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Omega-3 index - good level needed 2.4 grams of regular Omega-3 - Grassroots Nov 2018

How much omega-3 is needed to achieve an Omega-3 Index level of 8.0% or higher?

  • "Here are some results from the Omega-3 Index testing of 700+ participants. Please take a look at the dose-response curve. You can note that if the target index level is 8%, fully 90% of the population could achieve that level with 2400 mg/day. This is a higher intake than most supplement manufacturers put as a recommended dose. That is, of course, why we do the dose-response curves. The curve is also a straight line in this region."



Omega 3 Index Map VDW 7552
Not as many grams of Omega-3 may be needed

ConsumerLab - Omega-3 Report, Nov 2018, 87 pages

  • Mentions the increased bioavailability of Coromega, but speculates that a fatty meal would provide a similar increase
  • Vetomega did not pay to get reviewed by Consumerlab
  • Cost of EPA ranged hugely: $.20 to $6.00 per gram
  • Some reviewed Omega-3 products had oxidation problems
    ConsumerLab requires $42/year subscription to all of their excellent reports
    ConsumerLabs has a 5-day free trial

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Note: Omega-3 has been decreasing while Omega-6, which blocks it, has been increasing

Vitamin D and Omega-3 category starts with

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Omega-3 and Vitamin D separately & together help with Autism, Depression, Cardiovascular, Cognition, Pregnancy, Infant, Obesity, Mortality, Breast Cancer, Smoking, Sleep, Stroke, Surgery, Longevity, Trauma, Inflammation, MS, etc
   See also - Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D

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