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The Myopia Generation (Hint - sunshine and vitamin D) - Sept 2022

The Myopia Generation: Why do so many kids need glasses now?

The Atlantic Magazine
The word Vitamin does not occur once in the article. Sun occurs once

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Worse Myopia in young adults if lower vitamin D - Sept 2021 01 Sep, 2023
Myopia not related to Vitamin D if assume same D generated any time of the day - Sept 2023 01 Sep, 2023
Myopia epidemic and Vitamin D - many studies 23 Aug, 2023
Myopia, AMD, Dry Eye, and Diabetic Retinopathy are all associated with low Vitamin D - April 2023 24 Apr, 2023
The Myopia Generation (Hint - sunshine and vitamin D) - Sept 2022 13 Sep, 2022
Does less sun mean more Myopia - June 2022 23 Jun, 2022
Myopia may be related to low vitamin D 09 Jun, 2022
Moderate to high Myopia 2X more likely if low Vitamin D (China) – June 2021 10 May, 2022
Probable relationship between myopia and vitamin D – Feb 2011 30 Jun, 2021
Vitamin D and Myopia, AMD, Diabetic Retinopathy, Uveitis, Glaucoma, VDR etc. – May 2015 18 Nov, 2019
Risk of childhood myopia decreased if spend more time in the sun (or supplement vitamin D) – March 2019 07 May, 2019
Less High Myopia if high vitamin D (Korea) – Jan 2019 25 Jan, 2019
Myopia in adults is 8 percent more likely for every 4 ng less Vitamin D – meta-analysis July 2018 21 Jul, 2018
Myopia, dry eye and Vitamin D – PhD 2017 02 Jan, 2018
Myopia boom (still no mention of vitamin D) – Nature April 2015 09 Dec, 2017
Less myopia associated with work outdoors, less education, higher Vitamin D, higher lutein – Dec 2016 06 Mar, 2017
More sun when young, less myopia when old – Jan 2017 06 Mar, 2017
Myopia 2 times more likely if Vitamin D Receptor problem – June 2011 12 Jan, 2017
Severe Myopia associated with low vitamin D and smoking (which also reduces vitamin D) - Jan 2014 12 Jan, 2017
Hypothesis: Low vitamin D linked to Myopia 12 Jan, 2017
Sun exposure reduces Myopia – June 2011 19 Apr, 2015
Relationship between myopia and vitamin D – Feb 2011 17 Oct, 2013

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  • Vitamin D and its pathway genes in myopia: systematic review and meta-analysis - http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bjophthalmol-2018-312159 FREE PDF
    • "Conclusions Lower 25(OH)D is associated with increased risk of myopia; the lack of a genetic association suggests that 25(OH)D level may be acting as a proxy for time outdoors."
  • Myopia in school-aged children with preterm birth: the roles of time spent outdoors and serum vitamin D - March 2021 http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bjophthalmol-2019-315663 PDF behind a paywall
    • 7X less likely for preterm birth child to have myopia for every hour spent outside per day

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