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  1. 947,000 people in the US had Multiple Sclerosis 2008-2010 – Nov 2017
  2. 5000 to 10000 IU vitamin D helped MS in a pilot study – March 2012
  3. 3X increase in MS in Denmark 1950 to 2005 Vitamin D is a possible reason
  4. 3X less Multiple Sclerosis with enough vitamin D - Veterans Administration
  5. Doctor got multiple sclerosis, rejected then embraced Coimbra protocol for herself and patients – Jan 2017
  6. Disease Database - nice links for Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Comment about vitamin D on a MS blog – Feb 2009
  8. Decreased winter sun speeded up subsequent MS development 2X – VA Aug 2011
  9. Hypothesis:Vitamin D Epstein-Barr interaction increases MS risk – Sept 2011
  10. If born in the winter, 11 percent more likely to be vitamin D deficient as an adult – Sept 2015
  11. High dose vitamin D to treat Multiple Sclerosis etc. – protocol April 2017
  12. Full-on Multiple Sclerosis was 3.3X more likely in patients with the lowest vitamin D levels – July 2013
  13. Lancet article: Vit D may provide hope for MS - June 2010
  14. Lancet concludes that Vitamin D can protect against MS, but do know know why – June 2010
  15. Lack of sun and lack of vitamin D are both MS risk factors – Feb 2011
  16. Lack of sunshine associated with MS two years sooner – 2 VHA articles 2010
  17. Less MS (MRI) decline after raising Vitamin D levels – clinical trial Oct 2012
  18. Low vitamin D associated with brain atrophy in MS – April 2010
  19. Low vitamin D is probably a risk factor for MS – July 2010
  20. Increased sun and vitamin D both reduced MS risk – March 2011
  21. Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in Bulgaria increased 2X in 17 years, thinking about vitamin D – June 2013
  22. Infectious mononucleosis and lack of UV linearly linked to MS in England – April 2011
  23. Ex Coimbra Protocol Clinician Warns Vitamin D3 Can Sometimes Make Multiple Sclerosis Worse. - July 2019
  24. Melatonin interacts with Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis patients
  25. A Multiple Sclerosis hypothesis supported by EAE data – Oct 2018
  26. Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D chapter (Coimbra and Brazil not mentioned) – Oct 2019
  27. The use of high dose Vitamin D (Coimbra Protocol) for multiple sclerosis in Germany – 2019
  28. 98 pcnt of genes that Vitamin D activates to reduce MS are also activated by Interferon -May 2013
  29. A gestational dose of vitamin D per day keeps the MS doctor away (2X reduction) – Nov 2016
  30. Acute Multiple Sclerosis relapse associated with low bone mineral density (low vitamin D) – Oct 2013
  31. Active form of vitamin D directly protects the blood–brain barrier in multiple sclerosis – Aug 2017
  32. African-Americans and MS
  33. 20000 IU vitamin D and MS – less fatigue and relapse Dec 2010
  34. 2800 IU vitamin D daily did not decrease bone loss for those with MS – March 2011
  35. 2900 IU of vitamin D (20000 weekly) kept levels above 20 ng during the winter – Aug 2012
  36. 10,000 IU vitamin D plus Calcium trial for those with MS - April 2010
  37. Assessing vitamin D in the central nervous system – July 2010
  38. Appears that Vitamin D can induce remission in recent Multiple Sclerosis
  39. Asthma 3X more likely if have Multiple Sclerosis (both have low Vitamin D) – March 2019
  40. Brazillian petition to permit high vitamin D doses for autoimune diseases – Aug 2014
  41. Bone health not correlated with Vitamin D level in multiple sclerosis – review Dec 2011
  42. Dr. Coimbra explains his treatment with high dose vitamin D for multiple sclerosis – Feb 2015
  43. Epigenetics of Multiple Sclerosis – March 2014
  44. Epigenetics, vitamin D, and Multiple Sclerosis
  45. Effective Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis is Completely Free with the sun
  46. Environmental risk factors for MS include latitude and vitamin D – Sept 2012
  47. Extended breastfeeding cut in half the risk of Multiple Sclerosis – July 2017
  48. Fewer Multiple Sclerosis lesions when supplemented with Vitamin D – meta-analysis May 2017
  49. CYP2R1 gene problem increases Multiple Sclerosis risk by 1.4X – Dec 2018
  50. Could Canada cause multiple sclerosis (MS increased 2X in 5 years) - April 2015

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