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Vitamin D levels in US: percent having more than 40 ng doubled (2001-2010) - Dec 2016

From GrassrootsHealth

  • "Twice as many U.S. adults have vitamin D levels ≥40 ng/ml in
    • 2009/2010 (11.3%) compared to
    • 2001/2002 (5.7%)."
  • 89% of U.S. adults still have < 40 nanograms. (as of 2010)
  • Data has been adjusted to account for different testers used over the decade
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Increased use of D has the following

People have been noticing, and increasing vitamin D (55 items)

Studies are showing increased Vitamin D consumption and associated
      Increased levels of vitamin D PLUS increased health

More people with more than 50 ng is.gd/50ngVitD

Chart updated in 2019

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