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Vaccinated children had more chronic diseases - Sept 2018

Vaccines and Brain Health - ebook

By Kelly Brogan - GreenMedInfo

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Researchers polled the parents of over 650 homeschooled children,
aged either 6 or 12

Chronic Illness Diagnosis % Vaccinated% Unvaccinated
Children Diagnosed Allergic Rhinitis 10.4% 0.4%
Other allergies 22.2%6.9%
Eczema/atopic dermatitis 9.5% 3.6%
Learning disability 5.7% 1.2%
ADHD 4.7% 1.0%
Any neurodevelopmental disorder10.5% 3.1%
Any chronic illness 44.0% 25.0%

Huge decreases in virus death rates BEFORE the introduction of each vaccine


Vaccination schedule trippled in 25 years


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Japan: Vaccines are no longer mandatory, MMR vaccine not permitted - Sept 2018

Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate & Highest Life Expectancy

  • "The MMR vaccine was introduced in Japan in April 1989, and parents who refused the compulsory vaccine were fined. After three months of analysis, officials realised that one in 900 children developed adverse reactions to the vaccine, a rate that was 2,000 times higher than the expected rate."

US reports of MMR problems
Over 75,000 adverse events have been reported from any combination of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines:
78 confirmed deaths
85 confirmed cases of deafness
48 confirmed cases of decreased eye contact
92 confirmed cases of developmental delay
855 confirmed reported cases of autism
116 confirmed cases of intellectual disability
401 reports of speech disorders
276 reports of loss of consciousness
143 confirmed cases of encephalitis
74 confirmed cases of meningitis
111 confirmed cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome
692 confirmed cases of gait disturbance (not being able to walk normally)
748 confirmed cases of hypokinesia (partial or complete loss of muscle movement)
653 reports of hypotonia (poor muscle tone)
4874 reports of seizures, including febrile convulsions and tonic-clonic seizures
1576 cases of cellulitis (a potentially serious skin infection)
147 confirmed cases of measles
384 confirmed cases of mumps
29 confirmed cases of rubella

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