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10X reactions to flu vaccine when vitamin D deficient

Vitamin D Council Nov 2010 newsletter


  • "First, I estimate that only about 1/1,000 of people who think they have influenza A actually have influenza A. Most have other viruses."
  • "I continue to get a flu shot as does my wife and children. "

Interview of Dr. Cannell Dec 1 2010 talking about Institute of Medicine


DC:: I agree. In fact there is even a possibility that the flu vaccine is not going to work very well in people with high vitamin D levels. The Russians have observed that when they gave the flu vaccine in the summer, that they got much less of a reaction, you know, mild fever or body aches or anything. When they gave it in the winter, there was 10 or 15 times higher rate of having the symptoms.

The kind of reaction that the body makes when you get a flu vaccine decides how many antibodies it makes. In the absence of any side effects at all, you can assume your body is not making as many antibodies as the person next to you who had a slight fever and some muscle soreness after the flu shot.

And looking at the literature, it doesn't appear that the vaccine industry has ever even considered that possibility. They seem to have known for a long time that you can't take the flu shot too soon in the season or it doesn't work. They've never considered the possibility that it's only going to work if your vitamin D is deficient.

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    current US rate of childhood diseases (Vitamin D or Vaccine?)
1 in 6 is learning disabled
1 in 9 has asthma
1 in 10 has a mental disorder
1 in 13 is severely allergic to food
1 in 20 has epilepsy
1 in 50 has autism
1 in 400 has diabetes
10X reactions to flu vaccine when vitamin D deficient        
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