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Autoimmune disorder patients in Brazil helped by vitamin D – video and Facebook – Nov 2012

Neat: Social media spreads the word of the benefits of Vitamin D3 (and Vitamin K2)

Large doses: 20,000 to 150,000 IU/d
The dose sizes are far larger than what what others are using to prevent MS, but this size is being used to TREAT MS.

Facebook Page by the patients in Portuguese

15,800 members as of Nov 2015

YouTube interview of the doctor


YouTube Video In Portuguese with English and Spanish subtitles

The documentary was made by Daniel Cunha, a Brazilian journalist.
Daniel Cunha has MS and is a patient of Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra.

Treatment of autoimmune diseases, among them MS, with high doses of vitamin D3 cannot wait for further science. Physicians caring for patients are ethically required to act on what is known now. We know there are huge benefits and simply no significant risks of treating autoimmune diseases, among them MS, with high doses of vitamin D3. We, Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra’s patients, know the results – and we are the living proof that the high doses are safe.

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MS Intervention using Vitamin D:

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Update April 2013
Appears that Vitamin D can induce remission in recent Multiple Sclerosis MRI images

Video captions - in English

Note: many different people are speaking

  • In the end of 2009, I was diagnosed with a degenerative and untreatable disease.
  • Months later, I was gifted by the discovery of a treatment that has provided many patients a life without a trace of the disease.
  • This film aims at disseminating the existence of this treatment.
  • [audio from my first appointment with Dr. Cícero Coimbra, neurologist - May/2010]
  • What should we expect? We are to expect that within six months after the beginning of your treatment, the disease will be in remission.
  • We expect no more relapses and with time, some brain lesions might indeed disappear from your MRI scan.
  • vitamin D For an alternative therapy
  • I was 20 years old.
  • One day I was walking around and my right foot started to drag.
  • Came out of nowhere as usually happens with any other patient
  • One day I woke up with a weird sensation in my left arm, I thought it could be something related to a recent physical activity during surfing.
  • I had horrible dizziness. I couldn't get up from my bed.
  • The roof seemed to be spinning really fast. It was horrible.
  • I started having trouble walking straight; problems to climb stairs...
  • And it was slowly getting worse.
  • It’s very complicated.
  • No family is prepared to deal with a chronic and progressive sickness affecting a beloved member.
  • In addition, specially in Brazil, people don’t know much about multiple sclerosis.
  • In multiple sclerosis, the nervous system is attacked by the immune system " The brain and the spinal cord.
  • Therefore, the patients might present virtually any neurologic symptoms.
  • It is estimated that there might be up to 50 thousand people affected in Brazil.
  • Mostly young people.
  • The disease may lead to blindness, paraplegia, being stuck to a wheelchair " very often evolve to a situation like that " from an early stage of life.
  • Until the final diagnosis I had been through 6 months of exams, medical monitoring and multiple corticoid therapies.
  • Diagnosed in 2009, began the vitamin D treatment a few months after that.
  • I was only able to identify that, effectively, it was a paralyzing disease.
  • Following the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, he spent many years using corticoids, which caused
  • a series of permanent side-effects.
  • He’s been using the vitamin D treatment for two years.
  • It was a really big shock.
  • I didn’t want to believe that I had it,specially since I didn't know anything about the disease or its treatment.
  • Diagnosed in 2006, began the vitamin D treatment in 2009.
  • Then I started reading about the disease, and realized that the perspective for a reasonable quality of life was small.
  • Chances are that you are going to get worse.
  • It's true anguish.
  • You think the worst. You feel that there is no hope,and you're scared that that things will continue to get worse soon, and you don’t know how to deal with it.
  • Multiple Sclerosis is usually treated with injected substances called interferons, that help to control the disease manifestations.
  • Several pharmaceutical companies compete in the market offering treatment with interferon and similar substances.
  • The monthly cost of the treatment with these drugs may reach over 5,000 US dollars per patient, being provided free of charge by the Brazilian health care system.
  • Interferon therapy reduces disease relapses by 30%, meaning that patients under that therapy still experience 70% of the relapses, and has major side-effects that lower the patient's quality of life.
  • It was a painful injection; it gave me headaches, indisposition; it was disturbing to think that every day you would eat breakfast and take another injection.
  • I took my first dose on June 3rd, 2003.
  • It was unforgettable, horrible; a huge suffering.
  • Had the first symptoms of the disease in 1977, but was diagnosed only in 2003.
  • She's been under high-dose vitamin D treatment since 2006.
  • I could feel each drop of that injection getting into each cell of my body... the whole night.
  • Actually, I became far worse when I started taking interferon.
  • Diagnosed in 2006, her neurological disabilities progressed until 2010, when she was about to be confined to a wheelchair.
  • She's been under vitamin D treatment for 5 months.
  • I couldn't particularly stand the pain of the injections.
  • At night time, I had to inject myself while in bed, because I couldn't move anymore afterwards.
  • Then the frequency of injections increased to 3 times per week.
  • Then I had no more rest...every other day I had to take another injection.
  • And I was getting persistently worse; I was about to use crutches, the left side of my body was compromised.
  • I endured this treatment for 3 months.
  • Then I gave up saying that I would rather let the disease take its course than having such treatment.
  • As far as I know, many people take the conventional treatment and keep getting worse.
  • Maybe slowly, but worse.
  • So I couldn't see any improvements.
  • Actually the traditional treatment gives you the impression that something changes in your body,but I couldn't see any benefit.
  • I got benefit from the treatment with vitamin D.
  • Studies on the effects of vitamin D on the immune system began around 40 years ago.
  • It was when the epidemiologists wanted to know the geographic distribution of autoimmune diseases around the globe.
  • They verified that close to the equator line there was a low prevalence of these diseases, and that the percentage of affected individuals increases proportionally with the distance from the equator.
  • Eventually, further research showed that this finding was related to lower exposure to solar radiation of people living in higher latitudes,leading to reduced production of vitamin D in the human skin - the major effect of solar exposure in our body.
  • My mother searched the internet and found an interview with Dr. Coimbra.
  • She scheduled an appointment for me. I was reluctant at first since I was tired of hearing the same things over and over again... but eventually I decided to attend, and it was the beginning of the good part of the story...
  • Approximately in 2003 we became aware of the medical obligation of not leaving those patients without due correction of vitamin D deficiency.
  • We verified, according to published literature data, that the recommended daily dose of 200-600 international units would not correct the level of deficiency found in these patients.
  • So we started employing more realistic (physiologically realistic) daily doses - like 10,000 units -
  • an amount easily achieved within a few minutes of solar exposure in adults.
  • And we noticed a remarkable clinical improvement in nearly all patients with autoimmune diseases.
  • From this observation we come to further increase daily doses, trying to reach the highest level within the reference values,always supported by ancillary lab tests to ensure that no patient would have side effects, we observed that several of these individuals found themselves completely free of the manifestations of these autoimmune diseases.
  • A few months after I started the vitamin D treatment, relapses became a lot less frequent.
  • Before that, I would have on average one relapse every 15 days.
  • In comparison to how it was before, the difference is extreme.
  • I feel much, much better; with respect to my mood, my outlook, hope...
  • First it was the fatigue;
  • I started feeling a disposition that I had not experienced in years.
  • Then I got the strength to move better, to write better, to hold a fork and a knife, to cut a slice of pizza...
  • For instance, before the treatment with vitamin D, when taking a bath I could not use shampoo to wash my hair, etc.
  • - For how long couldn't you do that sort of things?
  • - During the time I was taking Interferon: from 2004 to 2010.
  • And soon after I started taking vitamin D, within ten days, I was free of pain.
  • It was really impressive.
  • The pain was simply taken away from by body.
  • Gradually, within a 2-year period, all my disabilities disappeared.
  • All the neurological impairment I had on the left side of my body " particularly that of my left foot " was gone after that time period.
  • I'm a normal person now. I walk normally.
  • I have no limitations. Nothing at all.
  • Having spent all those years without hope,And then having this novel treatment, which is a simple one, inexpensive, provides effective results, and " most importantly " is free of adverse effects.
  • In contrast, the side effects of the traditional treatments were as burdensome as the disease itself.
  • There are quite extensive scientific data showing that the vitamin D deficiency is related to prostate, breast and intestinal cancers.
  • These cancers are much more common at higher latitudes.
  • There are prospective studies regarding this issue.
  • There are thousands of published studies on the effects of vitamin D on the best known and most frequent autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus. erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, vitiligo, type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and several other diseases that remarkably reduce the quality of life of affected individuals.
  • vitamin D makes your body react against the harmful effects of autoimmunity " in his case, rheumatism.
  • Leandro began to suffer from severe pain affecting multiple body regions in 2006 and went through repeated hospital admissions. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, he started treatment with vitamin D in 2011.
  • We were skeptical at first, and yet, very sympathetically, he said at the end of the interview: ‘Within six months you will forget about the pain.”
  • We were so moved that both he and I were trying to hold back the tears.
  • I don't know if the doctor could understand why we were so moved.
  • That was because we used to go through enormous suffering at each relapse of his disease.
  • My wife, my daughter (his sister) and I " the whole family " suffered from his Suffering.
  • It was an unimaginable suffering.
  • During one of the hospitalizations I was given 12 shots of morphine.
  • After the twelfth shot I went into respiratory failure.
  • It is the kind of image that remains etched in one's memory forever. A son asking:“For God's sake, father, don't let me feel the pain anymore.”
  • Can you imagine walking this path for 5 years,
  • and not being able to find someone or something that could make it stop?
  • The treatment with vitamin D in fact relieved me from pain, made me feel better, and allowed me to return to normal life.
  • I estimate that after 5 months of treatment I already felt a lot better.
  • I almost forgot about some of the problems I had.
  • Today I have a good perspective,I will keep on with my life, everything will be all right...
  • I want to get married within two or three years,I'll have my children. I'll have my own home. I'll take my life.
  • vitamin D is essentially produced in the skin, and becomes biologically active by being transformed into a hormone.
  • Therefore, vitamin D is more appropriately classified as a pro-hormone.
  • There are two ways of replenishing vitamin D:either by ingestion (in liquid form or capsules) or by exposure to sunlight.
  • There are studies of fundamental importance concerning the vitamin D issue.
  • One of the pioneers in this matter is Dr. Michael Holick, who discovered the circulating form of vitamin D suitable for assessment of vitamin D deficiency " the 25-hydroxyvitamin D3.
  • Even though we have natural sources for all of the vitamins in general, vitamins are also chemically synthesized.
  • vitamin D is not synthesized in Brazil yet, vitamin D synthesized in Italy is considered one of the best, and currently supplies the domestic market.
  • Updated data indicate that vitamin D deficiency is now a worldwide pandemic.
  • Because vitamin D is essentially produced by sunlight exposure which is now quite restricted, specially in modern urban centers " where people live and work in confined spaces.
  • Current estimates indicate that approximately 50% of the general population has low levels of vitamin D.
  • I have been surfing for a quite long time.
  • Surfing has become the major driving force of my life.
  • from the initial manifestations of MS, most people become handicapped to the point of not being able to deal with their domestic activities.
  • That being so, what about surfing, a sport demanding strength, balance, physical resistance?
  • I realized that I had little time left to continue surfing, and that was quite anguishing.
  • That was indeed the worst feeling – the feeling from knowing that maybe I would be alive, young,but unable to surf or practice sports.
  • The doctor told me to avoid sunlight exposure and physical activity.
  • Gosh! I wanted to surf, right, dude? But then, how could I possibly do that or even go to the beach?
  • Then I went to see Dr. Coimbra and he said:";No, dude. You'll have a normal life.
  • Go to the beach, you need sunlight… vitamin D comes from sunlight.
  • Go and live your life like a normal person…that is what you are.";
  • These words coming from a specialist plus the early benefits from this new treatment……you get back to live.
  • Replenishing vitamin D in doses sufficient to achieve these benefits implies restoring a natural mechanism, causing these patients to resume a normal life.
  • It's a mechanism that nature took millions of years to develop, and even if the pharmaceutical companies come to spend like four hundred years working on this issue, they will not get even close to one percent of the benefit that this prohormone can provide to these patients, returning them to a normal life without the risk of blindness or paraplegia.
  • I've been working on spreading this idea: let's get sunshine to have vitamin D.
  • vitamin D brings an enormous benefit to everyone, and doctors seem to have forgotten to advise people, for whatever reason, that vitamin D is a natural resource that enables the reaction of our organism against a wide range of disorders.
  • If you take into consideration the lack of undesirable symptoms, wouldn't it be better to prescribe it as the first choice?
  • In my opinion, vitamin D has been the solution available at least for the moment, there maybe be even better treatments for MS available in the future, but I cannot tell about the future.
  • It's healthy, painless and makes sense under the scientific point of view because it is based on scientific data, and the doses are set according to the results of regular lab tests with benefits proven by the results of repeated MRIs (resonances) to which I am subjected.
  • Recent MRIs show improvement when compared with previous scans.
  • When talking to my brother the other day I was surprised with my own words.
  • I was talking about a subject that I don't recall precisely, but I do remember that I said: Ah, in the time that I had multiple sclerosis…
  • My brother said: “Hey, look at what you just said!”
  • I was surprised, I caught myself saying that I don't have the disease anymore.
  • That says it all. I don't have MS anymore. I feel cured.
  • And even if I was offered another type of treatment, I wouldn't do it, because this one is perfect for me right now.
  • My life would have been completely different if I had had access to the treatment based on vitamin D from the onset of multiple sclerosis.
  • Having gone through all that suffering myself I have become sensitive towards other people's pain I know this suffering too well.
  • The sooner people start treatment with vitamin D, the better the results achieved.
  • What you feel like doing is going around asking for any patient with multiple sclerosis to let them know about this treatment.
  • Once the doctors remain usually silent about the benefits of vitamin D, we feel compelled to tell people about it.
  • We have the living proof that it works, so we say:";Go to the doctor, but ask about this subject.
  • Tell your doctor you would like to try vitamin D";
  • Your doctor probably will not take the initiative to talk about it, so you have to search for to find more about this.
  • Inquire about vitamin D because it works, it really does.
  • Seeing MS patients getting back to a normal life, young people no longer at risk of going blind or paraplegic " Such experience gives great satisfaction to the doctor who has them under his/her care.
  • It's been very gratifying.
  • These results have been for me a source of great gratification never achieved so far " even after the passing of so many years of medical practice.
  • I felt if the doctor had put my life in a small box and was returning it to me, as someone offering a gift.
  • Like saying: ";Go on with your life.
  • It's a new beginning";.
  • I can't even explain the huge difference between the results from both treatments.
  • I felt like I was dying every day when I was taking the injections commonly prescribed...and now I feel alive.
  • Having suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years, this is what I have to say to those patients who may be watching: Wouldn't be worth trying this new therapy?
  • Regardless of anything else, try and see what happens.
  • If you don't feel any better, dismiss this information and resume therapies currently in use.
  • However, if you see that it does work well for you, grab your opportunity.
  • You, young people, who have the chance to reverse the disease, do it.
  • It is just like I said as it was a joke, but indeed forecasts what may happen in the future:
  • You may be in the same condition in which I find myself now in a period of thirty years.
  • That's what may happen if you don't give it a try.
  • The daily doses of vitamin D should be adjusted individually according to a variety of parameters and,
  • therefore, the treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a trained physician.
  • Any hormone taken in doses higher than those individually adjusted and / or without due precautions may cause adverse reactions, and vitamin D is no exception to this rule.
  • If not taken with due precautions, doses higher than 10,000 units (IU) may cause irreversible damage to the kidneys, among other complications.
  • Some Brazilian physicians have already adopted Dr. Coimbra's treatment for autoimmune diseases.
  • Ask your doctor to get informed about the benefits of vitamin D as a treatment of autoimmune disorders.
  • He/She is expected to keep updated on novel therapies in his/her field of expertise.
  • To my parents.
  • Tradução e legendas: lucianobc at gmail.com

Blog summary in English

It is confirmed that Vitamin D Effectively Clears all lesions and erases many of the sequels from autoimmune disorders such as

  • MS,
  • Lupus,
  • Vitiligo,
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Alzheimer,
  • Autism,
  • Chron’s,
  • Guillain-Barre,
  • Hashimoto,
  • Parkinson,
  • Arthritis,
  • Psoriasis,
  • and many others.

Currently many patients have a normal level of quality of life after treating with D3 vitamin.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: this site is maintained by patients enthusiasts of the Vitamin D treatment, and not by Dr. Cicero Coimbra nor by any team of doctors. The intention is to maintain a flow of information in this space to be available to everyone. The treatment with high doses of vitamin D (doses higher than those produced by sun exposure) must be performed necessarily under medical direction. YOU SHOULD NOT perform this treatment on your own account as there are a series of parameters that must be evaluated to calculate the dose for each individual, in addition to ensuring that there is no possibility of side effects.

Vitamin D – Not a Vitamin but a Pre-Hormone

The “vitamin D” (or “cholecalciferol”) is, in fact, currently considered a pre-hormone in scientific means (because it is processed into various cells of the human body in hormone calcitriol – a hormone that is potentially capable of modifying 229 biological functions in the human body. - The oral use of cholecalciferol treatment ( realistic doses, which are close to those obtained through abundant sunlight exposure) has low cost and high effectiveness; it is shown capable of maintaining the patients without the physical, psychological and social impairments related to auto immune disorders, besides promoting complete regression of recent sequelae or relapses, as well as boosting patient’s well-being and self-confidence. In other words, vitamin D erases lesions and the whole history of auto immune disorder from the body.

2 months ago I started treating MS with Vitamin D. Have a look at the blogger’s treatment for an update of my improvements. Check other testimonials of patients that have successfully been cured and if you have MS or any other auto immune disorder get your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. It is the key to the cure. Check and ask your doctor to check scirus.com website with the latest scientific research on vitamin D. All evidences are found there.

Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless you.

Data for patients 1 month or more

Month1000%%% IU





Vitamin D Toxicity

Graph of dose vs week


  • Chart is for people who were not sick, and thus did not need high level of vitamin D
  • Chart is for weeks of vitamin D, not months
  • Chart is for vitamin D monotherapy. Dr. in Brazil appeared to also use Vitamin K2 and Magnesium.
    There have been many indications that those two cofactors significantly reduce vitamin D toxicity
  • CLICK HERE for details on Vitamin D toxicity

Some of the comments on YouTube as of March 4, 2013 – translated by Google

Ricardo Marques 1 month ago

What matters to me is to have real quality of life and am having treatment with this .. and I will continue doing mesmo.Agora already that this is all "bullshit" it's time for doctors who performs the treatment you get in the media and prove the contrary is very simples.Meu neuro .. he is against prescribed vit D is pq? The doctor of the year in the U.S. in 2012 was Michael Holick who studies Vit D to 30 years will be even ALL are wrong and your doctor with reason? we will see in the future

Maria Paula Rodrigues 1 month ago

Daniel, if I depend on your video will be assisted by sooooo many people. Not the first time I hear about this relationship between D and MS. But only now, with your work and interviews with dr. Cicero started to understand how it works.

davidjneves 4 days ago

Ptbrasilsantos, there are people who have trouble metabolizing vitamin D in the body. And other people with MS, as a rule, tend to go bad in hot, just avoid the sun. With me in the beginning was so. Currently I do the treatment with vitamin D and have no more dizziness in warm places.
Only with proper examination to see if we have deficiency of vitamin D.

Melo Cimara 1 week ago

Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra (11) 5575-4869, look up answers. I Doctoralia site.

Ana Claudia 1 week ago

Hello marle864. Join our Facebook group, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS - TREATMENT, it will have you more information on the treatment and could hear the reports of the patients. The contacts of the doctors are in group files and also on the website, which has the same name as the video: Vitamin D - Another One For Therapy. Abs!

marle864 1 week ago

Hello Daniel! I really liked your video and have watched several times, my mother went to wheelchair after losing leg strength and be diagnosed with neuropathy desmielizante and tbém I have fibromyalgia and do not know what to do anymore because doctors just pass me antidepressants, if you could pass me the contact of dr. Cicero whom he could help me, because here in Goiânia, I'm not getting proper treatment. Thank you!

Leandro B. Pereira 1 week ago

Putz, actually dãããã for me, there was the link of the group in the face, thank you and hug.

Ana Claudia 1 week ago

Vitor, eh effective treatment for this autoimmune diseases, not sure I would have results for spinal muscular atrophy. Eh really difficult to talk in Dr. Cicero, try after the 14hs, or on Saturdays, eh what a day that tb are there. Anything in between our Facebook group, "Multiple Sclerosis - Treatment." Abs!

Antonio Serrao 1 week ago

Congratulations to Daniel, Dr Cicero and all participants.
This is one of many public health problem in Brazil that much of the medical profession, overwhelmed in following the protocols dictated by pharmaceutical, stubbornly ignore, deny and discard.
Nothing like a small group of visionaries to bring good changes. Those interested in these issues, I suggest the documentaries "Food matters"; "Forks over Knives" ABCs

gubp81 1 week ago

Someone makes this treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis? Works?

Ana Claudia 1 week ago

gubp81, yes it works, interviewed the boy with his father at the end of the video, has AR. Abs!

Vitor Flaibam 2 weeks ago

Good afternoon, Daniel! Not the first nor the second time I've seen his documentary, until now indicated for people who have MS ... Tell me something, do you think a person with spinal muscular atrophy (me in this case), you would think that as a promising treatment in the case of a disease that attacks motor neurons? My doctors unfortunately do not have much knowledge about acting the same and I could not contact the dr. Cicero. Thank you!

Leandro B. Pereira 2 weeks ago

Had to put the link here on this page of the profile, otherwise it is difficult to find, I found myself not. Another way of putting that is that the address of the facebook like email, example: ww..facebook.com / ljfpjfiw.eif

Marilia Moreira 2 weeks ago

Hi Anna, I sent a request to join this group on face. Would like to know more about. I have a child with autoimmune disease.

Ana Claudia 2 weeks ago

Marilia, is already in the group. Ask me anything by it, there are many people who know the treatment for years ... in the archives of the group also have many informations. Bjs, I see it! : 0)

Paula Viviane 2 weeks ago

Very good .... Doctors call this or take vitamin D. ...

Ana Claudia 2 weeks ago

For those who want to know more about treatment with vitamin D and Dr. Cicero Coimbra protocol, we have a group of patients on Facebook: "MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS - TREATMENT".

Marilia Moreira 2 weeks ago

Hi Anna, I sent a request to join this group on face. I would like to know more about. I have a child with autoimmune disease.

Marilda Oliveira 2 weeks ago

My fingers would not open, my feet do not steadied, operated on the carpal tunnel, the retina, nothing! People did not understand my suffering, I felt rejected, They prescribed painkillers the doctors felt more pain throughout the body. I was anulando.Um day I asked the doctor for blood tests to diagnose the missing vitamins in my body to Vitamin D deficient was initiated treatment considerable improvement even got my vitiligo is disappearing, forbidden by doctors to sunbathe.

pedalero 3 weeks ago

hey, but then the seller of interferon will fail to make money!!!!
I believe that human life is not worth anything to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

2ndSamuel710 1 month ago

Have been doing about 100,000 per day and 400 mcg of K2 is 3 1/2 months now. Less fatigue-also the Paleo diet-gluten or grains. Tested 491 ng / mg about 6 weeks ago. Do not feel toxic at all.

Juliana Lebron 1 month ago

Dani, I enjoyed the video of the initiative. One thing is certain, NOBODY listens q q q NAO has a curable disease, extamente know what is going through it, "nobody"! Ai q you get to 'fight' and search and find alternatives. Example: I was diagnosed in 2008 w / 30 years (here in the U.S.) where "supposedly" has the best doctors and recursos.Imediatamente changed the food, ORGANIC! I tried alternatives, never trat.convencional! Started c/Vit.D3 5000iu, K +, Omega-3.Tive the 1o.surto 08, and never

ana souza 1 month ago

hi could not get in my face a friend is taking sunflower oil ANOTHER HANDLED CONTAINING VITAMIN DEO OMEGA THREE VITAMIN and you take it?

Ana Claudia 1 month ago

Hi Ana, eh so even if the doctors recommend. He consulted with one of the doctors who know the protocol? Doses vary widely from patient to patient. Bjs!

Luciana Tenorio 1 month ago

Congratulations Daniel initiative ... I was deeply moved by the testimonies. I Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma) and fibromyalgia and many people do not understand that these outbreaks causing autoimmune diseases in people. I'll talk to my doctor and see the possibility of treatment with vitamin D. Make use of steroids and anti-depressants, but I do not feel good about it! Keep it up, always thinking of helping others. You'll go far! Hugs

Maria Paula Rodrigues 1 month ago

Daniel, if I depend on your video will be assisted by sooooo many people. Not the first time I hear about this relationship between D and MS. But only now, with your work and interviews with the dr. Cicero started to understand how it works.

ana souza 1 month ago

hello would like to know from you guys who have made use of vitaminda D is continued with the medication for multiple sclerosis or stopped and made some diet while doing the treatment and still make treatment with vitamin D, you guys have resonance before and after use vitamin D. ..... Thank you for your attention to todossssssssss

Ana Claudia 1 month ago

Ana Souza Hello, you can make the two treatments together, but with time most patients who use vit. D ends up leaving the conventional remedies, for it is clear that vitamin D eh correct treatment and conventional make us much more harm than good. Look, we have a group on FACEBOOK where you will be able to take all your questions about treatment, for it to appear! "HAVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOLUTION ... BemDITAS VITAMINS."

Ana Claudia 1 month ago

Hi Ana, my answer to you is gone but know you saw her, not against tb another question that made me, sunbathe on, but for us, not just sunbathe eh enough. Many patients with autoimmune diseases have difficulty metabolizing vitamin D, so treatment consists of high doses, with accompanying medical and special diet. Ana, join our FB group, "HAVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOLUTION ... BEMDITAS VITAMINS" la you can clarify many doubts. Abs!

ana souza 1 month ago

hi could not get in my face a friend is taking sunflower oil ANOTHER HANDLED CONTAINING VITAMIN DEO OMEGA THREE VITAMIN and you take it?

Daniel Cunha 1 month ago

Thanks for the infos, that's very good to hear! Until now, our doctor do not give us vitamin K, but I'm hearing and reading about this too much, as you said. I will search for your recommendations, thank you! By the way, how much vitamin D do you take daily?

2ndSamuel710 1 month ago

Important-don't confuse K1 with K2. Its K2 you need for control of calcium. K1 blood clots, but few are deficient. I tested 491 mg / ml after 2 months of 100,000 per day. Been 3 months now. Less fatigue and weakness-still balance. Was at 70 ng / ml when i started. I have no fear-the 3-400 K2 per day. Also eating the foods with K2. Lots of good cheddar cheese, eggs and butter. Paleo diet. Did I mention-disabled with MS 6 years now. Have had two MRIs-classic Doc said secondary progressive MS.

2ndSamuel710 1 month ago

Also Dr Kate says Vitamin A, D and K2 work together-are synergistic-sum is greater than the parts. Her book is by far the best thing out there on the subject. Needs to be translated to English.

2ndSamuel710 1 month ago

Hello again from Idaho. Certainly not to speak English, but am Able to copy & paste into google translator-not perfect but the follow along. Am using high vitamin D for MS, but Also vitamin K2. Dr Kate says in her book K2 K2 is REQUIRED by body to build myelin. Also K2 directs calcium to bones where it belongs-Should NEVER have enough calcium problem with K2. I of cheese, fermented fish & dairy-all high in calcium. Even some supplements. Never worry about kidney stones. Eggs, meat, butter.
{Note by VitaminDWiki: there is a book by a Doctor Kate. . . concerning K2 and Vitamin D in English}

Daniel Cunha 1 month ago

Thanks for the infos, that's very good to hear! Until now, our doctor do not give us vitamin K, but I'm hearing and reading about this too much, as you said. I will search for your recommendations, thank you! By the way, how much vitamin D do you take daily?

bitsid 1 month ago

Eliane not know, but I have MS for 12 years, is my secondary progressive, was tired of going from one side to another and nothing, each day lost a motion, pain, spasms, fatigue, numbness, my sister came up with this treatment at first reluctant to q decided to go on Dr. Danilo team of Dr. Cicero, the 25th will make 2 months, this is fantastic for me, I came back to go up and down stairs, pain, spasm, fatigue, lack of sleep, these problems just before

Ricardo Marques 1 month ago

And following each treatment and that should feel better .. the big problem is people claiming without even having knowledge of the facts, this is happening too "stick their dick" on vitamin D, but do not study about the .. treatment is not only to vitamin D, and it is not only responsible for the remission of the disease, studies from the University of Michigan ... American Association of Cancer regarding the reconstruction of the myelin sheath .. At the University of St. Mary's studies

Ana Claudia 1 month ago

Eliana, eh pollution qtidade this absurd comments unsupported and meaningless. As a patient of Dr. Cicero for 5 years, and with resonances prove that every year the regression of a disease that everyone claims to be progressive, not gonna waste my time trying to have a coherent conversation with you. For any person with common sense that comes up here, it is obvious that this is no exaggeration to words of nonsense. Who needs 200 comments to express themselves, often do not know what it says.

Ricardo Marques 1 month ago

Dear Eliane, Despite making treatment at 2 months, and in fact have felt effective benefits in terms of improvement, I'm not here to defend A or B, although I do not know the real reason for their "fight." This issue has bothered vitamin D many people, doctors, pharmaceutical industry. these "associations" who say worry about the carrier as ABEM, CATEM, ICES ETC .. and always with the same speech ".. blah .. blah .. blah There is nothing scientifically proven ..." The fact is there are several "Flags"

Eliane Langer 1 month ago

started in 83 with the total loss of sensation body for 6 months, then 2 months without palate (2nd outbreak), then diplopia, nystagmus, paresthesias in the hands and legs. It took me 10 years to be diagnosed, pq in 83 only had two MRI systems in Brazil. In 93 had devices in various laboratories when it confirmed the suspicion of my 1st neuro in 88. Before this, I did ALL exams q there and give everything negative. Barely spoke in MS.

sueliuliano 1 month ago

Hello deficiency of vitamin D causes, yes, muscle aches. Try examination 25 (OH) D3 and makes supplementation with realistic doses, if any.
_Ideally take 10,000 IU per day for at least 2 months_.

Eliane Langer 1 month ago

I have muscle pain ='m too sedentary. Already repus vit. D and nothing has changed, not ... I've done this exam 2X, I'm the 3rd to do. Q Only neuro who was not indicated, but gynecologist .... People have a habit of finding all q q occurs in the body is to rise to MS. No, we have to consider the whole body. And of course, in winter / cold / cloudy, levels of vit. D are lowered by the simple ratio of q has no sun, hey life - is so obvious that ... In good, Sue, I see q vc is a love !!!sueliuliano 1 month ago
If vitamin D excess was expelled by urine, there would be problems with renal calcification, the only risk that treatment offers which is controlled with diet restriction calcium, hydration and control examinations. Unfortunately, Eliane after 10 years with the disease are rare cases that do not suffer from severe limitations. And me too revolting attitudes like yours that seek to sow distrust around a serious work with precious results.

Doctors that administer Vitamin D {from the blog March 2013}

Dr. Cícero Galli Coimbra

Expertise: Neurology, City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil, Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775 conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dr. Danilo Chiaradia Finamor

Expertise: Dermatology, City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil, Addresses:
- Rua Nuporanga, 77 – Phone: (11) 5082-1013; - Rua Diogo de Faria, 775 conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Dr. Sergio Menendez Lucero

Expertise: General Practioner, City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil, Address: Rua Diogo de Faria, 775, conj. 94 – Phone: (+5511) 5908-5969

Doctors that had access to Dr. Cícero Coimbra’s protocol and are treating patients with higher doses of Vitamina D:

Dr. Sílvio Laganá

Expertise: Nutrition, City: São Paulo/SP – Brazil. Address: Rua Francisco Leitão, 210 Phone: (+5511) 3088-3711

Dr. Edson Tanhoffer

Expertise: Neurology, City: Curitiba/PR - Brazil – Phone: (+5541) 3030-2186 or +5541 3030-1893

Dr. Cristina Sales

Expertise: Neurology – Portugal, Portugal - Website: www.cristinasales.pt

Other medical profissionals that have no direct relation to Dr Cícero Coimbra’s protocol but work with vitamin D to treat auto immune diseases:

Dr. Eduardo Almeida

Expertise: General Practioner, City: Niterói / RJ – Brazil, Address: Rua Lopes Trovão, 52, Phone: (+5521) 2612-0698, Website: www.arzt.com.br

Reply by Dr. Coimbra to email group discussing this web page March 7 2013

Mrs. Mette Sonja Sørhagen (who has been a patient of mine since August 13, 2012) from Norway has forwarded me a sequence of email messages
exchanged among you and other professionals. I understand that you are expecting this contact.

I am pleased to know that you are not entirely skeptical about the spontaneous testimonies of several MS (or, I dare to say, ex-MS)
patients from different countries. I praise your ethical concern about avoiding unfounded dismissal and skepticism on a potentially
fundamental information for the treatment of such a terrible disease like MS - which has so far condemned to a wheelchair and blindness a
large number of (often young) patients worldwide.

Yes, I am a legitimate neurologist in Brazil. I had part of my medical training at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami back in
the middle eighties, and research training at the Laboratory for Brain Research (Hjärnforskning), University of Lund, Sweden, back in the early nineties.

I have been interested in the potential therapeutic value of high daily doses vitamin D for the last 11 years. To achieve maximal
control of autoimmunity in MS patients, I have dared to use progressively higher doses of cholecalciferol associated with
preventive measures (basically a low-calcium diet plus abundant hydration) against hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria. I believe I could
develop a method of setting the fully or nearly fully effective daily dose for each patient based on laboratory tests.

Yes, recent but not old demyelinating lesions appeared partially repaired or disappeared on MRI scans after one and two years of
treatment. Similarly, patients partially or fully recovered from recent but not from old disabilities during the first 2 years of
treatment. At this point, I do not regard the result of this therapeutic protocol as a "cure" but rather as a method of inducing
remission of MS for as long as the patient sustains his/her individually established daily dose.

For the benefit of the large number of MS patients worldwide, I would gladly open my office and records (as well as those of my medical
team) for both retrospective and prospective observations from whoever wishes to receive or witness more consistent information.

Yours, Cicero G Coimbra, MD, PHD Internal Medicine and Neurology Lab of Neuropathology & Neuroprotection,
head Associate Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience Federal University of São Paulo
UNIFESP Rua Pedro de Toledo 781 - 7th floor 04039-032 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil coimbracg at gmail.com

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