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  1. vit D deficiency correlates - 2011.pdf
  2. Vitamn D insufficiency = Rosen Jan 2011.pdf
  3. vitamin D deficiency in adults - when to test and how to treat - 2010.pdf
  4. 30 percent of US had less than 20 ng vitamin D - CDC March 2011.PDF
  5. Less Vitamin D to cells VDW1586
  6. Nutrient deficiency in Americans - Sept 2011.pdf
  7. intestinal mal-absorption of vitamin D - Holick 1985.pdf
  8. Vitamin D Insuficiency Mayo 2011.pdf
  9. Vitamin D Deficiency in Saudi Arabia
  10. Vitamin D Deficiency in a Subacute Care Setting
  11. Vitamin D Deficiency Colgan
  12. Vitamin D ng vs disease1 -Garland 2009
  13. garland ng vs disease2
  14. Vitamin D Deficiency Affects Billion Plus – Are You One Of Them
  15. A single gene may determine vitamin D dose response
  16. Vit D Deficiency not vary with latitude for non Caucasian
  17. Disease vs level of Vitamin D in blood Garland
  18. IoM Vitamin D and Calcium Systematic Review of Health Outcomes July 2009
  19. IOM table 9 vit D and cardiovascular RCT
  20. U-of-Toronto-blood-levels
  21. Summary of studies of Vitamin D blood levels and risk of diseases
  22. Sun exposure and vitamin D sufficiency
  23. Free ebook on vitamin D Deficiencies
  24. IoM Report made for them on Vit D and Calcium July 2009
  25. Addressing vitamin D deficiency in Canada
  26. An estimate of the economic burden and premature deaths due to vitamin D deficiency in Canada
  27. Benefits of vitamin D for Germany - recommends 4000 IU for various groups, 10,000 IU safe
  28. Evidence of lack of vitamin D and Calcium causes chronic disease
  29. Economic burden of premature deaths due to vitamin D deficiency in Canada
  30. Global vitamin D levels - change with latitude only for Caucasians
  31. Teens in Southern US need vitamin D
  32. Turks, Indians etc low vitamin D levels in both Europe and native countries - May 2010
  33. Vitamin D deficiency in Turkey - table 2010
  34. Vit D (4 to 21 ng/ml) and chronic pain in ethnic minorities
  35. NHANES 2006 vit D histogram centered on 22 ng/ml
  36. Vitamin D blood level drop a lot in a decade
  37. hypovitaminosis 15 year old girls 2006
  38. Ontario evidence based analysis - Feb 2010
  39. Ontario evidence based analysis - update June 2010
  40. Ontario guidelines for vitamin D testing - June 2010
  41. Hypovitaminosis of UK adults - 2008
  42. Males with more than RDA - CDC Aug 2010
  43. Females with more than RDA - CDC Aug 2010 - GIF
  44. Deficiency definitions have strong impact - CDC Aug 2010 - GIF
  45. Fructose consumption over 30 years - 2009
  46. Increased ozone probably decreases vitamin D – 2008
  47. 400 IU Vitamin D was not enough for submariners - 2005
  48. Elderly Irish need more vitamin D - sometimes injection Aug 2010
  49. Association found between sun protection and T2 diabetes - July 2010
  50. mental health 1

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