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Respond to daily Vitamin D in 2-12 months

Most responses to daily oral Vitamin D plateau in 2 or 3 months

Grassroots Health


Perhaps much slower response time if person is not healthy/ is needing lots of vitamin D


Vitamin D Levels Plateau typically in 11 weeks (Vitamin D starts to help in about half that time)

Many Vitamin D trials last 3 months or less

However, sometimes responses do not plateau for 4-12 months

No one seems to know why some people respond slowly

Slow responses might be due to differences in

Example Heaney 2003: 38 years old, healthy, men

Nutrition: US recommendations fail to correct vitamin D deficiency
From Heaney 2003

Doubt that the response is the same for: very young, very old, unhealthy, females, starting with >50 ng or < 10 ng, etc.

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