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  1. 600,000 IU of Vitamin D (total) allowed previously weak immune systems to fight off a virus antigen - Nov 2020
  2. Acute respiratory tract infections not reduced by Vitamin D if already have a good level – Jan 2020
  3. Overview Fractures and Falls and Vitamin D
  4. Elderly Nursing Home RCT 600 IU vitamin D per day average - daily more effective
  5. Body size formula of vitamin D for seniors - 2008
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis and vitamin D - Aug 2008
  7. Elderly Whites outlive Blacks by 12 percent - 2009
  8. Vitamin D speeds up reaction time and reduces falls - 2004
  9. Vitamin D is one of the alternate COPD therapies – March 2021
  10. Vitamin D is one of the alternate COPD therapies – March 2021
  11. Coronary Artery Disease 2.9 X more likely in postmenopausal women if Vitamin D deficient – March 2020
  12. Metabolic Syndrome 3.5 X more likely if both Vitamin D and Estrogen are low (senior women)– June 2019
  13. Majority of postmenopausal women have less than 30 ng of Vitamin D - Review June 2019
  14. Senior Korean women have much less vitamin D than men (possible reasons) Jan 2014
  15. Senior women need slightly more Vitamin D than senior men (24 ng vs 21 ng) – April 2021
  16. Elderly nutrition and COVID-19 – systematic review July 2021
  17. Magnesium in Infectious Diseases in Older People - Jan 2021
  18. Vitamin D supplementation and high levels reduce COVID-19 deaths in elderly – Review April 17, 2021
  19. Preemies 2.5 X more likely to get hip replacement etc. (low vitamin D) – Nov 2014
  20. Antibiotic use cut in half by elderly (over 70) after monthly 60,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Dec 2013
  21. Asthma and COPD in a few seniors greatly decreased by monthly 100,000 IU Vitamin D – RCT Feb 2021
  22. Vertigo treated by Vitamin D - many studies
  23. Pneumonia Risk, intensity, and mortality all associated with low vitamin D
  24. Elderly Irish need more vitamin D - sometimes injection Aug 2010
  25. influence diagram of vitamin D and cognitiion - 2008
  26. Ways to reduce muscle loss by elderly include increasing vitamin D - 2010
  27. Elderly vitamin D interactions
  28. Review of Vitamin D food interventions for bone health Nov 2010.pdf
  29. 2000 IU barely raised vitamin D levels after hip fracture - May 2010
  30. Fraility and vitamin D is a U shaped curve - Dec 2010
  31. Cochrane falls rarely 2 ng of difference - 2010.pdf
  32. risk benefit falls fractures - 2010.pdf
  33. Frailty Strength and the Promise of vitamin D - Miller Oct 2010.PDF
  34. Vitamin D may prevent falls - Oct 2010.pdf
  35. Knee Cartliage in seniors and vitamin D - 2009.pdf
  36. Cognition and vitamin D - Review 2009.PDF
  37. Minutes of sun to get 40 ng of vitamin D
  38. Frailty Strength and the Promise of vitamin D - Miller Oct 2010.PDF
  39. Is there evidence for vitamin D and Cognition - 2010
  40. Hypothesis Vitamin D and Dementia - 2009
  41. Vitamin D and dementia - 2010
  42. Vitamin D and elderly more than bone problem brain
  43. high dose vitamin D for elderly - 2009
  44. Vit D vs death and disability
  45. An estimate of the economic burden and premature deaths due to vitamin D deficiency in Canada
  46. Urgent action needed to improve vitamin D status among older people in England
  47. 4000 IU vitamin D helped after hip fracture

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