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  1. Bone density not increase much in 3 month with about 1000 IU vitamin D - 2011.pdf
  2. tanningbeds bone and vitaminD - 2009.pdf
  3. UV better than Vitamin D for infections and asthma - Sept 2011.pdf
  4. Vitamin D and Fracture Healing - slides 2011.pdf
  5. single high dose vitamin D not help bone loss - Feb 2012.pdf
  6. Vitamin D Fortification in Finnish Military - stress fracture - 2012.pdf
  7. intervention studies of fracture risk and bone Aust
  8. BMD not improve overweight patients
  9. Strong Bones preview of book by Dr. Colgan
  10. Bone health helped by Vit D Ca, Mg, Sr, P
  11. Calcium and just 800 IU gave positive effect on skeleton
  12. Might vitamin D deficiency directly cause bone problems
  13. Metabolic Bone Disease - and vitamin D
  14. IOM Table 1 Vit D primary studies
  15. IOM Table 2 Primary Calcium studies
  16. IOM Table 3 primary Vit D and Calcium studies
  17. IOM table of contents and list of tables
  18. Benefit–risk assessment of vitamin D supplementation
  19. VDR Gene variations and osteo April 2010
  20. Bone Health and Vit D: an Evidence Based Review 2007
  21. Bone Health evidence based
  22. D3 does not decrease BMD
  23. mineral nutrition
  24. nutrition and bone growth for children
  25. Vitamin D and low bone turnover
  26. Spinal stienosis PHD
  27. Vit D reduce bone loss after stroke review
  28. Graph of bone mass over life
  29. Effectiveness and safety of vitamin D in relation to bone health
  30. RCT Ca with and without vit D on elderly female bones
  31. Wintertime D and bone turnover RCT
  32. Calcium balance healthy humans
  33. Post hip fracture not take extra vit d and Ca
  34. Vit D bone and beyond
  35. Vit D reduces bone loss after stroke
  36. Vitamin D and Vitamin K for bones and heart - LEF Sept 2010
  37. Low Calcium and vitamin D makes osteomalacia - Sept 2010
  38. Review of vitamin D pathways to bone health - July 2010
  39. Pregnancy vitamin D and bone mass at age 9 - Jan 2006
  40. Forearm fractures by blacks and low vitamin D - March 2010
  41. Review of Vitamin D food interventions for bone health Nov 2010.pdf
  42. Bone growth and loss
  43. belgan bone club - 2011.PDF
  44. Osteoporosis reduced by 800 or more IU of vitamin D - July 2010
  45. 4000 IU vitamin D helped after hip fracture
  46. Vitamin D deficiency and its relationship with BMD - 2010
  47. Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Hypertension?
  48. Osteomalacia as a Result of Vitamin D Deficiency – June 2010
  49. Vitamin D and Fracture Prevention – June 2010
  50. Bone - Health

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