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The Better Sleep Vitamin (Vitamin D) – nice 3 dollar book Feb 2015

The Better Sleep Vitamin: How I Fixed My Sleep By Regulating My Levels Of Vitamin D

Kathy Aquino, Amazon, $3,    48 pages

  • Nice Vitamin D book overall, with nice description of sleep and vitamin D
  • Had poor sleep, watched lecture by Dr. Stasha Gorminak (60-80 ng/mL)
  • Healthy diet does not supply enough vitamin D.
  • Supplements, UV light and sunlight are good sources
  • Restless leg syndrome described, along with sleep apnea
  • She incorrectly states that taking Vitamin D with a meal is not important (take with big meal of the day)
  • Short list of people at high risk of being vitamin D deficient
  • Recommends a minimum of 4,000 IU – some people need 8,000 – 10,000 IU
  • She takes 10,000 IU – vitamin D drops
  • She incorrectly says you should test 2 weeks after starting to supplement (should be 2 months)
  • Discusses Magnesium, K2, and some other co-factors
  • Repeats Dr. Gominak’s belief that prolonged low vitamin D can lead to low vitamin B levels – especially B12 – until gut can produce it again when vitamin D levels are raised
  • Discusses her experiments to increase sleep, some of which did not work for her

Also published by her in Feb 2015

The Anti-Inflammatory Vitamin

How to stop Chronic Inlammation by Regulating Your Level of Vitamin D
Amazon $3.00, 52 pages
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Book description on Amazon

A Hormone That's Crucial For Deep, Restorative Sleep

Vitamin D is not really a vitamin. Instead, it is a powerful hormone that we produce when we are exposed to sunlight, and it has effects throughout our bodies. If vitamin D levels are high, this signals that it is summertime, food is plentiful, and it is time to be healthy, happy, and active.

The quality of our sleep also responds to vitamin D signals. By acting on special receptors in the brain, vitamin D ensures that we get enough deep, restorative sleep, instead of light, fragmented sleep. Through deep sleep, we repair our bodies and produce the hormones that we need during the day in order to be healthy. Without enough deep sleep, we don’t get rested, regardless of how long we stay in bed.

The Problem Is That Most Of Us Are Deficient

Very few people living in modern societies have adequate vitamin D levels. Most of us are not exposed to sunlight under the right conditions to produce optimal levels naturally. On the other hand, foods that are fortified with vitamin D are completely inadequate as supplements.

The reason for this is that official recommendations for vitamin D levels are too low. They only take into account the role of vitamin D in bone health, and not its important role in regulating sleep. Even if you are supplementing with vitamin D, chances are that you are far from the optimal range as far as your sleep is concerned.

As a result, many of us suffer from sleep disorders, and we have even accepted this as normal, or as our own fault. Waking up often during the night, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, memory problems, and a cascade of other health issues can all be caused by a vitamin D deficiency and the resulting poor and non-restorative sleep.

It's Possible To Drastically Improve Your Sleep

Since vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone, it's the body's internal levels that are important, and not how much you take each day. The good news is you can increase your vitamin D stores to the proper level quickly, and see big improvements in your sleep.

In The Better Sleep Vitamin, author Kathy Aquino walks you through her experience of improving her own sleep by regulating her vitamin D levels. She lays out everything you need to know about optimizing your vitamin D levels and improving your sleep. Here is just a part of what you will learn:
the optimal vitamin D level in order to improve sleep
how to naturally increase your body's vitamin D levels
the different kinds of vitamin D supplements, and which ones you should take
how to test whether you have achieved optimal levels
what happens if you get too much vitamin D
how to avoid side effects of vitamin D supplementation
other minerals and vitamins that are crucial for the proper use of vitamin D

The Better Sleep Vitamin (Vitamin D) – nice 3 dollar book Feb 2015        
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