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  1. More Cancer, less Solar Radiation - 1941
  2. Both Vitamin D and Vitamin C fight cancers and aid anticancer drugs – May 2018
  3. Children with cancer were deficient in Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc – July 2019
  4. Virus cause some cancers
  5. Cancer of the eye in children: most of the risk factors are associated with low vitamin D – July 2021
  6. Vitamin D levels very low for some childhood cancers, then got lower – Sept 2012
  7. Vitamin D probably has a Role in Cancer, CVD, and COVID - video and transcript Dec 1, 2021
  8. Needing a high level of vitamin D is a good clue that the Vitamin D Receptor is deactivated
  9. Dog Cancer (hemangiosarcoma) is rare if more than 100 ng of vitamin D – July 2014
  10. Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk - Why Scientists Accept It but Physicians Do Not - Feb 2019
  11. Cancers and Vitamin D Receptors, including change with race – Feb 2021
  12. Vitamin D prevent 25% cancers - 2009
  13. vit D cancer latitude
  14. vit D and Cancer
  15. Vitamin D and Calcium reduces risk of cancer - Lappe 2007
  16. How strong is evidence Cancer
  17. History of Vit D and cancer prevention
  18. Shining Light on vit D and Cancer
  19. Vit D Treat Cancer Vit D3 World
  20. Vit D and cancer do no harm
  21. Vit D and Cancer Cancer Society
  22. Impediments to UVB and Vit D related to cancer
  23. Strong evidence of UVB and Vit D and Cancer
  24. studies of 16 cancers and vit D
  25. Chart Mamogram density decrease with increase vitamin D
  26. vit D and differentiation in cancer
  27. Vit D and Calcium reduce Cancer risk
  28. No correlation noticed between Head and Neck Cancer and vitamin D - June 2010
  29. meta analysis vitamin D and cancers - prepub 2010
  30. Promise of vitamin D analogues in the treatment of Cancer -2006
  31. Obesity was a better predictor of endocrine cancer than 30ng vitamin D
  32. Vitamin D for prevention and treatment of Cancer - technical July 2010
  33. Chemo drug Docetaxel and supplements such as vitamin D - July 2010
  34. Prevention of lung cancer by vitamin D etc- July 2010
  35. Chemotherapy and vitamin D - review 2010
  36. Cancer incidence with vitamin D supplements- CDC Aug 2010 - GIF
  37. How I Treat Vitamin D Deficiency - for cancer March 2010
  38. Letter to editor on errors in rare cancers study - Sept 2010
  39. vitamin D use with chemotherapy - July 2010
  40. Vitamin D and various cancers - Nov 2010
  41. Lots of vitamin D does not increase serum levels lots - Feb 2011
  42. Vitamin D in combination cancer treatment - 2010.PDF
  43. Mechanisms of the Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory - 2011.PDF
  44. Air Pollution and Cancer
  45. Vit D and Cancer misc abstracts
  46. Vitamin D prevent Cancer - 2009
  47. Garland cancer 2009
  48. Less renal cancer for men who get more sun while working
  49. Vitamin D and calcium supplementation reduces cancer risk
  50. Vitamin D Cancer and latitude 2008 PNAS

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