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Vitamin D for better sleep video - Dec 2021

Vitamin D, Sleep & Your Brain: Important New Connections YouTube - 19 minutes

Mike Mutzel
0:00 Intro 1:37 Vitamin D and Sleep
2:07 Dr. Stasha Gominak, MD Vitamin D and Sleep Podcast
2:16 Vitamin D and Gut Health
2:31 Vitamin D Metabolism Basics v
4:56 Factors that impact vitamin D levels
5:54 Optimal Vitamin D levels
6:42 Classical VS Non-Classical pathways linked with Vitamin D cc
8:05 Vitamin D and sleep details
8:31 Vitamin D and sleep disordered breathing
9:05 Vitamin and sleep details
10:16 Vitamin D and Circadian Rhythms
11:00 Dosing Vitamin D at night
12:38 Vitamin D and Brain Development
13:45 Vitamin D is very important for children
14:57 Big picture re: Vitamin D and sleep
15:47 Vitamin D Blood spot test
16:13 Optimal Vitamin D levels this winter
16:50 Dosing Vitamin D prior to bed
17:52 Vitamin K and Vitamin D

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Vitamin D for better sleep video - Dec 2021        
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