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  1. 2X less vitamin D from the sun for seniors - Dec 2011
  2. 80 percent of the characteristics of frailty associated with low vitamin D – May 2013
  3. A vitamin D study which found virtually no benefits for seniors – probably due to candidate rejection – Aug 2015
  4. Bald head offers no vitamin D advantage
  5. Centenarians with high vitamin D were 2.9X more likely to be functionally independent – Oct 2018
  6. Community dwelling seniors got vitamin D when outdoors gardening or biking – April 2013
  7. Diabetes, hyperglycemia, depression, poor balance, etc. all associated with low vitamin D in seniors – March 2014
  8. Epidemic Vitamin D Deficiency in Elderly Care Rehabilitation Facility – Jan 2012
  9. Encourage your senior parents to take more vitamin D, you will get more inheritance
  10. Elderly urinary urgency incontinence associated with low vitamin D – July 2016
  11. Elderly with less than 15 ng were 3.7X more frail – May 2010
  12. Elderly women walk faster if have more vit D 2010
  13. Elderly women with vitamin D under 20 ng had more medical comorbidities – Jan 2010
  14. Elderly lost extra half pound of leg and arm muscle mass if low vitamin D (6 years) – Oct 2014
  15. Elderly low on vitamin D were 2X more likely to die – Oct 2010
  16. Elderly often trapped in vitamin D vicious circles
  17. Few elderly participated in a free 400 IU vitamin D trial – June 2010
  18. Fraility 9X more likely if low vitamin D – Nov 2015
  19. Fraility and low muscle mass both associated with low vitamin D – Aug 2013
  20. Frailty and Vitamin D – with influence diagram Miller Oct 2010
  21. Frailty associated with low levels of vitamin D – 2012, 2016
  22. Frailty can be avoided – vitamin D is one of the ways – July 2017
  23. Frailty is related to many things, such as low vitamin D – Sept 2018
  24. Human grown hormone (IGF1) in seniors greatly increased with 7,000 IU of vitamin D – Sept 2013
  25. How elderly do not have to remember to take vitamin D
  26. Long term care – vitamin D most popular supplement – Jan 2012
  27. Lack of vitamin D may result in elderly physical decline – Dec 2010
  28. Is 4000 IU the best Vitamin D dose for seniors – RCT underway – Feb 2015
  29. Intestines do not process active vitamin D as well as you age – June 2012
  30. Hypothesis: Sarcopenia and other senior problems are related to low gastric acid
  31. Hypothesis – less vitamin D results in faster aging – Nov 2017
  32. Hypothesis – neuromuscular aging can be reduced by nutrient supplementation (Vitamin D, Omega-3, etc) – Feb 2018
  33. Majority of frail hospital patients had low vitamin D, which did not change with season – 2018
  34. MRI of elderly skeletal muscle lacking vitamin D – April 2014
  35. Mobility Disability 1.9X more likely if had low level of vitamin D – May 2012
  36. More postural body sway in seniors associated with low vitamin D – July 2013
  37. Low Vitamin D is associated with ill health for seniors – review Oct 2019
  38. Overactive bladder 32 X more likely if very low vitamin D – April 2019
  39. Older adults of diverse ancestry had similar vitamin D levels and were getting 1000 IU – June 2013
  40. New nursing home residents with low vitamin D needed feeding help and were diabetic – Nov 2013
  41. No correlation found between vitamin D and sarcopenia – German dissertation Jan 2013
  42. Seniors who bike or garden have higher levels of vitamin D – April 2014
  43. Seniors who increased vitamin D got more physical exercise – Feb 2011
  44. Seniors with higher vitamin D levels have better physical performance – Sept 2012
  45. Seniors with less than 10 ng of vitamin D had depressive symptoms – July 2010
  46. Seniors with less than 12 ng of vitamin D were not stable – March 2012
  47. Seniors with more than 30ng of vitamin D walked better – May 2011
  48. Senior fall injury reduction study appears to be contaminated by control groups adding vitamin D – June 2010
  49. Seniors being cared for in their home needed more care if low vitamin D – Sept 2019
  50. Seniors getting noon sun had 88 percent chance of having at least 30 ng of vitamin D – Dec 2012

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