Vit D deficiency.

Level of Evidence: Level IV, Diagnostic study.

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