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Overview of Vitamin D Actions in Cancer – 31 page chapter in a book – 2018

Chapter 94 - Overview of Vitamin D Actions in Cancer

Vitamin D (Fourth Edition), Volume 2: Health, Disease and Therapeutics, 2018, Pages 711-742
Throughout the last 2 or 3 decades it has become evident that vitamin D has effects beyond calcium and bone metabolism. A wide variety of cells and tissues are affected by vitamin D. These targets include tumor cells and the findings have led to a vast series of studies on the actions of vitamin D on cell growth regulation, treatment of cancer and development of potent synthetic vitamin D analogues as inhibitors of cancer cell growth. Various specialized chapters in this book will discuss in detail the effects of vitamin D on specific cancers. In this chapter our goal is to set the stage by providing an overview of the history and current state of knowledge of the field. We will address several areas: recent developments in studies of vitamin D and cancer, regulation of tumor cells, possible mechanisms, and clinical applications.


Cancer category starts with the following

Cancers get less Vitamin D when there is a poor Vitamin D Receptor

Vitamin D Receptor has the following types of Cancer as of March 2019

Risk IncreaseCancer
4.6Breast Cancer 16.9 X another study
3.1 Colon Cancer survival
2.7Gastric Cancer
2.4Lung Cancer
2 Melanoma   Non-melanoma Skin Cancers
1.6Prostate Cancer while black

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TABLE 94.1 Vitamin D Receptor in Tumors and Malignant Cell Types
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Breast Carcinoma
Bladder Cancer
Cervical Carcinoma
Colonic Adenocarcinoma
Colorectal Carcinoma
Gall Bladder Carcinoma
Kaposi Sarcoma
Lung Carcinoma
Lymphocytic Leukemia
Malignant B-Cell Progenitors
Malignant Melanoma
Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Myeloid Leukemia
Multiple Myeloma
Osteogenic Sarcoma
Ovarian Carcinoma
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Pancreatic Carcinoma
Parathyroid Adenoma
Pituitary Adenoma
Prostate Carcinoma
Renal cell Carcinoma
Squamous cell Carcinoma
Transitional cell Bladder Carcinoma
Uterine Carcinosarcoma

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